✔ Minecraft: How to make a Working Electric Chair

HOW TO MAKE AN ELECTRIC CHAIR Today,I’ll show you how to make a cool looking electric chair.. :] You can actually take a seat and get executed! This is an improved version of my old design which couldn’t do harm. Making a fitting room is very important! These potions determine what happens to the player that’s sitting in the chair.. Now I’m ready to build the chair itself! This skull is supposed to look like the metal helmet that you have to wear. :I Now you’re sitting properly and it actually looks pretty good! :] You can’t do anything from here,since you head is inside the gate. Pull the lever a couple of times to execute the person in the chair.. I hope you enjoyed this improved version of one of my old designs! Feel free to leave a like if you want more like this!

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  1. Kash The Gamer

    Magma musen I would love to play with you and show you my ideas

    Sadly though, I play on bedrock edition
    But I know how to do way more than you show in your videos

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