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Windows Support, how may I help you? Hi, I can’t seem to find the font helvetica on my system… Uh, is there a way to fix this? Well actually Microsoft Windows doesn’t come with the font you’re looking for. You could try Arial instead. As I sit here in my chair… I can’t help but see what’s done. Is this some kind of error? Do you really think you’ve won? There’s nothing I can say… Well can I buy the font? See, you’ll have a lot to pay… But it’s something that I want– I wish this was Helvetica– My font choice is pathetica This Swedish font is all I see– Oh Microsoft your dead to me– 911 Emergency My font book has a hole This aint the job for me– But I wish I had control Everybody you will see wants the only well curved R And have you seen that really nice T? It’s really not that hard. I wish this was Helvetica– My font choice is pathetica– This Swedish font is all i see– Oh Microsoft you’re dead to me– Wassup, it’s your F, let’s talk typography Windows support improving your discography Apple licensed helvetica; they did just fine Windows on a mac if I open up wine Air conditioners are like PCs I don’t know what you mean elaborate please. Both stop working when you open Windows but you guys still think that your the heroes? Look at the prices on apple.com and then tell me Windows aint the bomb Try running skyrim on your new mac Hmm you can’t I’m not taking your flak! I’m looking for the beauty and I just can’t find it Garage band comes with an on screen drum kit where’s the innovation in a cluny box? plus all your computer’s need a virus detox OKay I see how it is… Wanna make fun of the fat sick kid? Helvetica distracts from the primary objective good design is useless and subjective I wish this was helvetica My fotn choice is pathetica This swedish font is all i see Oh Microsoft your dEAD TO ME But what am I seeing? The documents unfold I really should be fleeing Arial is mind control But I need to use the mensroom and then I will go live This may just lead to my doom Why don’t you just take five? I WISH THIS WAS HELVETICA MY FONT CHOICE IS PATHETICA THIS SWEDISHFONT IS ALL I SEE OH MICROSOFT YOUR DEAD TO ME

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