Как пропитывают древесину | в Голландии

Hey everyone! Here is our landscape, our bay
the area where we live. On the background of this, I want to show a little
the plot, where it was unloaded in Holland, one of the flights where we took our
another load, our houses. Boards are impregnated there, from decay, special impregnation.
The company is engaged in manufacturing various wooden fences,
poles, they make and saw boards there, in short
wood firm and there they have the place where they are
impregnates these bars, picket and pillars. I want to show how
how it permeates what they have there pressure chambers,
like torpedo tubes, I think it’s for you it will be very interesting, so look,
write reviews and your opinion. Have a good view! Fence from such
material, this is raw production and then there is also raw products.
They also bring by-product various boards on pallets, we are standing here.
Boards on pallets, whetstones. Now let’s go show, here he puts it down and … All these products will go to torpedo
apparatuses. ))) We’ll come closer now, I’ll show you. Here is this company, they bring it here
finished products. Wooden material, all sorts, picket,
boards by special order and here it is such a clean material. I will show you now they are put here on special carts, platforms.
I asked him for permission, he said yes please shoot, because without a demand to shoot undesirable, so he set and then this
all the cart will go … Here are such cameras will drive them into such a pressure chamber,
and then it will be filled liquid pentoflex which is against
decay. The people called impregnation will
to impregnate, and here it’s already ready, soaked, with this chemistry. Soak almost until
middle, against decay. So that the tree retains its property. They are driven there, then they spin. and
completely saturated. Here they put small pallets and long ones. Here you can see a little different impregnations. Different properties and here it’s already finished
already impregnated products it looks like round, boards and such
pallets. Now he’ll make everything there, a full series and drive there
like a torpedo into a torpedo tube, so Here is such a company. Often here
we’re coming, the company is normal, so given permission to shoot. This is what this production looks like, there they are,
white, but here you already see the material impregnated.
Here he is. There are long as pillars too
soaked already. Here
such toothpicks so that in the teeth picking, this is who has big holes in his teeth. There are fewer of course, for any size.
Download has gone to the torpedo tube. ))) Now loader
this whole cart pushes
into the pressure chamber. Something there apparently rests against him, and so everything goes there to the very end. Once rolled
and all ala-hoo! Here is a technology removes the rails, also removed the sleepers. Now close. Once and done. Hermetically spin everything. All clockwise the second torpedo tube is ready to fire!
Something like this! Such a production here,
now fill there liquid for impregnation,
and for some time, there’s a certain time, will be soaked. We too
similar system, only with us where we make houses, there is such
like a bath. There are also long the things that need to be impregnated for houses are also lowered into this bathtub, right with the pallet. There are long details and short also there. I don’t know exactly how much
I will not lie. There is a period of time so that he
soaked and then pulled out she stands, everything flows down from it.
It flows straight down and we have it flowing down there
big tub. And there everything
the remains drain and then put on the street. It dries a little and is sent. The houses are collected in packs and then sent to the client. Such a small angle, about this company. I think maybe someone will be interested
it works there lift he carries material, to do such
toothpicks, they are different, thin, thicker, long there, there
short, there are 2 meters, 3 meters, one and a half in my opinion, there are four meter, 6
meter, different. So here goes through this production, it was very
nice to you, show the action of this company. I think someone will be interested
if anyone has any comments, questions, write that I know prompt, explain.
All bye, thank you very much, hello everyone and see you soon, ala-hoo!

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Reader Comments

  1. Андрей Михайлов

    Когда дачу строил, доски отработанным моторным маслом красил. 15 лет и пока нормально

  2. Вован Вованыч

    Ну ты же не зря говорил фирма гарантирует так что все чики пики 💯%😁👍

  3. WhiteTiger333

    Interesting – thank you! I had no idea how pressure treated lumber got that way. 🙂 I wonder what those giant toothpicks are for. They look a bit formidable to be fence posts. And it looks like this facility also prepares utility poles. I remember, before the days of pressure treated lumber, creosote (coal tar) was used to preserve such wood.

  4. Daniel BRUNIER

    Hello, VLADIMIR ,oui très intéressant les bains,je n aurais jamais pensé comment ils faisait les bains.garantie 10/15 ans contre la moisissure .??Bravooooo,VLADIMIR d avoir pris un peu de temps sur ton temps,pour nous expliqué .Tchaoooo.Dan.😜🖐✋👏🍻🚍🚎🚌🚚🚛🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

  5. Крот Кемерово

    А зачем штакетник в Голандии?? Бывающие там, взазлеб рассказывают, что там никаких заборов, даже занавесок на окнах нет. А тут целая фирма штакетник пропитывает

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