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Want to Attract Local Audience? Here’s How to Start with Geo-Tagging

You can let your followers know your location without having to mention in the description. All you need to add location in your Instagram video or photo. You can enhance user engagement and attract new followers in same location who are looking for the pictures which are geo-tagged. After publishing your Instagram post, you can display the locations at the top, just below your username.

Tap any location to take to the Photo Map page and it shows collection of all videos and pictures from those who geotag them to that page. You can easily add location to the photo.

Choose a Video or Photo and Edit when Needed

First of all, you have to snap the picture or record video using Instagram to make important edits. Brighten, crop, and add filters when needed. Once you are satisfied, press “Next” or arrow button in upper right corner which will direct you to the tagging and caption page.

Turn the Button On – “Add to Photo Map”

On the page where all the details are filled about your post, you need to check the button in the mid of screen with “Add to Photo Map” label. Be sure to turn it on.

Select “Name this Location” and Search for the Place

After turning the Photo Map on, it will show the option beneath saying “Name the Location”. Select the option and bring a search bar and list of nearest location. Choose the nearest location on the list. This list is created by the built-in GPS system of your device. You can just type the name of the location in search bar if it is not seen in the list.

If you didn’t get any results in your search, you can create new location by choosing “Add (Location Name)”. This feature is useful if you want to tag lesser-known, small places. Choose your location in the nearest location list or create your own.

Add Tagging/Caption/Sharing Info and Publish It

Now you have selected the location, it must be shown below the “Add to Photo Map” button. Then you can tag any friends, add a caption, set the social networks to share it, and tap on Publish button to post on your feed.

Search for Location Tag on Video or Photo

After publishing your video or photo, you have to ensure checking out the location beneath username at the very top. When you navigate through Photo Map, you need to see that the video or photo will be tagged to the location on your map.

See Photos of Other Users by Tapping on the Location

Any location added to the video or photo performs like a live link. After publishing it, you can tap it to bring the page of Photo Map for the particular location when it comes to check more pictures from other users who tagged locations to their videos and photos. You can see the recently-added pictures on the top. When more videos and photos added, your photos and videos will move down.