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9 Most Popular Celebrities You Should Follow on Instagram

Instagram is more than just a platform to check out what your friends are up to. Several famous celebs and leading brands have penetrated this video and photo sharing app and they are racking up more and more followers. These days, Instagram accounts of celebrities are on the rage. Here are the wildly famous people using Instagram all day and night actively, every day.


  1. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

The Rock is one of the most popular Hollywood A-listers using Instagram actively. Rather than taking his so-called selfies, he also shoots himself on the camera and posts his videos. Dwayne Johnson never misses a day and he posts at least 2 to 3 times every day.


  1. Rihanna

She posts some of the most popular NSFW pictures. In 2014, she got disappeared from the app for around 6 months because Instagram disabled her account for the content she published. Now she is back and she still rocks with her SFW posts.


  1. Miley Cyrus

You may love her or hate her, but you can’t just ignore her! With whopping 15.5 million followers, she has become an Instagram queen. She keeps things crazy and weird like her personality. She adds lots of wild Photoshopped pictures of herself from her fans. She posts every day.


  1. Kim Kardashian

When Kim’s selfies are making headlines everyday in the world these days, why should we forget her in this list? She is active heavily in Instagram. She posts a lot of photos of herself. She posts them every day. You can see her face all around your feed if you love her and join around 25 million followers.


  1. James Franco

He usually posts once in a day, sometimes several times. In case he skips a day, he publishes a new post next day. In most of his posts, you will find photos instead of videos. You can find all kinds of funny selfies, memes and screenshots of different things.


  1. Jessica Alba

When it comes to the Instagram page of Jessica Alba, it seems that she leads a happening and glamorous lifestyle. She posts lots of casual and fun pictures with lots of individual and group selfies almost everywhere she visits. You can find a new post of her almost every day and she posts around 4-5 pictures every day.


  1. Snoop Dogg

If you follow him on Instagram, be ready to let his posts overwhelm your feed. This guy posts up to 25 times every day. However, people love his habit of posting too frequently. He has got up to 4.2 million followers.


  1. Nicki Minaj

She is yet another crazily active celeb on Instagram. She posts lots of photos of herself in different outfits from her photoshoots with several promotional posts and few of the random screenshots. She has earned around 15.3 million loyal followers.


  1. Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs

He really knows making great impact on Instagram. From family photos and Selfie videos, to shout-outs to other leading users and inspirational quotes, he posts everything and gives every reason to you to follow him. You can see several posts in a day, i.e. around 10 posts in 24 hours.