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and today we will learn to train
as lateef crowder How are friends welcome to this
his xplaining capoeiraa channel about days I uploaded a video where I teach how
it’s the martial artist’s training lateef crowder that for many was a
inspiration to enter the world of martial arts or at least
inside capoeira and today I’m going to teach you a training routine based on
your exercises so if you are already ready let’s start our first exercises will be based on this sequence and to do so we will do it in three
levels one very basic one intermediate one and one more advanced first the basic one, starting in lizard posture what let’s do is remove an arm if
I take off my left arm let’s project the left leg towards the
front and right leg will enter forward doing this kick,
back back back leg and I return to my initial posture and the same
on the other side I remove my arm I advance my leg and I extend for the next exercise we will
starting from the same base only as in instead of just taking your arm off and giving a
step let’s do it in the form of a jump. observe from this position I am going to
jump project the leg and return with a jump in the same way back and now I’m going to flex my arms watch jump and under and from here I get up and at
moment I climb jump to the other side. and now for this third level if
I need you to know the movement called chapeu de couro but if it’s not
so don’t worry since up here I leave the card with the tutorial that
I made this move for this we will start with the legs
separated and let’s take a step towards back in a stance called elusive
front or it’s just like a I take a step back,
if you bring the right leg the arm left forward now from this
posture I will change my weight towards the other side and the leg will go into
this same space and I will make a little jump to kick with the leg
from ahead and fall back once I fall
behind I will put my hand to the floor and the leg that I have left in front will give
one step back to get off in a lizard posture
and from here I will make a jump to open your legs and start the same
to the other side step back I fall back under my arms legs to
back lizard I open and the same dodges lizard, open, dodge, chapeu,
lizard, I open. ok now we go with the next
exercise and is based on this video but as it is an exercise that requires
of a partner we are going to use a rope to have a point
of reference I will start with the legs separated if the rope is on my side
right the left cross leg of the other side of this shape and leg
right will open now when you open the right leg down my weight on the
leg that is closer to the rope the same to the other side crossed
first with the right leg the left leg opens and falls on this side
a little more noise once I have this first base the
second will be much simpler I will place my arms on the floor across to the other side
of the rope if the rope is on my right side
cross your left leg first and then the right leg to return to
center the same on the other side arms and legs every time he lifts his legs a little more and now is the time to join both exercises first I will cross with my legs doing the side dodge twice
and once I finish I will lower my arms and I will make the carriage return (AÚ) the moment he arrived here I go back to
start side crossing first our next exercise goes to be based on the following
sequence and we will do it in three levels
in the same way initial intermediate and advanced, the first level sequence
initial that will only serve us to work a bit with fluency
and the mobility of lateral movements. we will start with the legs
separated let’s take a step towards back while lowering the arm to the
elusive posture should keep the weight loaded on the arm to
that the legs can do this type of changes
ok now the back leg I carry towards the front and stays semi extended. here we are going to change the arm to
change direction and take 2 steps and return to the beginning only that
other side changes and 2 steps and I start again for our second movement we are going to
use the same base but let’s add two variations start on dodge change
negative feet i will give the first step only and I will keep my weight on that
leg that just took the step so that the other with the support of the arms is
can lift and perform this kick until we fell back once we did
this changed the arm and changed the legs twice one to do the
elusive posture and two to start the movement I keep my weight
and kick until after arm change and two changes of
legs one for the base and one for the exit now a little more fluid we will make a slightly more advanced variation start in the same position the same change take the step of it
form and at the time we perform the normal kick let’s do a
flex to lower our weight over our arm, if I’m going to kick with the right leg I will lower my weight on the left arm see from here under my weight
as a flex the leg stays in the air and goes back extended
once i get here again we change arms
we change legs twice I take the first step I kick with leg
left and under my weight on the right arm. from here on pushed for the
exit and restart there will be an ultra plus’ ok now for
finish what do you think if I show you one of the sequences that I make of
training in my academy again let’s use our rope and two
chairs with this to be able to create a obstacle ok
once we have placed the rope in half of two chairs what are we going to do
is to work with four exercises very simple and that will help us little by little
to be more fluent in both kicks as in the movements I will first start
with legs apart and if the rope is on my left side I will pass the
right leg above to reach the other side I turn my torso and now the left leg to complete my circle once more of
Return once the first exercise ends
let’s project the arms to make the carriage turn or Aú, to the side and
towards the other. third exercise very similar to the first
first step right leg if the string is on my left side but
before the foot reaches the floor I will make a little jump
to complete my other’s trajectory same side kick and before touching
the floor jump to complete my second kick and now
in the last exercise take some distance with the rope is on my side
left to take a small step with right leg without crossing over
of the rope turn your torso and now if you pass the
first leg and before it reaches the floor
the other jumps and ends the movement back now on the other side I take the step
on the front I lift leg jump and ends. now let’s do all this in a single more fluid time first the
two kicks to both sides
carriage turn, also towards both sides step first leg jump
passed the first leg jump last spin exercise and ready now try to practice many
times until you can have a domain of all these movements and get it done
in a single time and ready with this we have finished our
today’s training now what do you think if you give me a like if it is
that you liked this video and if you still don’t know subscribed take advantage and subscribe now
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miss any of our videos and of same way leave me a comment if
you want to continue with this series and you teach how to deliver artists
most famous martials in the world for the moment I say goodbye and see you in a
next video AXÈ.

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  1. Xplaining capoeira

    Comenta si quieres que haga el entrenamiento de YURI BOYKA!
    Te gusto este entrenamiento, mira aqui todas mis rutinas para entrenar en casa: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzv0oBdePNMfBUZDKVUkZgeTqRAZ4V09y

  2. Gino Boy

    Muito bom! Gosto muito do seu canal , do seu jeito de explicar tudo detalhadamente, ótimas aulas obrigado por partilhar seus conhecimentos e parabéns!

  3. Francisco Manuel Lopez

    Quiero q me enseñes como entrenaba bruce lee, beatrix kiddo de kill bill y como desplazarme haciendo mas entrenamientos como este

  4. Marcio Teixeira

    Como de costume um ótimo vídeo educativo. Muito fácil de entender, executar com essa fluidez é outra história. Abraço do Brasil Songo

  5. Oscar Farias

    Estos ejercicios en casa están muy buenos, aparte son funcionales y sirve para mejorar la condición física, sigue con este tipo de videos, saludos desde Chile

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