✔ Minecraft: How to make a Turtle House

How to make a Turtle House Hello again! Here’s what you’re gonna need! Here’s what you’re gonna need! I’ve decided to go with a tropical theme! Of course, it needs a beach and some water. It was difficult to come up with a design where you could see the turtles swimming around. : ] But I did it with a bit of glass and height differences inside. Turtles are more than one block wide, so we need more than one fence gate. 3 MINUTES LATER I want you to be able to get up top, but ladders have the wrong color. You can use trapdoors instead. If you do it right… These also look elegant when not in use! Now it’s time to decorate the water. If you can’t place the coral, place water sources first. Once you have the tank filled, this should not be a problem. Now we’re just decorating the inside of house. Just make it as turtle-friendly as possible! With this design, it’s almost like a beach in a box! Some leaves make for a natural-looking roof. Now for the turtles! It can be a pretty slow process. They already recognized it as a beach! Hope you enjoyed the video! The turtle will love their new house! See you next time!

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Reader Comments

  1. Joe Solomon

    Turtle stupid I can't have any holes in the floor of my turtle farm the turtle always in there and I end up killing the turtle so I can place block

  2. Detonater Callan

    Really nice!! I already have a turtle farm in my multiplayer survival world to collect scutes for turtle shells, but maybe at some point I can do this! Will look nice! I need to get coral though, don’t have any in my area. I have 3 fire coral blocks from wandering traders but that’s about it. Need to get a silk touch enchantment, unless we use cheats to get it but who knows. The design looks beautiful though and maybe not exactly, but something like this I’d definitely love to build! It would look so serene!

  3. B-zap

    Magma: (building)
    Cactus: watchout dumbass
    Magma: (Still building) ouch
    Magma: (Finished progress) GET IN WATER YOU STUPID TURTLES!
    Magma: (Ragequits) Video has endend

  4. 【Lemon Roseberryギ畏ば 】 owo


    Magma: looks at house
    Also Magma: walks into cactus
    Magma again: looks at the cactus with a glare

    That was funny😂😂😂

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