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  1. Allen Reiche

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU so much for not being a pain the ass and FAKE the command cause is soooooooo hard to find someone like you element X that say real information unlike everyone else this is why I love you vids so much and why I would like to ask if you want to be in the credits of YouTubers commands that work in my Minecraft map if so plz reply to this and sorry for the long comment <3

  2. The_ Gl1tch3r

    Instead of doing /spawnpoint to get the coordinates just do /game rule commandblockoutput false (can someone tell me if the command I said was right)

  3. Floated Turca

    Do this:
    /tellraw {"rawtext":[{"text":"SORRY!","color"="red","bold}]},{"rawtext":[{"text":"you can't break blocks here!","color"="red"}]}

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