【Minecraft】阿紅實況►突擊!亞種村莊..?►EP005 [ 當個創世神 ][ CC字幕 ]

Throw back to the last episode We started to build our watchtower in the last episode In midway, we passed New Year Eve countdown together And met more creepers after countdown Creepers gave us warm-hearted hugs Although there were a lot of surprise on the way but we finally got our watchtower built at the end Attack! Village of Subspecies…? Hello everyone, I am RedKai Welcome back to our “Survival in Minecraft”
(New Minecraft episode every Sunday 10pm) Today’s episode is the 5th episode In the beginning of this episode, I shall bring you to see what I did behind the scene I did a bit modifications to my milk watchtower I shall show you I fill in the middle part of the tower Also, I made this stair at the side Okay, let’s have a tour This stair allow me to go to the top of the tower without climbing the ladder (Fast Forward) [Arrive top floor] We arrived, as you can see This…framework is made by crafting tables Then we enter our top floor It looks very different than before I fill all these up with glasses Let me show you how it looks outside On the outside…… We can see through the glass and see the view outside finally And we also made a platform made with something that looks like stone it is made with lightning rods Which prevents lightning from damaging this building This spend me so long to finish. We reinforced part of our tower as well We made a fence here and we can go down from here Okay, we finished introducing the changes I made When I was mining I found another village Ehhhh I did not explore this village behind the camera So I don’t know what does the village looks like Let’s head to that village right now! GO! It is right in front this way We can go forward Do you guys remember here? (The abandoned mine) This was the abandoned mine area
we explored long ago We shall explore here after a few episodes As you can see here, I made torches as markings before Just follow the torches Then we will find THAT PLACE (Searching the village) Yes! We found it Do you see it? Okay. We arrived the village. I hope that we can see something new… villagers or equipments Em? Em? What is he looking at? (Romeo) Eh? here? Wow Wow. It’s lava Is there any blacksmith here? AH! A treasure chest! There were none treasure chest
in the previous village I stayed. Let’s open it to see what’s in it. 3… Eh! Horse Armour! Iron sword! Maybe we can tame a horse later? It’s getting dark. Eh! this! Is it beetroot? Beetroot! Harvest, harvest. Eh? We cannot go inside right? Oh we can okay. What is up there. (Nothing) Erm…there is nothing. Okay. Eh? This looks like it is a watchtower, just like what I built. Let’s climb up and see the view nearby. (finding chicks) It looks like… there is nothing special here Eh! Wait! I saw that! There is a door up there!?! (WTF could get in) Who can go inside when the door is there. Let’s get up and see. Okay. Let me get in and see Eh! Wait! Wait*11 Why is there a monster? This is so ridiculious Ah it died. Okay (so many of them) Eh! They are shooting each others! Is it possible that there is… Wait*8 I shall close the door first.
You (villagers)…mind yourselves. Ahhhh! Ahhhh!!!! I died! Ahhh!!!!!!! We are back here. Then…. Okay we got back to this village. Good. Right there! Ruuuuun!!!! Wooo Let’s equip the armour in the first place. Eh? There is something missing. We missed some items. Okay. Wait! My Health is running low. Let’s heal ourselves first. I shall stack up. Okay. Got it. Got it. (Got Armour back) Wear this There is more.*3 What is inside actually? Eh? Spawn block? Ah? Seriously? (Cannot believe it) Wait*4 Wait. There is a monster spawning block inside?!! Go down first.*3 (Flee is the best plan) Ah. I need to calm down, alright? Oh my god. That was such a surprise. Ehhh… Ehhhh!!! (Creeper explode) Ehhh… (Enderman) Okay okay. Hit him! (Vent) Eh? I died!!! Ehhhh!??? Enderman is such a tough object to offend …it goes without saying It’s here. Okay We came back again. Let’s get our items back first. Yay. Great great. Waa. this.. (All broken) This was destroyed by the creeper. Okay, our helmet is missing. We need to stack up, go inside… and block that place Okay. Okay. Block that hole first. Alright. This 2 villagers is not dead. (Arrow: Alive) This makes no sense My torches are gone too. I shall find it. Here is a mining area, let’s mine it first. And we shall make torches first or something else… There are still torches left! My mistake…okay So…let’s make ladder for it? shall we? Place ladder so we can get up Okay. aiya. There are many (monsters) inside Enchanted bow! Enchanted bow! Eh!! Got it! (Jump to hit strategy) It died. We mine to go outside. Wooo! Coal mine! Eh? Oh. It is there. It is there Eyyyy. He saw me. He saw me. Ey he saw me!! What are they doing? They…they are so dumb Eyyy Dead. Dead. Eyyy!!! wow EHHH!!! Block it. Block it. My Health ran low again. (Arrow: a bunch) There are too many of you guys. Ey!! Eyyy!!! Okay. Right. I need to block it right now. Ehhh Damn it. ah it is dead. Hurry. Just hurry to seal them (Sealing) Seal*n Waaa It is the first time that we witness the monster spawning block in this episode Leave that in a moment, let’s see What is in the treasure chest. Wow (Spicy Skeleton) Singing~
[Reference to Taiwan TV drama] Wait. Don’t casually play the ending song. Enchanted book. And a record, in green color. We shall see what else we got in the other chest. hey Eyyy!!! Redstone!! Horse armour We can make this place into a… a mob…mob farm or what later. But we seal it at the moment. Eyyy Wait. Why is there (skeleton)? Why he is still there? Okay. Dead. Good Why are there so many zombies? Come here, come here. Zombies come Do they know how to climb? They don’t Eyyy… so stupid (Laugh) Okay. I am heading down I am going to have one on one battle. (Battle start) Go 1 down Okay. One dead now Hey, look at me. 2 down. 3 down. Come here. Eyy. Zombie villager! Eyyy!!! I died again Wait.*n I died so many times in this episode Okay. He’s dead Ay Ay. Okay. Good. Okay Come out. After a night of intense fighting These are the only armour I left. (A lot missing) And we finish exploring this place successfully This place… is much more advance than
the village I stayed previously Because I want to protect this village as well I am going back To get fences and we shall lit this place up also So we…head home now. Go! Hey. Okay. We are homed now I took fences and torches from here. Which should both be enough Let’s head back to that village immediately to protect the villagers. Go. Hey. Okay. Now we are at the second village Let’s start to placing our fences [Placing fences] Go inside.*n [Placing fences] [Situation: Lack of fences.
Knocking of woods for fences] Why is there sound of mobs? Is it from down there? There are iron mine down there. I shall go down… I shall go down to mine some of it, alright? [Scary music] [Magic Cave: Reveal in the next episode] Okay. This video is about to end here In the next episode,
we are going to conquer the scary-looking cave. So don’t forget to come back the same time next week to see the next episode of “Survival in Minecraft” If you like today’s video, don’t forget to press the like button and share with your friends If you have any ideas or suggestions, don’t forget to comment below, so I can see it If you want to see more video-alike, don’t forget to hit the subscription box and also press the bell right next to it. that way you can receive notifications for new videos I’m Redkai. See you in the next video. Everyone, bye~~

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    阿紅 擊退是好東西喔 先留下來
    然後6:29的馬鞍你有拿嗎 就是那個在寶箱左下角的東西
    有馬鞍才能騎馬 否則就算馴服了馬也不能騎著馬移動
    馬鎧是增加馬的防禦力的 有鐵 金 鑽 3種馬鎧 當然是鑽石馬鎧最好的 鐵金兩者我就不知道哪個比較好啦~

  3. 阿豪大大

    謝謝阿紅更新麥塊,自己也多多休息哦,我的建議是忙神魔就好了,不用急著麥塊更新,我知道阿紅只是為了給我們一個承諾,哈哈,記得要多休息喔不要累壞身體了~by 永遠支持你的紛

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