【Minecraft】巢哥實況:Lonely Island陸地系列#93 版本大更新!我要大整頓了!! 【當個創世神】

Last episode we built a mob farm without spawner… XD So in this episode we’re going to level this land! (The skeleton looks funny to be honest :D) Heee…. Hello 😀 Hello everybody! I’m ChaoGe! 😀 Welcome back to another episode of Minecraft Vanilla Survival! And is 93rd episode of this series! Is been awhile guys. 😮 So last time we built this… stuff XD By stuff I mean this skeleton XD I shouldn’t put some gray wools over there..
it looks weird. 😮 Let’s back to the surface! (Going down~) I don’t really like the fact that we’re bouncing on the slime blocks… But I think I can prevent that with “Shift” key? Let’s try it. It works! 😀 Ok! Let’s take a look on some comments! Hm… a pig.
Pig: Hi! Viewer:”1.11 has been released recently, so will this series upgrade to 1.11 as well?”
Pig:”HEY GIMME THAT CARROT YOU ****) Well as you know Minecraft is updated to 1.11!
Pig:HEY HOW ABOUT MY CARROT! You know is a huge update for Minecraft.
Pig:AND HOW ABOUT MY CARROT?! So yeah in the recent episodes
Pig:Okay fine….. I’ll be explore stuffs in 1.11 😀 Viewer: “I love your videos! …” Viewer:”But do you play other video games like… at all?” Actually just Minecraft…. for now. Viewer:”Is there anything else you do besides video recording and editing?” Well if you mean what I do in free time…. um… nothing? D: I do listen to music tho. And I realized I only record and edit videos most of the time. D: D: D: Viewer:”Hello! So will you upload this map when this series reached 100th episode?” I remember I uploaded this map in 80th episode of this series right? I think I was building a villager breeder? So #80 ->#93=13 episodes passed #80 ->#100=only 20 episodes passed Well I will but not in the 100th episode of this series. So yeah once this map is different significantly than the previous uploaded map, I will upload that version of the map. Viewer:”I don’t think your mob farm is….” Um…oh wait XD (TL;DR) This is long one tbh o.o
I’ll be right back. So this viewer said that the mob farm I built isn’t so effective. I understand that … But I must say that if I did mention something about this farm is effective or stuff, I’m sorry. I don’t think I ever sad that tho 😮 I did mention that this farm is the easiest build.. Uh not the easiest, a VERY SIMPLE mob farm.
(It sounds the same to me…) No redstone required, easy to get materials and is player-friendly build. However there’s a weakness of this farm, that it isn’t that efficiently. Let’s take a look on the chest. Hoi! 😀 Well I didn’t really afk much yet,
this farm produces quite few of the loots. So there’s some reasons behind this. One of them is that I only built two floors of the spawning area. Another reason is quite complicated I suggest that if you want this farm to be very efficient I think you think is build it about.. 40 layers higher and above than this current farm. Why? Well the land surrounding the farm will spawn mobs as well and these mobs will affects the farm’s efficiency. The way of mob spawning is Minecraft is quite complex.. So I won’t be explain it in oral here
(The translation will be included in the video description!) So I will include the information while editing.
(The translation will be included in the video description!) So more material and time will be needed in order to build the most effective mob farm(without spawner) Viewer:”Will you go back to The End again?” So I went to The End once, in 68th episode of this series. So yeah I would like to visit The End again. You know once we killed the Ender Dragon, an End gateway portal will be opened right? Where we will access to… somewhere like The End?
(You don’t say? :D) And I think we can find something like The End City? And there’s a chance that we will find the End Ship as well?
(Is very rare tho) So I haven’t visit these places yet
So I would visit The End in the upcoming episodes. Alright! The main point here is we’re going to level this land! So in the last episodes I said that we’re going to level the land nearby into a standard layer. Well you can see that this land isn’t so … neat. Look at that way.. isn’t that neat… So we’re going to level this land in this episode!
Pig: Are you still going to give me some carrots?=A=So that we don’t have to further level the land while building a new structure.
Pig:NO? NO CARROTS FOR ME?! And I wanted to remove a building during the land leveling. Alright! Let’s get started~!
Pig: MY CARROT! First these areas! (Leveling the land) Oh I have some good news for you guys. But first I feel sorry about how I wished to getting better at uploading videos frequently. However it doesn’t getting better! D: I mean only about FOUR videos in A MONTH?! Well now I have a good news. So basically I’m going to Taipei soon for events. And I will record some vlogs for you guys 😀 I will uploads something similar to “unboxing” videos that I uploaded before 😀 I feel like to record something interesting in the future too! And yes you guys going to see my face again. X3 Many viewers are wondering why I rarely uploads unboxing videos. Many of you really liked unboxing videos don’t you? 😀 Then some viewers.. Uh is really strange to be honest…. I mean before I uploads an unboxing video everyone was like “ANY UNBOXING VIDEOS?”
“HOW YOU LOOKS LIKE?” Then after a video uploaded they’re like “Pls go back to Minecraft” :O So I was like “okay fine :S) Of course I do love record more Minecraft video. I also like to have more unboxing videos in my channel. 😀 I MEAN DUH, I GOT A CAMERA. So yeah I will releasing vlogs and unboxing videos soon. And of course Minecraft videos too. Oh! There’s something I like in 1.11 updates. You guys know that I die a lot. Especially Enderman -.- I think Enderman is one of the hardest enemy in this game. However now shields blocks 100% of (melee) damages Like creepers, that creepy creeper. 😀 Before this version the shield can’t block creeper’s explosive damage. But now the shield able to block 100% of damage taken! Now the shield is OP! However I normally wouldn’t have a shield tho because it blocks majority of my vision. I might have one later tho because…
shield is awesome! (Leveling land…) I guess some of you still have no idea what am I doing. Right now I’m going to level this land, without holes, etc. And we got a problem… The blocks can’t be placed sometimes…. Aaaaaaaaah I had to use piston everyone single time… I wonder if that just me…? (!) Yeah.. (Leveling land) I think we should free them for now. 😀 We don’t really need cows for now. Why I have to remove fences? So basically I want to level this land into a standard layer. The land where we’re standing will be the standard layer. So now the differences between where I stand(the standard layer) and the layer to be removed is three. This is where I stand will be the standard layer. As you can see that… there are layers to be removed.. (Leveling land) Railway has to be removed for now. (Leveling land) I realized that the differences is high! (Leveling land) So the shovel has to be repaired.. Because this enchanted shovel is awesome!
Ordinary shovels can’t do this job well. 🙁 (Leveling land) :O Ooooooh wait whaat? Why there’s a random skeleton out there? :O But how? I did place the torches out there… Ahh is so dark out there Alright then… this place looks like a mess! XD Oh yeah! Got to tell you something One of the major update in 1.11 that I loved is that now walking and sneaking won’t consumes food bar! Sprinting and other stuffs now consumes less food bars! (More check please goto Minecraft’s gamepedia!) No food bar will be consumed at all while walking and sneaking! What is sneaking tho? You can do that while you’re holding your left “Shift” key. That’s makes me feel touched about this update… :’D Let’s just walk around then. 😀 Is so slow tho…. (Leveling land) Just in case you didn’t know yet uh I uploaded a new UHC highlight! Well the previous one didn’t make it tho because I was having trouble on recording it. So this time is released! Check it out! So why I’m telling you this tho because I had a new strategy in the last UHC survival. 😀 Last time I form an alliance with other enemy team right? Well this time I’m back with some… odd strategy! So check it out! (Leveling land) So I spent about half an hour to an hour…
on leveling this land To be honest tho this land seems… wide? I was intended to level the land over there as well. (Where the uploader is pointing :D) But it really takes me a lot time tho, and I still have something to tell you guys. Quick! That’s what our teacher used to tell us all the time…. So in 1.11 there’s a new structure where can be explored, which is the Mansion. Is that how I pronounce it? Well I’ll confirm it later.
(The uploader isn’t certain about his pronunciation of the Mansion in Mandarin) So this Mansion is a new structure to be explored which is like the Ocean Monument. The Mansion and Ocean Monument map is included in this update. So we no longer have to search of them blindly. 😀 The maps … before this update there’s only a Librarian under the Librarian Profession. Now there a Cartographer! Tada! :D/ So… a Cartographer. So we need unlocking the map trading options by trading with it. (And the unlocking is complete!) This is what I came for! So there’s an Ocean Monument and a Mansion map! So let’s get a Mansion map! (Trading :o) We do visited the Ocean Monument in the previous episodes. So let’s take a look on this map! 😮 Ah we have to switch back to this mode… Uh… look at this! So there’s where am I now. I’m still pretty far away from it tho. So we will go to the Mansion in the next episode! We will find the Mansion with this map! So there’s new mobs in the Mansion as well! We will check it out later! So if you enjoy watching this video please leave it a Like! For more videos please subscribe to my channel! Feel free to leave your comments for the videos! Or send me a message to my Facebook page! Please click on the (i) button for previous episodes and play lists! Alright! So see you guys next time! Look forward for a Mansion video! Now back to sleep. :O

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