✔ Minecraft: 10 Secret Blocks

Secret Vanilla Blocks Hello! Today we’ll do something different. We are going on an adventure to find some
of the unknown blocks of vanilla Minecraft. Oh, look what we’ve got here! :] These are actual Minecraft blocks, but
they are normally hidden from players. These blocks have the bark texture all around! I will be explaining how to get
these at the end of the video. Before we continue, I have
to ask you to like the video. The new YouTube-system doesn’t show all
my subscribers this video if you don’t.. :'( Oh well, let’s just hope
we don’t die down here. Uuuhh.. These are the normal sandblock variants.. This..Is the smoothest sandstone ever. I’d love to be able to use these blocks in survival. Ouch.. More secret blocks! These blocks are actually meant to be usable though.. However, much like command blocks, you have to know how to get them. :] They are called structure blocks. They can be used to save, load, copy and paste your builds! 😀 Ooh, a bonus.. :] Aww.. Looks like we’ve found another block. This is the double stone slab block, but with quite a different texture.. This is what it normally looks like.. I actually prefer the smooth version.. If only it was easier to get.. Again, we have blocks with the same textures on all sides.. :I On big mushrooms, the blocks come with a sponge-like side.. This is the case for both the red and brown mushrooms.. In fact, this also applies to the stems! This is a very weird one.. This is a block that the game doesn’t really recognize.. It has the “missing texture”-texture When dropped, it’s huge! It’s just as big while you’re holding it! This one is a pumpkin, you can wear it on your head as well! Use it to confuse a friend! That’s it for this adventure. I hope you enjoyed! You can get all these blocks by using certain commands.. I’ve written the commands in the comments, go down there and write something kind!

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