✔ Minecraft: How to make a Whiteboard

(CC by Robloxian Gamer#001) How to make a whiteboard in Minecraft Hello to you! 🙂 This time around I’ll show you how to make a whiteboard for your office.. Cool, right? I’m working toward getting enough details for an entire office, (BTW that will be awesome) so here’s another.. :] I will be making the type of whiteboard with wheels that you can push around. Armor stands….. I’ll also be decorating it so it looks like notes and graphs drawn on it! How cool is that? This will be done with banners on either side of the whiteboard.. :] I’ll also make some useful office banners at the end of the video, so stay tuned! Right now we’re making the wheels out of iron helmets….. Now it’s time to somehow connect the wheels with what will become the whiteboard itself.. Yeah. I don’t know how, but I’m gonna do it. I’m using iron bars. The fun part is right around the corner, so get ready! Do do do, do do do, filling in the floor… Once the basic whiteboard is finished, it’ll be decorating time! It’s a bit thick, but hey, it’s in Minecraft. You can’t make it any thinner without a jumble of command blocks and mods….. Now the fun part, actually decorating the whiteboard! Firstly, I’ll make a green graph that’s going up.. Use this if your company is doing good! It’ll be split into 3 parts with ups and downs. Like a rollercoaster! Whee! BTW this is cool music This last one is the really positive one! I’ll add a mark to make it look like something is being emphasized.. You can make it red and turn it around if your company isn’t doing very well.. Now for the other side…. I’ll make it look like notes have been scribbled using classic markers.. This one will be more scribbles. You could also use black instead, I prefer the subtle look though.. For this very last one. I’ll be making what is supposed to look like a coordinate system. It’s definitely looking very boring and serious, just like it should! :] It’ll look much better once you’ve put it in the right surroundings! While editing, I found some more cool things you could do with the banners! Coming up: Post-it notes! 😀 I’ll be doing a few different designs in the classic Post-it colors of paper. :] (MagmaMusen forgot the yellow Post-it note color!) Just something else to cover all of your office-walls with! I hope you enjoyed this video! As I said, I’m working towards a video with many of these details combined! Until then, you’ll have to live with lots of office detail ideas, so stay tuned! Thanks for watching! Bye! Subtitles by Claire Mattes

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  1. Tristan Morisset

    MagmaMusen:its a bit thick but thats Minecraft
    Me:What do you mean. get white tinted glass
    Me:what the hecccccc
    Captain America: Language


    MagmaMusen YOUR THE BEST BUILDER EVER i made a world of your office stuff and i make all the designs and then at the end i add a room/office to it 🙂

  3. Braycoe Gaming

    7:11 So if I place a MagmaMusen in the right place, he will look better? That's impossible, he already has an awesome channel!

  4. SoliDeoGloria4104

    Call me dumb. But I need to know what the second soundtrack he uses is!!!! XD Could someone tell me or leave a link. And thnx in advance!

  5. Александр Гюмюшлю

    Нету руских субтитров! Добафь. я не понимаю! я чо один тут руский?

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