✔ Minecraft: 6 Things You Didn’t Know About the Sheep

Things you didn’t know about: The Sheep You can get up to 4 blocks of wool from a sheep if you kill and shear it at the same time! To do this, hit it 7 times before shearing and hitting it simultaneously. Naming a sheep “jeb_” will trigger an easter egg… Rainbow power! After being shorn, all sheep are white no matter their original color. Once sheep eat, the original color of wool will reappear! Editing skillz… Wow!~Wink~ ;3 (Facecam as requested) Sheep can eat through slabs! (It just happened!) Unlike players, sheep can’t pass through corner-gaps in fences! This kind of fencing makes for a time-efficient enclosure! Sheep can also eat while riding minecarts! Yep, that’s weird… Click to learn more! Whoooah? Its that an annotation? Wow, you better click it! You could be missing out something.

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  1. Sorrowful Dilo

    There's a case when I was preparing a wolf feast party with my friend in minecraft I spawned in the sheep and ONLY one of them is FRICKEN PINK! I was like OMG PINK SHEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPPPPPP and I dabbed XD XD

  2. Katelyn Vlogs

    Wait last time when i was playing Minecraft i sheared my pink sheep and it’s still pink, I’m just questioning is that a glitch or a bug

  3. Kristine MaeG12345678910 Kolwijck

    PINk sheep-i dont realize that oof XD
    Exploding tnt- umm is it mincraft is for robuxs 0_0
    Herobrine-think so better minbux XD

  4. Rimurem

    Pewds: jeb that’s cool guys 👏👏 really cool(in a disappointed voice)

  5. Galaxy 5

    Well i had sheep overload that shears doesnt been needed cause sheep has mutton and i got already lots of wool which i will use rarely

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