✔ Minecraft: How to make a Working Door Lock

[Music playing] How to make a door lock Today, I’ll show you 2 different locking mechanisms for doors The first one will be easiest to make while the second one will be the best Start off by creating a wall that separates in and out.. Here we have what could be your house, with a little imagination.. :] Now it’s very important you place the door sideways if you want this to work! That’s it, extremely simple! If close the door from the inside, you won’t be able to use the lever outside.. However, you’ll still be able to use the lever inside to reopen the door. There is one problem with this first design though.. This design works both ways, which means the door can be locked from the outside as well :I You also cannot leave the house with a locked door.. My next lock is a bit more complicated but avoids both of these problems! :] Here we go! I have tried making it as compact as possible, so that most of you will be able to fit it in your existing house. To make it this compact, the button has to be placed in a hole in the wall. Now I’m making a tunnel that will connect this to the door. If you find this hard to follow, don’t worry, there will be a layer overview at the end of the video! :]

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  1. Luminho

    What would be wonderful is a way to lock the door from the outside and only the owner can unlock it, useful for when the owner isnt at home so no one can get in the house without breaking it

  2. พรเทพ กันคล้อย


  3. Firedude 199kitty

    How to make a working lock door.
    1 make a building
    2 place iron door
    3 put lever on the other side.
    4 go into adventure mode

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  5. Levko HD

    Vielen Dank dass du dich jedes Mal neue Sachen aus denkst für uns ich gucke sehr gerne deine Videos kenne ich zwar erst seit heute aber trotzdem

    Di 20.08.2019

  6. Tiny Treem

    Sou do Brasil, e sou muito fã do seu canal, assisto todos os vídeos, sempre dou like neles, mas o ruim e que não tem tradução, não sei nada do que está escrito!
    Porque você não bota tradução para português no seus vídeos? Isso me ajudaria muito!

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