Как сделать Печь 3,5 на 4 кирпича для отопления частного дома своими руками

hi to all, when the furnace master
Alexander Bushuev masonry stoves fireplaces BBQ facilities in the Yekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk region.
Production of projects, orders to order We arrived in the garden. Neighbour
asked to remove machine here here is she stood there for 40 minutes we waited for her
only unloaded the brick in the end but block it a little but it’s gone
okay, gave us such a hysteria is just kapets. Sanya will start
grind the brick and start putting. Here we will put the heating and cooking
the furnace is 90 per meter meter . Two-pack with two sticks.
Swedish without an oven. Begin stack the first row. See how I placed the brick. If the furnace without lining Under the ash pit door of the brick should stand thus. Because there is always a different brick.
a batch from the same manufacturer can to be a different brick.
So I always take lay out here so here is brick i.e. to not smooth
number of bricks was in a row: not 3 not 4 not 5 and to two bricks were across.
I expose seams approximately and I measure the size of the how many I have broke a and then
where is the whole brick I’m one brick clipped to have me
there was a “REVERSE MULTIPLICITY”. My term. The term “inverse multiplicity” I introduced in 2011 or 2012.
Thanks to the fact that we do the trimming, we have seams they’ll be the same everywhere. Brick Sanya not already
he jumped. The Bulgarian broke the brush((( a brush popped out of his cheek
did not come it is called rotor anchor what is the correct name in that the brush rests? Write in the comments. Usually I take the base wall and from it tolerate paralel are starting to do not suffered burn
and laid out this wall from it already in it you but since here I already have
some kind of binding to the floor, there is the old partition to the stove
didn’t look crooked, I’m about the same I’m going to do. I start laying from the top
the point itself. Looking for her. I begin laying from the top point! If the difference in the level of the Foundation is more
two centimeters desirable to do pruning to put. You see, I have
it turned out that the plane no, and this series he’s already the front
finishing. I can’t adjust the base under the floor. This
it is very difficult adds a lot difficulties because you need to immediately and
plane expose and geometry and seams vertical is a very difficult task. The best
to have you the first a series of was always low floor. So you can horizon
to expose and already the next near normally has to fight back to catch the geometry
a diagonal divergence of 5 is allowed I don’t know what’s down there
there is no waterproofing, I case put its waterproofing
Soviet roofing material in my garden it lied. Years 10 him! Old master. Compare it is pretty thick, now have to sell it really just paper.
Okay are starting laying. Once a man wrote that I talk more and the stove is put by others. Someone wrote that show
as you put here I took the level checked everything everywhere I have this brick
it turned out the top I roughly put pararel from the wall. I begin to put the oven with this brick. I apply a minimum layer of solution Hitting the plane. I cut the solution to remove and absorb moisture further I put
corner bricks here I’ll be more solution to enclose. The solution should
to be such that it was pushed through. this put, leveled.
Going to this corner. Stones from the floor, never the solution !!!The rest of the bricks can be put according to the rule Between the bricks should be smeared all
4 vertical planes. to do because When I lay a brick, corner bricks can depart. Need to do control. so guys since
such a carriage went times I decided to you all their secrets all to tell will show as I
I put a right angle take: formula 3*4*5. Take here
I postpone 20 take the formula substitute 20 times 3 is 60. I have these bricks
lie. 20 times 4 is 85 and 20 times 5 will be 100 (meter).
labels should converge on 100 centimeters. It turned out exactly to the millimeter. perfectly smooth. It says there’s a right angle here so cut on the nose as you can measure
plane. More precisely, to construct the right angle to expose. Here I turned the seam under it with a brick
two centimeters. In solution I put cement it is permissible to two centimeters. Right now break the solution will seize, a little will shrink
not critical and the second a series of I already perfectly lay out. I exposed
horizontal plane. Everything turned out well, right angle.
The difference on diagonally I have 2 millimeters is acceptable. The next next can be these 2 mm. to withdraw, but this already not frightening. next I take a brick and lay from the corners holding definitely feel that the clutch is not crawled.If he’s a little warm, nothing to worry, as it should be! Likewise continue further with corners. they’ll hold the outer bricks together a bit. it will be unlikely that you will swerve
external masonry. When you put a brick here, the solution should be taken liquid and to look that did not squeeze out an external brick. I’ll show you how I cook a brick. I take brick, I take sandpaper. I look where the brick hump. At everyone
brick has a hump. I always put my hump up. I process under level, I remove
swells, make a small chamfer, remove the granshlak add a chamfer hump up
stack. similarly, looking for a hump This one is bad, and this one will go! The second row I put.
Further I do preparation, a marking under stove doors. (blowing door, cleaning door)
Clean the door put I will not there is no sense in it.
I will put a brick-mortgage, all the same the customer himself will not clean. And if it is ,then in five years. Task
now this mark the middle of our the fuel tank of the future and on the axis on this
place position the door. The door is already prepared. the grate is discharged to less
the tension was I always discharge the grates and immediately
I process paint. Door prepared covered with duct tape, so as not to stain. Here is so is obtained roughly. I the ash-pit door is mounted on the wire. There is no high temperature here. So normally held. never fell out, for many years no one called and said that you have something with the door. Now
I will equip the door with wire. show everything

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