✔ Minecraft: How to make a Working Trampoline (Improved Version)

How to make a trampoline (Improved version) Hello. Today i’m going to show you how to make a trampoline. 8 wooden fences 12 cyan wool 1 ladder 9 slime blocks 9 black carpet The slime blocks will work through the carpet. Time for some testing! Subscribe to be the first to see my new videos about…

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  1. Leonardo Olaer

    +Magmamusen I will send to YouTube the other version how to make a hot tub once my dad allows me to send the video if no here are the steps
    instead (Make Sure You Do This At YouTube So I'll Know That You Received It)
    1.Make Sure The Near Blocks Are Not Flammable
    2.Dig Down For 3 Blocks
    3.Put Netherracks At The Last Dig And Put Flames At Top Of Netherrack Put Slabs At The Middle Excesses
    4.Cover It
    5.Put Water
    Bam! You Have Your House Hot Tub!

  2. wow that cool! you ar poop

    if you wan' t to build a slime block , you need a 9 slime ball and craft it! . and another I want to say , I never give my real name!!!!!!

  3. xxxJ20gamingforLIFE xxx

    please could could you tell me what screen recorder your using, and what device. I have been looking everywhere for a good one, I would be very thankfull and sub to you if you tell me thanks.

  4. PatateAuMiel

    Wow dude, I was searching for a "decorating" channel, and you are the perfect one 😀
    (Sorry for my bad english, I'm french :c)
    Well, ur awesome, please don't stop making videos like this one 😛

  5. israelyn banez

    When i play minecraft w/ my friend,they say Wow how did you do that? and i say At youtube Check out and SUBSCRIBE MAGMAMUSEN then they say WOW IM GONNA SUB HIM!

  6. AJ Lister

    "sometimes when I'm alone, I climb onto the trampoline, cover myself with vaseline, and pretend I'm a slime"

    if your a true magmamusuem fan you'll understand it.

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