✔ Minecraft: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Diamonds

Terms and Conditions (On Screen) Things you didn’t know about: Diamonds Notch had considered changing the diamond ore texture to one much like the emerald ore. The ore would still be blue, but the shape of the ore would change.. Contrary to popular belief, diamond tools are not the fastest in the game. Gold tools are quite a bit faster than diamond tools, but also have much lower durability. :I As an example, it takes a diamond pickaxe 0.3 sec to mine stone, while it would take a gold pickaxe 0.2 sec. As you might know, diamonds are naturally generated in chests. The chests can be found in: 1) Desert temples 2) Jungle temples 3) Strongholds 4) Dungeons 5) Abandoned mineshafts 6) Villages 7) Nether fortresses 8) End cities 9) End ships 10) Igloos You won’t find any diamonds in igloos, but you’re likely to get 2-7 diamonds in end cities and ships! There’s an achievement called “Diamonds to you!” which requires a you throw a diamond at another player.. The name is inspired by youtuber called BebopVox who often said ‘diamonds to you’ instead of thank you! When trading with villagers, you’ll sometimes see a blacksmith that wants to buy diamonds. However, this is one of the worst trades in the game, as up to 4 diamonds has the value of a single emerald!

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  1. Lenka Fattah

    I hate villegers bicose ONLY Emeralds And Emeralds🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯!!!!!!!!! I hate them it's idiots 5 melons For 5 Diamonds or Emeralds

  2. Anuj Ahirwar

    i think because golden tools are weak they get nice enchantment to make them powerful but we use em to make our diamond tools stronger with the enchantments the golden tool unlocked

  3. Maan Rizk

    i actually once crafted a nether reactor but i had no idea what it does cuz i wasn't good in english and i couldn't read that well so i wasted my diamonds (i think it was made out of diamonds i cant remember)

  4. Silly Galaxy Gamer

    Omigosh a few months ago, I was going through my really old Minecraft worlds and Saw a Nether Core Reactor in my hotbar And had no idea what to do with it XD

  5. Kai Mysteltain

    If you use Emeralds as currency in Minecraft. And using Diamonds for high-end tools. Which one of this ore to make you be called "RICH" ?

  6. Gavin McAfee

    Who else remembers the Nether core reactor? I still had one when the nether came out then mined it and got diamonds and gold and iron I think. I still have the nether structure from before. :,)

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