✔ Minecraft: How to make a Kebab Shop

how to make a kabab shop Today we will build a Kebab Shop! Here is what we need First, we dig. Whoops!!! Fill out the entire hole with polished andesite! Now for a bit of a trick… The goal is to attach the lead to a fence without having an animal running around in our shop I’m using a rabbit for this because it’s silent. Now for the walls I’m using hardened clay to give it a traditional Middle Eastern look. I like using two different colors of clay for the walls to make them more interesting to look at! This hole is left out to make room for a chimney! Now for the interior. Let’s start with the kitchen area. A pot on top adds a bit of detail to your chimney no matter what you’re building! I imagine this side of the kitchen as the place where the dough is made. Let’s get grilling! If you hadn’t already realized, the lead and fence are supposed to look like the meat on a rotating spit. Lost that other painting somehow.. I’ll go find it. The four paintings are supposed to look like some sort of menu. Now for the eating areas and the exterior details! If you don’t know how to make the banner, poor you. These are supposed to look like umbrellas. Thanks for watching, I hope you enjoyed it! Thank you to Anonymous for supporting this video! You know who you are..

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  1. twenty one pilots fan

    У кого-то кебаб, а у нас шаверма!

    (поздравляю, ты добрался до русского комментария)

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