Escaped extinction, made it to the mainland. Fending for ourselves, we could use a helping hand. Subsidized housing, food stamps would be sweet. There’s a list of what we need, give me a man to eat. My bellyʼs rumbling, my patience crumbling, this new worldʼs strange, we need support or else weʼll rage. Weʼre refugees, oh donʼt deport us please, our home was blown up, now itʼs gone. These dinosaurs need rights, Donʼt hate because they bite, Equality is why we fight, For poor dinos, their survival. Dino lives matter, put a hashtag on that. Some of us got kids to feed, they deserve to be full and fat. Dinosaurs are lower class, the rich should share the wealth. If they refuse to help, bite ’em in half just by the belt. Eat folks like berries in sanctuary cities so very open minded like San Fran. We are alone, so we need cellphones, so we can organize marches. These dinosaurs need rights, Forgive them for their bites, They’re living their best life, They’re our friends now, they’re not rivals. Dinosaurs need rights, And quality of life, These interspecies fights Could be over, let’s be nice. We need fences to not get hit by cars, We need freedom, don’t keep us behind bars. Separate bathrooms because we are so large, Contraception, make our reproduction sparse. I warned you all about these dinosaurs, You’ll never sleep again when nights are filled with roars. Life finds a way now they’ve gotten loose, Eating all the wildlife, even bears and moose. It’s not PC to hate extinct species, Even if they eat people like kids eat Reese’s. Uh, they won’t contribute to the economy, Just redefine our planet’s ecology. Uuuhhhh, welcome to Jurassic World. These dinosaurs are more than clones, And right now they are all alone. They need respect and also homes, We must help them, not dispel them. Let’s give jobs to dinosaurs, Let them in school and hold the doors. Their poverty we can’t ignore, Could get ugly if they’re hungry.

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  1. schmoyoho

    just hired a dinosaur to renovate my bathroom, it just drank the toilet water and ate my roommate, 0/10
    BUT 10/10 TRACK, thanks for singing about dinosaurs with us! 💖💗💖

  2. Frederick Mathis

    There’s no way the dinosaurs can cause extinction of present day animals on the mainland. Why because today’s animals coexisted with giant prehistoric mammals during the ice age if they coexisted with giant animals before they can do it again.

  3. RomanHorseman101

    @ t tfgdyqtqrqtthxjejheejejeu3u2u2uuwuwwuwhwjwjjwwjwhwhwhwh2h2h2hehehehehe

  4. Xxbumber YT

    Secret From The Dinos

    1: They know how to talk
    2: They know how to play a Guitar
    3: They know how to use a Cellphone
    4: Mr T-Rex is a DJ LOL

  5. Dinosaur Toy

    You could make a another one of Jurassic world but without bad words and make it like the old one but without bad words of fallen kingdom

  6. Pat Weibe

    I really like the part where blue go blue go to 🏫 of her backpack on I don’t kids look bad or she was just different that was all because she was a dinosaur yeah I was tending to be a lion or JPJP with the little guy I met I was only 40 years old four years old

  7. Xenomorph 636

    Hey mosasasrus i found a job for ya. To keep whale hunters from killing whales and help with lagre fishing operations in return u get 50 of every vatch and the whale hunters to eat.


    это самая крута песня это моя самая любимая песнья про динозавров

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