✔ Minecraft: How to make a Treadmill

HOW TO MAKE A TRADMILL Hello you! Today i’ll show you how to make a treadmill! Place 6 layers of snow and both blocks here. Try to get the neck of the armor stand as straight as possible… Just in case you forget this video features a like button. Also, I read your comments and would love if you subbed shout out to the channel with no name for helping sub title this video and subbing go sub to his channel When you are satisfied, drop them into the snow. Now we need to place an armor stand perfectly in between the existing two. We also need to give them some black caps. They’ll be the conveyor belt. To get it in the middle we’ll use a neat trick with a stone wall… It’s going to be perfect for a gym! Be careful not the melt the snow underneath the armor stands. I’m using levers instead of redstone torches. I’m not sure what the best way to make the control board is, this is what i came up with. The treadmill will look great in a gym environment if you have one. If you don’t then comment down below and ask me to make a video on it! Thanks for watching. I hope you found it useful. Please like and subscribe it would help alot Tell me what to do next in the comment section down below.

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  1. Allen Davies

    BTW I found the best way is to put a command block instead on the Iron trapdoor and quarts slab and put another trapdoor on every side of command block for the controll pannel

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