【Board Game】Agricola ❣ Unboxing & How to Play

Hi there I’m lyric! For today’s video
let’s take a look at one of my favorite board game Agricola One thing I like about this game is that there is a variety of thematic components that really simulates the farm management. We have three types of animals in the game, sheep, boars and castles. Two kinds of crops to cultivate. Pumpkins as vegetables and Grains. For building resource, we have a bunch of wood, clay, stones and reeds. Then we have some food markers, Each Player package includes fifteen fences, four stables, and five people. And we have four types of Tiles. They are Fields, wood rooms, clay rooms and stone rooms. We also have some improvement cards and occupation cards which will offer bonuses. finally we have a star player token Each player will be running their own farm on the player board much like this one right here. And starting with two people living in separate wood rooms. We can choose any plot on the board and turn it into a field so that we can plant crops, and harvest later. Crops will be baked into foods to feed our people. In order to breed animals, we need to use woods to build fences first. Any completely fenced area is considered a pasture and it can only hold one type of animals. Building a stable in the pasture can double its capacity. Stables of course can be built outside of the pasture to hold one animal. If we have enough resource, we can use them to build rooms. The rooms may be upgraded from wood to clay and later stone. Once we have more rooms, we can hold more people. To earn more victory points, make sure to fill all the plots in your farm! Let’s see how to actually play by looking at the main game board. The first thing we are gonna do is to set up the board by placing the goods on their action spaces. To start a round, remember to flip one card to add one more action space. In clock wise order, each player places one of their people on exact one action space and take that action. like gathering resources, plowing a field, getting food, or becoming the starting player and getting one card. We cannot take the action that is occupied. Once all people are placed, we take them back and refill the goods. Action spaces with an orange arrow are called “accumulation spaces”, that means we always add the depicted amount of goods each round. As the game progresses, more actions spaces will be unlocked to give us more advanced options such as upgrading rooms and getting a child. Some rounds end with a harvest, in which we harvest our crops and breed our animals. At that time, Make sure to have enough food to feed our families! Some players may have more people than others after taking the action of family growing, as a result, they can do more actions each round. After the game ends. It’s time take a look at the scoring board and see how many points we get for everything we’ve built The player with the highest points will be the winner Based on my experience, during the gameplay I always have a feeling that I just can’t
do everything I want. someone else may take the action that we want and we have to plan ahead. Those improvement cards bring more uncertainty to the game. So every time we play we may have a new strategy based on the bonuses offered by the cards we have. That’s it for today, it’s definitely a
good game, have fun on your farm. Bye!

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