1.13 Skyblock – Episode 12 – Deleting Chunks – Let’s Play Survival Minecraft

Hello everybody, my name’s Hudinio and welcome back to 1.13. Skyblock in last episode we built this monstrosity of a mob farm and in today’s episode well We’re gonna fix this mob farm so we’re having a slight, issue other than this creeper. Oh we’re having a slight. Issue with Oh God With our killing chamber being able to keep up With the killing of all the mobs so if we come down here You hear it’s just a constant noise of things dying We are getting quite a few drops they have almost a stack and a half of gunpowder which is great but I Think we can do a little bit better so what I would like to do is Change this out from the magma cubes and just have a straight drop Tube all the way down almost the bedrock or maybe Let’s say 45 blocks or so 45 blocks should be more than enough to kill everything even stuff wearing armor Yeah, I think that’ll do all right now you might, also Wonder where did all this coral come from how Was this here this wasn’t here last time well I did some mcedit magic I actually deleted all the chunks that are around our base and regenerated them so that now we have all of the official 1.13 Terrain generation in the oceans and yeah everything’s looking pretty beautiful out here One thing I do Want to do fairly soon is head out into the mainland and explore some of the new villages if you haven’t already make sure to check out my minecraft hardcore challenge January 2019 that video those videos come out Mondays and Fridays And in those videos we have actually explored some of the new villages – savanna villages and a desert village so make sure to go check that out But for right now guys I need to head off into the distance One of these directions and go mine a bunch of sand so that we can Empty out a whole bunch of this water so I’ll see you all when I find myself a desert alright guys, we’re here in our Desert area this is basically just an island a little to the northwest of our base our base should be Right over there abouts and right over here is actually a sunken underwater temple thing Yeah as I was writing over here I actually got the elder Guardian Debuff so I had to wait five minutes before I could start recording and mining this thing out so what I’m planning on doing here is basically tearing down virtually this whole thing in getting all the sand I need every bit of sand I can possibly get here because I need to make a lot of glass for this drop shoot and by need I mean just well really want to do I want I want to watch the mobs fall but I want to make sure that they’re contained in their little drop chute, so that’s my plan here I need 12. Blocks but the drop shoots gonna be 40 40 or 42 blocks high so 12 times 42 whatever that is do the math Yeah, I have a lot of a lot of digging to do well I’m just gonna get to it alright so that didn’t take nearly as long as I thought it would I realized that 42 times 12 is basically just 12 stacks – a whole lot so yeah I just basically got 13 or 14 stacks of sand I’m gonna smell it all up in the glass I’m hoping to get some dye because I would like to dye it into red Maybe or even like gray or black or something like that alright here we are under our mob farm I had this little platform down here this isn’t where they’re gonna die they’re actually gonna die five blocks down but for right now I need to build up this drop chute so we’re just gonna go like this for the next however long until I get all of these glass blocks in place basically You know it’s a long way to go alright so I basically Completely miscounted how many I needed but I think we’re close enough where we can get this going so I’m just gonna go ahead and break these and We’ll see what happens this is gonna go probably about as well as I expected – Let’s see we should watch a whole bunch of things just fall through the hole I’m probably gonna get shot by an arrow Maybe alright here we go I hear things coming And Okay so not too too many mobs but I think that’s mainly because there’s a whole lot of unlit caves underneath here which I’m gonna Have to go ahead and light up now let’s head on down below and check to see that everything’s dying Okay, I don’t see anyone surviving however that hopper is full so that’s not good Aha, okay Close stone dust whoa okay okay okay I don’t want to drop so yeah now I’m going to Get this minecart that’s underwater Swim back up fry drown and I’m gonna build a Chest array all the way down here and I’ll try to make a little breathing chamber Basically for myself so I can get down here empty out the chests all I’m really looking for is Gunpowder but if I can get some other stuff as well that’d be great alright that didn’t take too too long to finish now our next project as you can see in my Inventory I have some leads I would like to actually get my animals finally over here there’s a few things I need to actually do First I’d like to move this grass up here as well that way our sheep have some grass to eat so they can regrow their wool and I would like to make this three wide instead of just a one wide stairway Yeah, I just want to be a little bit safer, when I’m doing things so that is what I’m going to be doing next very very slowly I might add just so I don’t fall off as usual and Yeah, I’m gonna do this for both sides and I’ll bring you guys back In when I have my animals moved over here or if anything interesting happens in the meantime so one thing I didn’t actually think about is that I only have three animal pens here but I also want cows in addition to the sheep Pigs and chickens so I’m gonna move I’m gonna make one more right behind here and I hope Yeah this should be okay I Really want a line of spruce around all of this I don’t have it on the other side Yeah I’m probably gonna do a line of spruce planks around this, whole thing and then I’ll also add it to the other side over there just to make everything symmetrical and Yeah, so one of the things I’m gonna need to do is actually make a water elevator going all the way from sea level straight up here and into these pens individually so that we can move our Cows in whenever we get there the Sheep should be quite easy I’ll just use a lead to move them over the pig that stuck on the bottom down there that little boat yeah, I definitely need a water elevator for him so I’ll have to figure out which one of these is gonna be for pigs and then I’ll make a one of those bubble water elevators shooting all the way up and we’ll have him land somewhere in the pen So that’s gonna be a project For a little bit later on today so first I need to get this other pen built get all these stone brick walls put in place I’ll move the sheep and the chickens over since it’ll be easy and yeah then we’ll move on from there and while I’m chopping down this tree and many others I want to take this time to remind you that if you’re like in this series please make sure to hit that like button and subscribe If you haven’t already so you can see more of the content that I put out I have two minecraft Vanilla, Let’s Plays happening currently and I also have a hardcore series going as well as a binding of issac series that’s coming up really close to 50 episodes So if you’re enjoying any of the stuff make sure that that like button if you’re not liking it then hit the dislike button either Way it helps out my channel greatly and I’d really really appreciate it so Torches are all fine and dandy but we also have these lanterns so I think what I’m gonna do is swap out a bunch of the torches that are over there because it’s basically a torch spam at the moment and Replace it with lanterns I am way out of iron oh my god okay? I definitely hit more iron so I can only make 5/5 lanterns Yeah, that’s not nearly enough okay. I’m gonna have to do another one our mining session I think Get a whole bunch more iron now one of the side effects have actually pruning the chumps like I did earlier To get all this coral and stuff is that all of the strip mining I did underneath it’s actually regenerated so I have to go through and remind out all of those chunks basically to get all of my Resources again well I have all the resources but now I’m going to get double Yeah, I. Think that sounds fair so that’s probably what I’m gonna do next what I need is spruce fences fence gates rather because I need to finish putting I need to put the finishing touches on our Passive my pens so let’s see I need some more wood okay? I didn’t mean to make all of that And how many let’s just go there that should be plenty 15. I don’t need 15 I need one two three three all I needed was three Okay, okay So our sheep chicken and single Pig are moved over into their new homes over there I still have to get the Sheep or rather the pig that is down the bottom there but we can finally tear down this island we don’t actually need this one anymore it’s not housing any more animals so in in the future maybe in the next episode I would like to get some automatic food cookers going Yeah, I need to get some I need an infinite way to get meat basically so maybe I’ll make an automatic chicken cooker oh How about one of each animal that’d be cool so an automatic chicken Pig and cow cooker sheep don’t want to shoot killer Mmm-maybe okay So i’ll make four of them that should be fine now What I still need to do is like I said move that pig and also go find myself some cows but for right now I’m going to finish tearing down this island and then I’ll head on into the mainland and hopefully we can find ourselves a cow to bring back into boats I’m gonna have to make two trips though so maybe what I should do first is set up the water elevator going all the way into the cowls pen that way it’ll make it easy for me once I get back here with cows Yeah, I think that’s what we’ll do first So for this water elevator I think the easiest thing for me to do is Just find the middle just tear out one block and I’m gonna use gravel I think to build up our Tower and then once I have all that gravel in place I have to put in all the water blocks Because they need to be water source blocks and then once that is done I can put a piece of soul sand on the bottom Which will make the bubbles that flow upwards and I’m gonna test this first with our pig that’s down there and hopefully the pig survives the trip up and hopefully this pig doesn’t decide, he wants to jump in the hole It sure must be there but this one Okay so I need to do this three more times and then get all the water in place so to get water source blocks all the way up to the top I actually just need to keep swimming all the way back down to the ocean Grabbing more water and then hopping back up to the top here one Two and three swim back down get more water swim back up you have been doing this now for about five minutes okay, all our waters in place now I just need to head back down to the bottom replace the bottom block of oak with the Sole sand will create our water elevator then I just need to get our pig so Yeah, let’s give this a shot now Okay well I guess I just broke that fence gate somehow that’s still not flowing out, which is good let’s take that Soul sand we should get water bubbles going all the way up Yes perhaps This here all right let’s try it out Okay, so we’re missing it we’re missing a water source somewhere there it is got it Okay, so now we’re gonna flow all the way up to the top sure it’s like so all right now our next step is getting Our pig so let’s go find our pig bring him over in the boats and hopefully he just shoots right up let’s get rid of our boats three-beat Okay Alright Pig let’s go Let’s go buddy get in there Come on Pig come on Pig I can tell you want to you’re us all right Flying Pig Okay perfect that actually worked About as perfectly as I wanted it to we now have two pigs up here I need to get some cows and cows will go Into this pen here so let me head on back down to the bottom we’ll go out to the mainland try to find ourselves a cow and I’ll bring them back with all this new coral there’s so many things to explore I passed two sunken ships I Definitely want to get a whole bunch of this coral as well I think I could really decorate with that Yeah, there’s so much stuff Wow look at those fish they’re so cool looking all right and then a few other things I actually want to do is find some of the new villages but we might save that for our next episode right now we’re on a mission we need to find cows I know they’re cows somewhere over here has to be Aha, cow All right so we need to but I can only bring one back at a time I think Also he’s gonna be a pain to get back over unless unless I make another boat There’s just gonna be crafting benches and boats all over this world all right boats thank you, okay All right so cow how do I get to you Why do you have to be all the way on top of a mountain? All right hello mr. Cow. Uh here’s some wheat you want to follow me Actually you know what I’m gonna lead and that way you have to follow let’s see if we? can find another one of your brothers somewhere Okay, we have two cows let’s head on back to the mainland I don’t know how we’re gonna do this with the boat and leads I’m assuming I can make it work I Feel much slower because cows have a trouble getting up hills Okay Yes so behind me good So how was this going to work Don’t get in the boat okay now if I start writing away well you guys follow Yes am I gonna have to do this very slowly or will it pull you guys along Alright let’s just give this a shot and see how we do my house Okay so as long as I don’t get caught on anything the cows are gonna come along just fine in the boat this is a great screen shot Boom alright yeah alright Coughs time for you to get into the water Bader let’s see if we can do this What’s the easiest way here? Maybe let’s do one at a time let’s take your lead off And push you in push push push. Push Okay we’ll do it with the one let’s leave it apparently And Cal goes up alright next cow And cowboy all right let’s see and last cow should go up boom done close this And we have two cows beautiful okay now we need to get the cows into this pen right up front here like so Okay count number one happy cow Cow number two happy cow cow number two where you going let’s go All right that’s it we have cows we have chickens we have pigs We have sheep and unfortunately guys, that’s all I have time for today so if you enjoyed this little mishap of an Episode make sure to hit that like button comment below to chat with me subscribe if you haven’t already And I will see all you guys in the next episode bye bye You

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