✔ Minecraft: How to make a Noodle Stand

How to make a Noodle Stand Hi everyone! Today, I will build one of those noodle stands you might see in the streets of many Asian countries! I’ll begin by making some chairs… Now we can move on to the stand itself. I just realized we don’t need string… We’ll finish the roof in a bit! Now it’s time to create some awesome banners to decorate the stand with! This is going to look like a bowl of ramen with a pair of chopsticks! There we go! We can place these around the stand. I have two more banner designs in store. Forgot to bring bricks, sorry… This is supposed to look like some writing on a decorated banner. :] This one is representing the same as the previous. Now we can finish the roof. There are a few food items that look like ramen dishes. You can place them on the counter or in item frames! This would look really cool in a busy city environment! Thanks for watching! (Honestly, I’m not too sure why I’m even bothering to put these in, considering they were already on the screen in the first place… Well, too late now *shrugs*)

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  1. เหมยยย ยยย.

    Love you ☁😘😘☁😘😘☁
    Miss you so much!
    Happy New Year

  2. Габриел Недев

    I'm just imagining Magma, at his Japanese-inspired apartment, laying on his floor bed with his katana, anime body pillow and Naruto head band, thinking of making this video.

  3. Carmen Olle

    Según el traductor de google, esta letra evidencia el kanji "puede" (Kan) que combinado con el kanji "Estorbar" (Tsume) forma: 缶詰 (Kandzume).
    Todo esto traducido desde el japponés.
    PD: 缶詰 Significa: Comida enlatada.
    Edit: Primera bandera.

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