✔ Minecraft 1.14.4: How to Make an Ender Portal (2019)

Hey guys, It’s nick. Today i’m going to be showing you how to make an End Portal Dig out a 3×3 hole Get 12 End Portal Frames Get 12 Eye of Enders Place them around the 3×3 hole That’s how you make an End Portal

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  1. Delihlah

    I have built this portal many many times over and over again and recently forgot how to make it, your video was fantastic! (for some reason it isn't working though?)

  2. patrick gardner

    Guys I figured it out you need to place end rods in the corners then replace the portal blocks one at a time and make sure the eye of Enders are pointing into the portal

  3. Flamey

    u can also do this command /give @p diamond_sword 1 0 {Unbreakable:1,HideFlags:1,ench:[{id:16,lvl:9999}],display:{Name:EXCALIBURRRR!,Lore:[INSTANT KILL!]}}

  4. Salem

    im pretty sure the update forces you to find the actual dungeon instead of just building one in creative, plus this video was releases in 2014

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