☑️ Let’s Play Minecraft Survival Series Video | Where’s the respect | Episode 41

deploy deploy oh hey everybody this is Frilioth and
welcome back to another minecraft let’s play video and the just vanilla server
but we’re back in the nether again today because some you may remember a few
episodes ago I started work on my called it earth with a skeleton grinder thing
but it’s it’s basically a and I don’t know a sweeper really that sweeps
everything off the off the nether fortress but anyway it seems to be
working okay and I’ve popped back in here to to get a cup of scholars because
I’ve been afk not way it’s not really afk because I’ve got to keep running up
and down that the settings on the server with it being a spigot server the
settings to reduce lag are quite low so if you’re outside I don’t know a couple
of blocks of anything nothing happens you know nothing spawns farm a stone
farmed nothing happens and it’s a spigot thing but it does mean I have to keep
running up you know backwards and forwards with my sweeper to make sure
that things spawn in front of it but I’ve been doing that for a couple of
days and I’ve got a few skulls so I’m gonna run down there and grab a few I
need to make a few beacons because I want to finish off the farm we started
in the last episode now I’m conscious but at the beginning of the last episode
I specifically said I really must start to finish off some of these projects and
then I started a project on my farm and lo and behold I didn’t finish it so it
did make me smile however we’re gonna finish at least one of the farms off
today I did the pumpkin one yesterday I just want to put a roof on it and to put
a roof on it I’m I need a beacon and I need some glass so that’s why I’m over
in the that’s why I’m over in the nether so we’ll run down now run down to the to the grinder pick up
some skulls actually we’ll turn it on what we downloaded see if we can catch
anything how many people are on now there aren’t loads of people on so we
might be in luck see a couple of Skelly’s already on on the voxel maps
top right so maybe maybe now I haven’t got away in yet the ideal way in would
be down there and of course there but I can’t live already lit it up anyway I
can’t run down because if I do I’m gonna antagonize the blaze and they’re gonna
fire and they’ll be light and it’s just sadness so I’ve got to run all the way
across there so I’ve gotta go across there of course there across there
across today what back up there alright so I’ll meet you when I’m over there
look at that look at it’s lit up like a Christmas tree
I can only assume that somebody’s been on there
I’m guessing somebody’s wandered down here and and had a wander in there
because there’s no way I left it like that but it now means that I’ve got to
get in there and put all those fires out because while those fires are there it’s
all lit up like a Christmas tree and and nothing’s gonna happen
unbelievable but we have got a couple of perk up the Skelly’s there which is
brilliant so let me get down there and turn it on and we’ll see if we can get
into the couple before I before I raid the ones that are there look at that lit
up like a Christmas tree actually there they’re out the way it
doesn’t go far enough over there out the way I need to bring those back over here
a little bit beyond my better judgment I’m going in
yeah look somebody’s somebody’s been in and poor but of course there I’m sure
that wasn’t like that it wasn’t like that somebody has actually been into my
farm and built something because there’s no way that was there otherwise my
sweeper wouldn’t have made it down here so thanks thanks for thanks yeah whoever
did this I appreciate this no end in fact in fact I’m not even gonna mess
about with it call me a cynic but I’m gonna go and ask one of the mods to find
out who’s done this because because it’s just not on so I’ll find out and then
I’ll be back in a minute okay so I vow to a woman Bonnie I’ve had a word with
one of the admins and and it’s sort of well they’ve sorted it out they’ve told
me who’s done it and they’re gonna go and have a chat with him or her but that
doesn’t help me really because now I’ve got a I’ve got to sort it out I’ve got
to take this monstrosity out because it’s just banging the way and also I’ve
got to go around putting out all the fires so so fast to say I’m not very
happy so just don’t go you do not do it don’t go into other people’s and it’s
clear this is not just any old nether fortress it’s clear if somebody’s been
working in here just don’t go in there and start building things I mean I can’t
tell you how upset I am about this so so when regardless to say for the next 30
minutes I’m going to be clearing this up and hopefully then I might be in the
mood to to do a bit more work on it but at the moment I’m ready for jacking this
lot in because people just you know there’s no no appreciation anymore it’s
just let’s go in there and let’s mess it up and let’s you know it’s not mine but
I’m still going to build in there anyway I’m gonna rant for a while
off-camera okay so I think I’ve calmed down enough now to continue doing what I
was doing so despite all of the signs and the the work and the big Luigi and
my nether hub and everything else anyway anyway calm down calm down deep
breaths right I’ve got myself twelve wither skulls out of a few days work
which is pretty darn good I think which is obviously there for beacons isn’t for
beacons so I’m gonna run over here and I’m gonna sort myself out for beacons in
my my with a killing chamber I have panic a panic every time I come
up here just to make sure there’s somebody hasn’t somebody hasn’t moved
that yellow block if they have that I’m banging trouble beautiful I’ll do that another three times and
then we’ll we’ll go and crafts and beacons okay so I’ve got my beacons and
I’ve got my eye and the plan is to top that that form there it’s got the wheat
it’s got potatoes he’s got carrots got some sugarcane and then right at the top
it’s got the pumpkin farm and they what I want to do is stick a beacon right
right through the middle of it but I want to put a glass dome above the top
of it sort of top it off and I’m gonna do that in black glass I’ll do I’ll do
that one in black glass I’ll do that one when it gets to the top in yellow glass
with a beacon through the middle as well just for looks really lol Oh fella you
haven’t look but before I do that I just want to quickly show you and I’m
recording this a day after the last one the day after the last video was
rendered so I’ve had a day a day up there afk and in a day I’ve managed to
get just over half a double stack of of pumpkins which is brilliant so it’s
working really well he says it I’m sad in all surprise I knew it was going to
the second I sorted it out and knew it was going to I do my little Snoopy dance Wow I can’t use these things for toffee brilliant so I’m going to build a One
Laptop of a 1/2 now I know for looks I could have just
had a tiny little beacon up here but I’m gonna stick health on it anyway possibly
even jump to she can’t go wrong with a bit of jump in which is why I’m doing a
full size beacon and not just a little Mickey Mouse one just in case you’re
wondering okay so we’ve got a bit of jump we’ve
got a bit of regen everybody loves that so now the plan as I say is to build
build a dome above it and I’m going to be using plots I tend to use plots for
pretty much everything when I’m building circle built that over there my flying
saucer my spaceship I am farm I built that using Platz Platz
code at UK fantastic go and check it out if you need to build circles or
lighthouses or you know there’s a lot of shapes on there just go and go and check
it out so I’m not going to bore you while I’m building a get in there I’m
not gonna bore you while I’m building this big big dome but we’ll have a look
what I’ve done it unbelievable unbelievable unbelievable what a day can’t believe that can you believe that
I don’t believe that I managed to get out the whole fall back
in again and then zoom around in there like a ping-pong ball no doubt those
guys you stood in there laughing at me we call this to get in the base a list of money to get most of it back I
guess okay nothing spoiled huh nothing spoiled
don’t have any don’t have any yellow stuff on me though do I mess it about to
appear give it another go then shall we if I picked everything out like a ping
pong ball inside of a can then I was all over the place I can’t believe I did
that alright again again Cracow got out that
time look at out another quick shift around while I’ve got to cut the Rockets
where that’s what it looks like from the outside
I don’t think so Kay I like that I can’t take off a Cartland I shouldn’t
be trusted with a pair of Elijah I shouldn’t she should not be trusted
excellent anyway there it is that’s half a job dad I said I was gonna finish a
full job I’ve managed to get half a job done so for the time being you’re just
gonna have to call me offer right what to do now what to do I’m gonna think
about what to do now probably gonna finish off the rest of those farms
probably gonna do that maybe maybe after about five minutes in the darkroom okay
well I’ve got a bit of a lie down in my darkroom and and I were covered a little
bit and I feel a little bit better about myself and I came out and I did a bit
more work I remember saying that I was concerned my island was looking a
little bit boring and and I don’t finish things and everything else so I thought
I’d mess about with my boat I was going to do my farm but I’d already done a bit
of farming so I decided to take off and do some work on the boat so I’ve done a
little bit of work on my boat and I’ve I’ve started messing I think I’ve got an
idea for how I want the sails and I’m gonna have a bit of rigging in there I’m
gonna have a master the front with a bit of rigging at the front I’m also trying
to get it out of the drydock kind of thing at the moment only the front is
submerged so to speak the rest of it down the side and all the way around the
back is surrounded by by sand which is the sand I put in there originally when
I when I first built it it’s still there but I need to move the some of the
villager villages staff will call it stuff move some of this stuff this rail that
these rails got to move some of this before I take down all of the sand all
of this has got to be held in I guess you’d say I need to put loads of wood
around here which I don’t have on me so I’ve got to do that and also while I’ve
been away I remember telling you that I was going
to let you know what villages I got when I did a lot of breathing the other day
and then I I could sit all out of the last video because it was just getting
too long so I’ll quickly show you now I was a bit worried about this little
jetty thing but I think it turned out okay I’m not I’m not
unliking that that’s okay so out of all the ones that we managed to mess about
with the other day I only got a few that were any good so this is what I’ve got
now I’ve got a facility seven which you know about amending 432 which is pants
that we had efficacy I think we had that one looting for 25 I’m breaking 3 for 13
I’ve got a new depth Strider for 3 for 13 i fortune 3 for 25 look at the sea 3
for 16 which is OK and looting 3 for 19 which is slightly better fortune 338
I’ve got my sharpness file which we had were three a silk touch for 7 another
one again you can’t be having silk touch and on this side power 5 we had for the
falling 3 for 18 which is not bad that’s my best feather falling amending I’ve
got another mending for 12 now it’s not quite the 10 I had but it’s certainly
better than the mending I’ve got for 32 so he’s okay for the time being and then
my respiration for 24 I have already had to flush loads of her turn my breather
back on again and I’ve started getting these guys back in to replenish but so
far I’ve not got another mending but sorry I’ve not got another librarian
I’ve a couple of cartographers and loaded
Ross you know loads of rubbish but anyway so that’s that’s what I’ve
currently got villager wise and I’ve also in the meantime put a bit of an
island around my village Breda to get to my breeder I had to swim which for some
reason and I don’t know why when I initially landed on the island I decided
to build the village of breeder off to the side and I can’t remember why I mean
I don’t know why I built this off the main island there was no reason for me
to do it I guess I suppose I was trying to put it you know away from my iron
farm up there but anyway so I’ve decided to stick a bit of an island around it
now to make it easier to get to so I’m liking that now I’m going to start doing
it is me giving you loads of things I’m going to start doing I need to hide all
of this lighting I need to put down some pathways I need to put down some you
know just some stuff to look at but a fence in just generally make it look
like I live here rather than it’s an island that I’m on at the moment but I
think my next oh and also also another project I’ve started that I’m not gonna
finish forever but I’ve started it anyway I’m going to be building a
lighthouse it’s an island it needs a lighthouse I built a
lighthouse in the last series I’m going to be building a lighthouse in this one
too and I’m gonna be building it all the way over here now it’s not going to be a
working lighthouse I’m not gonna have redstone in it a because that causes a
lag and be you won’t be able to see it anyway I mean I’ll get a couple of
chunks over there you won’t be able to see it anyway so so there’s no point in
doing it but that’s where it’s gonna go and I might even turn that into some
kind of base kind of thing with my bed in it and a bit of storage I don’t know
yeah maybe maybe not loving that farm so I think the plan for the remainder of
this episode is for me to grab some wool grab some wood see if I can put a few
sails on the HMS and we rolled over there and get that looking like a boat
that’s in the dock I think of you know a few layers of of wall at the bottom and
a bit of rig in with fence fences going up the size that would look okay
wouldn’t it yeah I think that would look okay so I’m gonna do that I’ll see you
back here in a minute well you won’t be surprised to hear that there’s been a
change of plan what I’m gonna do first this sort of making the ship look all
chippy and nice I’m gonna get it outta drydock I’m actually going to get rid of
all of the sand because then that is one job that has been you know I’m going
forever that I will actually have completed and to do that I just need to
as I mentioned earlier I need to mess about with the rails underneath so I’ve
done a bit of work on that I’ve moved the rails now they used to
come down here and then up there I’ve compacted it slightly now so
instead of it coming straight out and over there I think the killing chute now
goes over there and round but I need to test it now to make sure that it works
so we need to find a willing contender need to get out for this tonight right
nice to see you bye sure sounds like it’s working yep we have got a brown villager now as
long as this goes back up there we’re okay perfect that’s fantastic okay so
that works now the next job then is to fill all of this in okay we’ve got the
stage it’s gonna make me the most nervous about doing this because if this
all goes pale and I’ll get water inside on the redstone potentially I could lose
all my villages but hopefully I won’t do because of the way water works Aarthi
this isn’t most of this is gonna finish you up like that empty and I’ll have to
go around with a bucket and fill it in manually but to get rid of the Sun and
the Sun what I’ve done because I’ve built the sand on top of a solid block
if I put a slab ups bottom slab underneath that and break that block
their older sand falls down and breaks on that half slab so so hopefully
fingers crossed wish me luck and everything else we’ll be able to just whisk down here
now and get rid of all of the sand brilliant yam I’m happy with that
let’s skip it in the last one I wasn’t going to do the last one but I will get
rid of the last one now as you see I’m good I am I am going to have to go
around with a bucket yeah I am gonna have to go around with a bucket oh
that’s handy oh that’s interesting that might do me a favor actually if I can
make sure that on the inside then everything is filling in its filled in
that’s fantastic I was all worried that I’d have to do all that by hand but just
by removing that end block it’s all filled in brilliant now it’s not under
here isn’t brilliant I know before you start saying anything it’s not great but
you ain’t gonna see this so anyway let me I’ll get rid of these blocks here for
these half slabs I’ll whip round either side will do the same round either side
and then I’ll get a bottle of champagne right round two I wonder if this is all going to fill in
when I get rid of this block we’re nearly brilliant obviously reason
for that why is that they’re not good they must miss in the wood Neri brilliant nearly brilliant but it’ll do oh that
could have been disastrous good now at a leakage oh okay I’m extent which ever
done nothing really nothing that can’t be sorted out few that could have been
bad anyway anyway yeah anyway anyway okay I
had nobody in there it was okay so I do have to remember them before I take the
back wall out that I’ve got redstone right next to it so I need to sort that
out but when the floats well nearly a flow mostly a flown mostly a flow I can
live without so I finally nearly finished a job I’ve
nearly finished getting a boat afloat but it’s far more afloat than it was
this time yesterday so I’ve got to be reasonably happy so I hope you enjoyed
this episode everybody if you have please don’t forget to leave it a like
and if you’ve really loved it don’t forget to subscribe for future videos
this is fully off thanks to HMS emerald and I’m out of here

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  1. frank grimes

    I'm just curious why you continue to play on this server. I'll admit I've only seen three or four videos of yours based on this server, but in every one of those videos, you've had an issue with people being disrespectful. In one episode you were showing off the Christmas village and walked past someone who was in creative. You even said something about it. I don't mean to be rude, please don't take offense, but it seems you'd be better off on another server. It doesn't seem like something that is going to stop.

  2. IaRoadKill

    What to do now…… Flying lessons? LOL
    No not for real planes! Your already doing that.
    Do you fly real planes like you do with your elytra? Lol

  3. Ron White

    That's a cool dome. Glad your boat didn't get wrecked.

    I have issues with griefing in my own house. My daughter will join in on my single player world and build hideous things in my base and steal all my diamonds etc… she's lucky I love her. 🙂

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