✔ Minecraft: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Parrots

IF SO, GIVE YOURSELF A HIGH-5! :] THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT PARROTS When a music disc is played, parrots will party. They can also fly and dance at the same time. The dancing is a reference to the “Party Parrot” internet meme..=O This meme has apparently been really popular among the development team. Parrots come in 5 variants. Red, lime, blue, cyan and gray. The parrots are based on real-life macaws, “with a little Minecraft twist.” Remember the cyan and the red. Those two are likely based on ara parrots.. Now take a good look at the gray one.. That one is likely based on some kind of cockatoo. I’m not sure about the last two.. For some reason, parrots are very fascinated by other mobs. They have a tendecy to follow and cicrle them. :] They’re super cute! Once you’ve tamed a parrot, you can tell it to sit like a cat or a dog. You can also have them sit on your shoulders.. You can get them off by jumping. Originally, cookies were used to tame parrots. However, this was quickly changed after a reddit-user pointed out a serious issue. :I Chocolate is toxic to real-life parrots.. :,( With millions of players, this could lead to the death of real-life pet parrots.. To avoid fatal misunderstandings, we now have to use seeds instead. This simple mistake could have been a serious catastrophe.. Aka Really bad!! Parrots have a fun interaction with hostile mobs. They try to imitate the sound it makes! They aren’t perfect at it, so it’ll be a bit higher pitched. :] Even the hiss of a creeper will be imitated! Bla bla bla. Hiss hiss, meow, Grrrrr, ect.

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  1. violet- chan

    the blue macaw is a Brazilian macaw species, and the green macaw should be a green or yellow parrot
    (I'm Brazilian, so I know about these macaws / parrots)and gray is a calopsita

  2. Kanareshii úwù

    Gray bird: [cacatúa] ninfa/cockatiel (Nymphicus hollandicus)

    Blue bird: Guacamayo jacinto/Hyacinth macaw (Anodorhychus hyacinthinus)

    Green bird: Guacamayo militar/Military macaw (Ara militaris)

    Igual hay muchos tipos de loros de color verde, pero como de mayoría hay guacamayos… espero a que a alguien le sirva

    Las aves son hermosas e increíbles 🐦💖

  3. •‿• smiley •‿•

    Minecraft: We can't tame parrots with cookies anymore cause it causes death to real life parrots

    Also Minecraft: You can feed wolves bones, use obsidian and fire to create portals to hell, and you can make potions out of random things you find and NOT get poisoned (except for poison potion obviously)! That's surely realistic and won't get you killed!

  4. Aetherberry :3

    (No offense)
    1. The grey one is probably a cockatiel, it has the same yellow mohawk, but cockatoos usually have white body feathers

    2. Dark blue parrot is most likely Hyacinth Macaw, because of of its blue appearance and yellow markings around its beak

    3. I’m not sure what the green one is, though my guess is an Indian Ringneck.

  5. ingkeu

    for the new people who doesn't want to scroll down: the green one is probably ring-necked parakeet (other colours we see in real life are mutations), the grey is cockatiel and the blue with yellow cheeks is hyacinth macaw (fun fact: it's the rarest macaw and the biggest parrot). I hope we could see more significant species like cockatoo or one of the conures~

  6. Оля Прямушко

    Well, I can help you, with the views. Turquoise red and blue is a macaw blue zinc macaw a red rainbow macaw. Green macaw is also called green macaw and gray is not a cockatoo but a cockatiel. I teach birds: ^

  7. LittleVixen

    The blue and yellow one is based on the Hyacinth Macaw and the lime green one is most likely based on the original party parrot: the Kakapo. This bird is also known for humping a photographer's head.

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