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  1. CWA Mobile Gaming

    If you missed the live steam today here on YouTube you can get a feel for the new series by watching the video on demand with this link. Thanks to all of you who stopped by! See you again next weekend!


  2. Ramiro Sosa Garrido

    You know when someone doesn't read enough if they say something and they correct themselves even tho what they said (tho unintentional), was correct.
    Clansmen was correct there, because they weren't clanmates. They aren't in the same clan, they are just in different clans that belong to the same org.

  3. Katharina Nikol

    Wow, "Nova I Bochum/Bochumfan" (german player) his mainacc, is pretty shure the best lavaloon player, the last seasons he was constantly with 2-3 accs in the top ranking, mostly in top 10 at seasonend, and Pompeyo is beating him with loon, im impressed!!! Clanman, love it xDD glG from austria, katharina 🙂

  4. Vlad Zaharia

    Sorry for being l8 but i just got my mega knight in the clan chest and i want to use this deck but i dont have the miner.What can replace the miner?

  5. Connor Stieg

    I use mega knight, hog rider, princess, inferno tower, knight, arrows, bats, and archers and it's really good it's not perfect but it's really good.

  6. NCY CC

    Hey Ash! Big fan of yours, love your videos, and thanks to you I have learned a ton of strategic moves on Clash Royal. My current deck consist of the Mega Knight, Inferno Dragon, Baby Dragon, Zap, Fire Spirits, Mini Pekka, Bats, and the one and only Hog Rider. This deck has help me a lot to go up im crowns and in arenas. Would it be possible for you to make a video of this combination to see how I can use it better?

  7. Spunky Jr. Esq

    Honestly, this deck is amazing. I've been using it for the past two months and initially didn't have the best success with it. It does require you to be on top of your game. Thanks to it, I went from 2600 trophies all the way to 3200. I definitely have a lot to learn with using it and can improve a lot but if played right you can beat almost any deck. The only decks I struggle with are Pekka decks. But other than that I can beat about anything else. Thank you so much Ash for showcasing this deck 🙂

  8. UnstoppableHD

    is it wearied that I just got the game made it to 1200 trophies got a legendary chest and the first one I got was MegaKnight I had no idea what i had until now. I'am at 3k trophies now .

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