10 Best Pitch Deck Templates [2020]

When you’re pitching your business, or an idea, you need to put your best foot forward. Whether you’re an agency, a tech startup, or just a person with a creative idea, having a professional looking pitch template can give you a leg up. Here’s our list of the 10 best pitch deck templates for 2020. All the items in today’s video are available with a subscription to Envato Elements. Find a link in the description. Number 10 Pitch Deck A4 is a minimalist pitch deck. It features a streamlined design that makes elegant use of the images you add, the ability to add and edit your own fonts, and multiple layout options. It also comes in an A5 version that can be printed, used as a PDF, or a slide deck. Number 9 Show off your business idea in a clean and modern way with this template kit. Elemental by RWDesignStudio is an A4 template that allows you to easily create impressive brochures or portfolio presentations. Adjust the color palette, images, fonts, and more to make it your own, Then get ready to pitch. Number 8 Proposal by pixel_vision is a contemporary template that includes layouts for all aspects of a product pitch, including brief, case-studies, timelines, and estimates. Edit it easily in Adobe InDesign, and you’re good to go. Number 7 This pitch pack consists of 8 Adobe Indesign templates to cover your client interactions from introduction, to pitching, to design, and invoicing. It’s easy to change the colors and branding, and will keep all communication with your clients or potential investors looking professional. Number 6 This brochure template is great for agencies, business, startups, and personal projects. All aspects are editable in Adobe InDesign, making it easy to use and customize. Drop your images and copy into the templates, and you’re ready to present. If you’re enjoying this countdown, hit the like button, and subscribe to the Envato channel for more. Number 5 Nano InDesign Brochure by GoaShape is a fully editable template. It includes automatic page numbering, free fonts, a fully editable color palette, and the ability to be sent off as a PDF, or printed in US letter or A4 formats. Number 4 Covering all aspects of a pitch, Proposal by pixel_vision is a modern template, editable in InDesign. It includes 24 unique pages, 2 covers, and A4 and US letter formats with 3mm bleeds. Number 3 Make your proposal look modern and professional with Business Proposal by BOXKAYU. Featuring 30 pages with unique layouts, and strong typography, it’s an excellent choice for designers, and agencies. Drop your content in, and get ready to present. Number 2 Brief Proposal is a slick and professional template by pixel_vision. Built to be used with Adobe InDesign or Microsoft Word, it includes 4 unique pages, features an out of the box modern-looking blue and gray color scheme, and is easy to use. Number 1 Featuring 16 page templates, Business Plan by -BeCreative- is a beautiful pack that utilizes light white and gray blue color scheme. It includes free fonts, clear bold typography, and clean layouts. Put your best foot forward with this one. And that wraps up our list of the 10 best pitch deck templates of 2020. All the items features in today’s video are listed in the description. Be sure to check out the next video selected just for you. And leave us a comment letting us know what top 10s you’d like to see next. Don’t forget to subscribe. And we’ll see you in the next video.

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