✔ Minecraft: How to make a Combination Lock

How to Make a Combination Lock (Subtitles by Splashy) Hello again! Today, I’ll show you a very simple way to create a combination lock. It’s quite compact too… The door should be closed when it’s recieving a redstone signal. You decide how many levers you want. The more levers you use, the safer the lock. Back here you choose the correct combination. Placing a torch behind a lever, means the lever should be active to unlock.. Levers without torches has to be left off to unlock the door.. Connect all levers/ lever torches and link them with the door you want to lock.. It’s so easy, even I can do it! 😀 You can easily add more levers, I’ll show that later in the video.. With this combination lock, there is only 16 possible combinations. Again, this lever should be off.. These should be on.. Expanding is easy and effective. Every time you add a lever, you double the amount of possible combinations. ;I By adding two more levers, we’re making the lock 4x more secure.. 16x2x2=64 combinations! Now it’ll take a lot of effort to get in! Following levers added will result in 128 combinations, 256, 512, 1024, and so on.. Hope you found this video useful! Be sure to check out MagmaMusen’s channel and other videos! They’re really relaxing. Subscribe to English subtitle editor Splashy? Search SplashingNyanCat and you will find the channel

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  1. Space Master

    I did this and used rocks as walls.
    There was no exit. I just trapped myself in there. And the game played random cave sound. I freaked out. Now Im going to trap my friends inside and wait for them until they find the code. And I wanna see their face when they hear cave sounds lol

  2. Khristian Hawkins

    People aren't dumb to not break the door locks will never work in Minecraft because pepole will just break the door with a pickaxe none can be dumb to rob a house with those locks they will break the door I mean some one that wants to rob ur house and u have this lock they aren't dumb enough to leave it they will break the door

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