1.14 Minecraft | MINIMALIST CHALLENGE | Are you up for the challenge?

How’s it going guys Welcome to this wonderful challenge. I’m about to present to you. I present the minimal lifestyle challenge This is gonna be a good one. Most people will probably fail this in my opinion It’s not easy. It’s probably one of the most challenging things. I could probably come up with All right guys, so let’s get into the rules of this challenge. The first one is no chests at all You can’t put them down and the world you can’t store anything That is the main purpose of this challenge. The second one is regarding your home the only things you’re allowed is gonna be a furnace, a crafting table, a bed an, Enchantment table with the books, an anvil, a brewing stand, a cauldron, and a grindstone you can leave stuff in the furnace if you would like and Your home itself can only be a 5 by 5 by 5 area that includes walls ceiling and floor Any extra stuff you HAVE TO carry. These are the only things that you’re allowed to actually place in the world All right. So let’s talk about the farm. The farm also has its own set of restrictions. You can grow whatever you’d like That’s not the restriction. It can only be a 5 by 5 by 3 tall area now That does not include water water does not have to go inside. I have it on the outside That is its own thing. That does not count as a space for the farm. The last thing I want to talk about is animals animals are gonna be a very strong limit You can only have 3 per animal So three chickens 3 cows any any type you can only have 3 of any animal You cannot put them in fences because that is not you. That’s not how a minimalist would see it you don’t want it like any huge permanent structures, so No fences don’t dig any holes and throw them in a hole They ate the only way that you’re gonna be able to hold them is by leads or finding them in the world naturally if you have leads, you can breed them up and Leave them there. Otherwise, you’ll have to go out into the world and find the animals that you like for their resources So what is our main goals here you may be asking our main goals are to travel to the nether in the end Defeat the guardian boss wither and Dragon and if you are up for this challenge, it is going to be a challenge It’s not gonna be easy. I’m excited for this to see what you guys are able to do so if you are wanting to do this go in the comments tell me that you’re in and you’re ready and Let me know on twitter with #Minecraft minimalist how you’re progressing? Let me see some pictures of your houses and everything that you’ve done Maybe when you kill a boss keep me informed I want to know how you guys are doing. It’s gonna be so much fun I can’t wait to do this with you guys and until next time. Bye

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  1. Intramental Studios

    u got me motivated to watch videos on this challenge, if antvenom can beat the entire minecraft game within 5-15 mins surely it is possible to beat it on #MinecraftMinimalist

  2. Sweeney Dunston

    Oof. If I didnt have megabuilds and scenimatic filming this season on WOS plus all the other series and the 48+hr work weeks I would totally be in. This sounds like a blast.

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