✔ Minecraft: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Phantoms

DISCLAIMER: You might know some of these if so, give yourself a high five! THINGS YOU DIDNT KNOW ABOUT PHANTOMS The Phantom is a terrifying hostile flying mob its nickname is “Monster of the night skies!” Im saving my favorite quirks for last, let’s get going! This is the first sketch of a phantom made public It looks somewhat different from the phantom we have today this sketch was first featured on a voting video by Mojang… Here, it was known as ”mob B” Let’s take a look… On November 18, it’s time for MineCon Earth And for the first time ever, we’re gonna let you choose which one of these four… Minecraft mobs… that will end up in the game. You’ll be able to vote by text and by web And I will reveal more details about the mobs in the week prior to MineCon. And remember to vote… because the three ones that you don’t vote for… ..they will be gone forever EACH NEW MOB HAD ITS OWN VIDEO HERES MOB B’S VIDEO During MineCon Earth, you get to vote for mob B…. …”The monster of the night sky’s” This manta ray-like monster ..is a flying creature that spawns at high altitudes. It is attracted to insomnia. and it would find players who haven’t slept for longer days It will swoop down in groups and bite your flesh You should vote for mob B, because there’re currently no flying monsters in the overworld. Mob B won the voting and we later got the Phantom! It was part of the early snapshot versions of 1.13 . It looked a little different from the current model. They were simpler and looked more similar to ender mobs. As Jeb said, they are attracted to insomnia. This means they will spawn by players who haven’t slept for three or more in-game days. Phantoms used to spawn in the end as well This was also in the earlier snapshot for 1.13. Their behavior has also been improved on since then. Phantoms are. Friendly Mobs You can even ride them in the air using a Saddle They were later removed from The End Later, the model and texture was changed drastically. They were also changed to being “undead”. they will die in Sunlight with living in the water Before the change to the undead, they lived happily in daylight until they despawned! Phantoms’ eyes glow in the dark. These eyes are actually an entirely seperate texture. This quality also applies to endermen and spiders Endermen used to have the same green eyes as the phantoms. Perhaps the phantom’s eyes will change to purple as well? An invisible phantom won’t be completely invisible. It’s glowing eyes are still shown in the dark! This is also the case for endermen and spiders Consider rating the video, it’s a lot of work! 😀 You can stop a diving phantom that’s trying to hit you Dealing damage will stop the dive and make it go straight up You can also use a barrier to stop the attack Once you’ve killed a phantom, you might get a small reward The phantom membrane, a useful item The phantom membrane is mainly useful for two things The first is repairing the elytra Unlike repairing weapons, armour or tools… Repairing the elytra is not done on the crafting table It is, in fact done on an anvil instead I suspect this changes in the future, for consistency Though I’m not sure whether they change it to all be on the anvil or the crafting table The phantom membrane’s second use is in brewing First,you need to brew an awkward potion. This results in potions of slow falling. These make you fall kind of like you were wearing elytra However,you sadly can’t fly using rockets… : Phantoms used to drop 1-4 leather instead of the phantom membrane… Leather was also used to repair the elytra rather than today’s phantom membranes… :] Like the slime, phantoms have a size tag. (I messed up on the other comma sorry -_-) This allows you to spawn in huge phantoms! Here’s a size 10 and a size 50! This might be the only mobs scarier than creeper. Subscribe To magmamusen He’s the person who made this Everything was in different languges that I couldn’t understand So here’s an english version of subtitles Hewwo And Goodbye, my dudes!

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