Двухколпаковая печь 3,5 на 4,5 с верхним аккумулятором тепла.

I made 22 row on this finished the second cap. I’ll close The height of the second cap turned out to be 6. rows.
This wall and that need to be bandaged even once
one to three bricks that is through three through four bricks it is necessary
tie. And better through two series of bandaging the next row will close the space above the stove for cooking. And higher will still one channel. It turned out two caps
one valve big, the other slightly smaller, and from here will go horizontal channel, so
that’s how it will go down the pipe for the movement of gas in principle, there is
approximately the same distance It should work synchronously. Some viewers think that
some secret is in how to block the space above the stove, in the pot, so as not to
was in sight corners’. No secret polichinel there, I
as do: used corner with shelf 3 mm. Corner 40*40*3 three millimeter shelf at the corner. Used to take 4. 35 area it is very defective, the whole of this curve. 45 area turns out very greasy. The ideal solution is a corner 40*40 shelf 3 mm.
Under such a corner can not be polished. Usually get back a little, millimeters 2-3 in brick do sample under thick shelf, and now simply I put it in the seam, the corner is good. Here in the center of the brick I’m sampling the height of this shelf
Yes and all and a solution I enclose and exhibit Nothing complicated. Rear corners as well.
This case overlaps and it turns out culturally, it is beautiful.
No iron visible There is a possibility that the corner will be heated from the stove and expand. No one complained. I’ll show you a close-up of the sample. here
so here so here so here close the cap close the shelf
it turns out there is a little more than half pity to cut a brick. Not forget
trim the solution. Here I basalt not I do because the temperature is already here
the temperature is not as high as in the first caps. Blocked by two rows
shelf, i.e. the plate blocked. There will be horizontal channels. In this place will put a clean there prochistnuyu and moreover have us 4 mortgages. The pipe will be there. With the one sides. The summer running valve is visible.
I have here is such here is question why I in this side was cut off by the 45th corner, but not here? It will go back and forth on the horizontal channel. Horizontal
the channel will be three rows high. Question I have:
who would guess? A little show what we’re doing here. Is obtained here is already began
the channel is horizontal in the middle of such a battery will be very powerful. On idea it was possible to make and blow out from below plates and to put a latch somehow to think up
Can be and hood do through here to realize that in principle quite
interesting. Made 27 row: the horizontal channel is 3 rows height of it. That’s how it ends, it remains to make a niche.
someone asked the way to remove the video about Sasha.
Private video, I can’t put I wanted to show you how it’s done
will not work I have to remove and and put a Fig will not work. We close the channel and here in this way here brick Bang, and the court
bang. Here is so here is their closes have us complex channel angular this element
Ah and further on analogies. Like me asked Tajik all went and watched as I put everything is so beautiful so it. And he “what’s the secret?” And I answer: the main thing
level good buy koproski To show
correctly exactly! And he believed! I said it so convincingly that even
himself began in this to believe ! So here dear subscribers buy yourself
good level “Thermos” works well on the street.
the rain in the equipment is good, do not get wet. Yes there is no gloves off me allocate normal! Have finished 28 or 29 a series of, not remember in
it matters to him. I’ll tell life hack as best produce potatoes. Always
you have to go from remote places, where already you can’t sneak up you go for example here
consider the example of the angle. there’s a clearing on the other side too
there is a cleaning. From here I began to put put
I cut the solution I put the solution I cut it ‘ve come this far, so I then left
distance, from here you can go I came here and cut everything through the cleaning. Solution all gather and then go to the pipe. there is also and there instead of going to the pipe
that is, we cut everything for ourselves solutions in the channel. See clean
nothing hangs everything is fine well I’ll take another hour with the trowel. On seams vertical a solution is necessary
apply in such a way that when you you will pump it squeeze on down
too it was not given out that excess solution in the channel did not climb. I mean from the moment I just
take for example here is so here is kelmu and here is so make the wedge so
solution so it turns out at the bottom
bricks that are closer to the canal there is almost no solution, such
procedure is used. Every master has their secrets their chips I shared
own skills with you. The 29th row of the furnace was the last.
I will. set the latch almost fell. Dima right now will cut out mortgages. our
not doors say cleaning A whole day of rain, it is impossible to work but the Thermos works !!! So, by the way here
you can see that this brick is not polished you see, he’s wearing a helmet. The perimeter is all beautiful Rovenki processed turned and this
inside, you can immediately see that the unpolished brick. The last row zababahali so clumsy
brick. And so have us in the name of 11 hours fifth day’s. I just finished the pipe, connected. Insulation
made. Someone says fluff to do! I don’t know
me all this the last century and in the first place is it is not energy efficient to do fluff,
which to get as a will hold heat is materials can be wound. Will be
all right I mean here’s the pipe a little bit led away because it is not on the axis
was quite a bit it turned out very well very culturally
very beautiful in our style the top is compacted with kaolin wool
The last row on the edge in sight not in sight focus there, sharpness And
so friends we finished laying heating and cooking furnace.
Today we have a fifth day yesterday, the rain was very strong but Dimych kept
well done normally got wet and worked I said let’s go home it’s raining! Let’s go home, I’m tired, but he’s not he gave up and we finished off the oven with him yesterday. Today
Sunny, all good. In general the furnace is not briefly tell:
kemma brick number of took order nine a hundred units
Yes, 900. Grog took 40. I see doors grate About view tell. It is clear that one in the pipe and here it turns out the latch of the summer care right now shoved there your hand and it feels just like
it’s a pull right there so powerful powerful I would like to note that the pipe I have only
the quadrangle, but it pulls very well, very straight powerful I did not expect.
Initially I planned to make a one-Kolpak oven and horizontal channel. But
then I changed my mind and made an oven two-pack, plus horizontal channel (battery heat)
synchronous, double. It turns out the gases leave here in a big cap.
on the lifting channel rises in the second cap is raised yet
on the chimney-channel and go into horizontal channel. The height of the horizontal channel I have 3 rows. cross sections of lifting channels I have 19
centimeters three-quarters of it turns out brick’s.
Pipe chetverik 130*130. By the way you see the stove, we washed with water and say so
I’ve never washed a stove before. Furnace started wash only in this year the first year this
pilot with sink. Used to always clean dry a rag very many was leaving forces on this
it was very dusty and constantly needed rags where the seek. What have we got to do with rags
diagonally – the best fabric if

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