✔ Minecraft: How to make Giant Trees

How to make Giant Trees Today I’ll show you how to make a GIANT* tree for your adventure map or fantasy world! Start by making the trunk of the GIANT Tree Make 5-10 blocks tall. (or more if you want) Now add a base where the GIANT tree is a bit thicker and has roots coming out of it. Make it look random, symmetry kills life! (Me: ▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一 symmetry”) Turn the logs the direction the roots are headed.. (or do what you want…) (it’s your tree) Hmm, didn’t bring enough wood.. (go in creative mode, duuuh…) Now continue the trunk using stone. (no, it’s my tree) Plant a sapling on top! (NO) (DIS MAH TREE) nbcbdbcbdcccccccccc ccccccccdcccccccccdddddddddddccccccdddddddddddddddddmcmsmccdmcc d nsnhecb heecbhesjjjehhjh KURWA I’ll skip the building of the last 20.. You should now have something like this.. Now grow all the saplings. You should probably start with the one on top, I forgot. :[ I’ll skip most of the growing! Done! Now we remove the stone and add some wood in the middle! Again, I’ll skip some of the work. :] As you can see, we need to add some wood! Now we’re pretty much done! The basic structure is here, now you can add details or change it up a bit. I’ve added a bit more wood in the middle and some leaves around the trunk. You can also add strips of leaves, this a very popular technique. I like adding fences, also to give it the jungle-like feeling. You can also add actual vines or mushrooms around the base. If you’re ever going to cut down such a big tree, you will need a chainsaw..!

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  1. MonkeyBoy32904

    orrr you can just plant a tree use bonemeal then place dirt at the top of the tree, place a sapling there, use bonemeal again and replace the dirt back to wood, remove the leaves besides the ones on the top, repeat the cycle again :I

  2. Isabella Larsson


  3. CloverGaming YT

    Did you know you can make bigger trees? Just put four saplings like two on top and two on the bottom then get your bonemeal because I won’t work without it and get you bone meal tap one sapling make sure it’s not touching anything but the other saplings and then boom a big tree only try this with jungle, spruce, and dark oak!!

  4. LavinderMoonGoddess

    Has an update happened that mean we cant plant tree on the dirt like this??? I'm trying to follow this and the saplings won't plant in the dirt?

  5. Mr Carrot - Minecraft & Technology

    I am playing minecraft pe, when I use bone meal once on saplings, it converts into huge trees
    But in pc edition it take a long time to make the tree
    So, which edition is best?

  6. Nikky Løser Lightning

    I used the instructions from the secret table room video to make a tunnel from my house to inside the tree and made a secret hideout in it.

  7. Lorian of The Future

    Hey mine giving me a shout out I know I'm an upcoming YouTuber but I need help so please. It's hard to make it as a starting YouTuber

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