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  1. Team APS

    WHAT'S UP YOU GUYS?! MR. 100K HERE!! 💯
    Which Yu-Gi-Oh Structure Deck do you think is the best for new players to pick up 3 copies of? Did we leave out any obvious picks?

  2. Brian Mead

    Dark world Structure should be on this list. Danger Darkworld wouldn't be a deck if not for Grapha which appeared first here. In addition at time of release it was very powerful and easy to buy 3 and win. It was powerful enough to win YCS 100. When it cane to new cards to help an old archtype I would argue it was second only to monarchs. I think it should have a spot on the list.

  3. Cuddles The Hamster

    Aww man. Should’ve watched this video before buying! I bought the Lair of darkness structure deck at Walmart a while ago because it was pretty new at the time so when I went to the card section I just had Lair of darkness business shoved in my face, and then I got the code breaker structure deck. 🙁 excellent video though! I will use this in the future!

  4. Rare metalmorph

    I really loved the staples in Synchron extreme, synchro spamming was too much fun. But alas, nowadays, Synchros have been hit and to be fair, you needed to invest in the extra, because the synchros of the deck weren't the best. And I suppose the deck didn't bring anything new to the table, but to me, but I still enjoy it.

  5. Addy M

    This video came up at the perfect time, I'm starting to teach my brother how to play and he's been using a random assortment of my older cards but I don't have enough to make formulated decks aside from the ones I already made but haven't let him use and my current one demolishes my old ones. Lol

  6. Mauricio Mendez

    im looking forward to make 2 decks one for elemental or neos heroes and a dragon deck base mostly on blue eyes any advice i will be greatful plz ty

  7. Dean Rose

    Machina's and the Darkworld's structures were amazing, you could just buy 3 and get right into playing, no need for synchros (im pretty sure we didnt have XYZ at the time) and was an amazing time for new/casual players who didnt want or didnt had a lot of money to invest into the game a way to still play on the competitive level and in a fun way while still giving the ppl who did had the money to put into the game to have an advantage on others but not the kind that would be over the top like in a lot of other formats.

    this is kind of impossible to do today since your entire game is very much revolving around your extra deck and its almost impossible to compete without it while starters and structures deck (i think) are still on the around 40 cards decks even tho they should give a little bit more than that now

  8. Michael Mosley11

    I’m looking into monarchs and Dino fury right now and I’m just starting out. Are monarchs still less competitive than Dino?

  9. Mark Torres

    I know this is late but u guys should pop up pics of the cards ur talking about so, people can pause the video and read the effects if they dont know the cards

  10. MrNatedunkin

    Played my first match in 10+ years this week my coworker getting me into it. Bought a saga of blue eyes. Zombie horde. And dragons collide any tips on these decks? Think I wanna try the kaiba too

  11. matthew murphy

    Does the emperor of darkness have an extra deck? If so are they good? And I'm wondering if the DDD structure deck is any good, thinking of buying one of these.

  12. Shawn McClung

    Realm of light is the structure deck I bought when I got back into yugioh. It is a great starter because the engine is simple enough for newer players to understand. Mill into a boss monster 🙂 I will always have love for that deck

  13. Nameless Watcher

    I really appreaciate this videos of discussion. It helps people that are not up to date with the game and provide ideas and context. A way to improve could be adding an image of important cards as you mentione them.

  14. LegoCadet

    Hello, potential new player here. Was wondering which would be the top three structure decks (just three structure decks and no outside modifications) to consider as of the moment, since its been a year since this video. I've heard that the Rokket and Salamangreats were pretty highly regarded, but am not sure how they stack up to the ones on this list.
    Thanks in advance for the help!

  15. Nokia

    Buying 3 of is the biggest buster move ever. No heart of the card or nuthin. i mean sure you will pull more of what you want to pull more of, But its not fun or exciting. then again i play 60 card exodia and win so idk,.

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