✔ Minecraft: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Bed

Hi I`m Magma Musen Enjoy My Videos Terms and Conditions I can not guarantee that you didn`t know all od these things. I mean, how would I have any chance of knowing? So please, please don’t be mad at me or brag about it in the comments. I would be so happy. I’m just a poor Youtuber trying to get your approval *sniff* *sniff* Facts about the bed Things you didn´t know about: The Bed Sleeping in a bed with a mob head above it will Place your POV inside the head. You can sleep in the day during a thunderstorm. Notch had planned for a sky dimension in Minecraft. These are types for youtubers and people He nicknamed the dimension “dream world” as you would get there by sleeping in a bed. You can craft beds out of any combination of wood and wool. There are currently 6 types of wood and wool.. This means there are no less than 884736 ways to create a bed!

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  1. Dragwolf_ 244

    The last number of your name is your personality.
    4.Quiet and shy
    5.Mean and Brave
    6.Nice and sweet
    7.Not very emotional
    8.Silly and Funny
    9.Acts like a nice person but secretly is dangerous
    Im 8 cause that’s the last number of meh name

  2. Renji Chan

    The sky dimension would have been pretty cool if you ask me. Not so sure about the "dream world" part but I would have preferred a more logical way of getting there like stacking up towards it and having a special chest in the sky dimension if it were added

  3. PandaBreadLover

    Cool. Did you also know, that if you have bedrock 1.1 edition, you can sleep under the bed covers by simply sneaking, and then sleeping with nothing in your hand. My cousin showed me this. It is pretty cool!

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