10 Insane Prison Escapes!

From tricks that never should have worked, to very adamant mothers. This is our list of the top 10 most daring and insane
prison breaks ever! Stay tuned to number one to find out who’s still on the loose! Number 10: Ted Bundy’s Books. Ted Bundy is no joke. He’s one of the most famous serial
killers of the past couple generations. Bundy terrorized the thoughts of honest
Americans during the early 60s and late 70s. All in all, Bundy’s victim count numbered above 30 people. Many of the killer’s victims
described Bundy as handsome and charismatic but, to put it plainly, he was
a sociopath…albeit one who was also a good talker. Still, even the best of
orators and the most confident of criminals generally allow a lawyer to do
the talking for them in court, but not Bundy. The serial killer actually waived
his right to legal representation during a trial in a Colorado courtroom.
Representing oneself in court might sound like something that an
overconfident sociopath might do very well, but Bundy hadn’t opted for this
option out of pride or vanity. Whether the man had predicted it would happen or
not, once Bundy had been brought into the
courtroom, the officers present allowed him to move freely, without handcuffs, to
better represent himself before a jury and judge. It’s never a good idea to
trust a serial killer, though, and Bundy would go on to prove that. During a
recess in his trial, the man requested that he be allowed to visit the
courthouses library of legal books. Bundy’s request was surprisingly granted,
and the killer was allowed to make his way to the legal buildings collection of
law tomes. Once in the library, perhaps as should have been expected, Bundy dove
from the room’s two story window and escaped to his freedom! Bundy would then
go on to make numerous other escapes from the law before finally being put to
death years later. Bundy actually stated that he had intended to give up serial
killing after this escape, but unfortunately he just couldn’t resist
whatever twisted urges drove him to commit his crimes in the first place. Number 9: A Mother’s Love. Jay Junior Sigler was an inmate that had been convicted of armed robbery and sentenced to 20 years in prison for his crime. Jay was on the eighth year of his sentence when his family finally decided
that they had enough of their relative being imprisoned. Now what happened next was like something pulled straight out of an
over-the-top action movie! J’s mother and two of the convicts friends attacked the
prison in broad daylight! How did they do it? Well, with an 18-wheeler and lots of
firearms of course! J’s closest friends and family took the massive truck and
rammed it, at full speed, through a total of four prison fences. Jay’s mother then
followed the truck in an Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme.
Once his rescue party had breached the gates of his prison, Jay himself quickly
made his way to his mother and her getaway car…but not before being tossed
a shotgun by the same friend who had driven the aforementioned 18-wheeler
into the prison yard. A full-on gunfight ensued between Jay, his family, and the
guards at the prison, while Jay, his mother, and his friends made their escape.
Fortunately, the escaped convict and his entourage only made it about 40 miles
before being hauled away in chains, but not before they’d tragically taken the
life of an unlucky 55 year old man in a hit and run collision. Number 8: London’s Spectacular Showman. Con men have garnered a bit of a reputation for being incredibly smooth and charismatic. Even if, at the end of the day, they’re generally disapproved of by society at large. Every generation has had their
famous and infamous lawbreakers, and in the 18th century the title of “most
dazzling vagabond” definitely rested upon the shoulders of a man named Jack
Shepard. Shepard was known for attracting crowds, thanks to his ability to make
flashy and dashing escapes from his trials and holding cells. During his
first escape Shepard loudly cracked open the ceiling of his prison cell and then
scaled down the walls of the jailhouse he was being held in. After his second
escape from prison, which was his third time being caught by the authorities, the
guards of the new prison he’d been shipped off to were in no mood to take
chances with Jack. They wrapped the man in chains, bound him in a number of ways,
and then locked him behind three reinforced doors. What happened next? Well, first of all, Jack picked all of the chain locks with a bent screw that he
found in his cell. Next, he removed a bar that had been installed to keep
prisoners from escaping out of his chimney. Then, the expert escape artist
pulled the same trick that got him his freedom during his first imprisonment. He
used a dislodged bar to break through the roof of the room he was being held
in, and with a bit of jumping from roof to roof atop the houses nearest to the
prison he’d escaped from and Jack was free for a third time. Jack was only
finally caught and hanged when a large crowd of his fans prevented his friends
from saving him from his execution. Number 7: Through A Food Slot. Prison cell doors are designed to be impenetrable, and allow guards to keep a close eye on
facilities inmates through their bars. Usually the only thing that gets in or
out of a prison cell, without the guards unlocking it, is the prisoners three
square meals. In a lot of prisons, an inmates food is slipped through a small
tray slot. These slots are so small that we bet almost no one would ever consider
them a security risk. However, a man named Choi Gap-Bok actually gained his freedom
thanks to that seemingly logical misconception. The man had been arrested by South Korean police on the grounds of burglary. Choi didn’t put up much of a
fuss while he was being jailed, though, and even convinced a few of his cell
guards to give him some lotion. The man was 50 years old and quite
frail, leading to the guards granting his request out of kindness. Once the
guards had left, however, Choi greased himself up with the lotion that the guards
provided and was able to slowly, but surely, squeeze himself through his cells
food tray slot. Apparently, the man had done yoga for quite some time had become very flexible in his old age! Number 6: The Innocent Mastermind. We already told you about one famous 19th century mastermind, but what about one from the
20th century? Alfie Hinds was a jewel thief by trade, and was by all accounts
quite a good one! But through a twist of fate, he was captured by British
officials. Although Hinds actually refused to plead
guilty – or own up to his crimes – what made Hinds story a little bit less
believable was the fact that he broke out of prison three consecutive times
with some incredibly master thief like skills. The first time that Hinds
escaped. he did so by creating his own key for the locks of the prison that he’d
been incarcerated within. The next time he escaped Hinds locked a number of
guards within a bathroom and ran away. The whole time that he was out and on
the run Hinds made appeals to the British government to try to prove his
innocence. Eventually, Hinds succeeded in legally
proving his innocence by finding a loophole in the law, despite not being
any kind of lawyer or law student, whatsoever. Pretty talented man! Number 5: Hey! Look Over There! During the later months of the year 2007,
inmates escaped from a Texas Correctional Facility using a
surprisingly simple tactic. These clever inmates tricked their prisons janitorial
director into allowing them to wax the floors during lunch. Then, they led the
same man into an unguarded area and screamed, “Look over there!” before whacking him in the head with an axe handle when he looked away. Every person that came to check on the prisoners were soon treated to the same trick, and promptly undressed,
tied up, and locked in an electrical closet. All in all, 15 other individuals
fell for the prisoners surprisingly uncomplicated trick. After taking the
clothes off of their victims, the seven prisoners then tricked the guard in the
prison’s gatehouse into thinking that they were there to install some new
technology. Holding the guard at gunpoint with his own revolver, they promptly
raided the gate houses stocked armory and took off for the hills. Number 4: Making The Key. in a lot of prisons, it’s not uncommon for inmates to be able to work and learn a trade. Andrew Roger, Keith Rose, and Matthew
Williams were all examples of prisoners who told the guards that they wanted to
do just that. These three men were then assigned to their prisons metal shop,
where they promptly broke every rule they could think of! These crafty
prisoners actually built their own ladder and gun, and then created keys to
the prison’s many locks. No firefight ensued, luckily, and the trio didn’t get a
chance to use their makeshift gun. In the end, they simply unlocked the prison’s
backdoor and walked away. Unfortunately for the three men, they were soon
apprehended while making plans to steal a plane. Despite how absurd that sounds, one of the prisoners was actually an amateur pilot, and the prisoners may have gotten
away with their plan if they had acted just a little bit faster! Number 3: In The Mail. Here is another example of a good intentioned policy of allowing
prisoners to work gone wrong. Richard Lee McNair gained national fame, in 2006, when he escaped from a Louisiana penitentiary. What makes McNair’s escapes so shocking
and interesting? Well, first, the man laid the groundwork for his escape by getting
a job that allowed him to repair old mail bags. During the months that he held
this job, McNair constructed a specially designed bag that allowed him to breathe
while remaining hidden under a number of the prison’s packages. Crazy enough, it
was hours before the prison that he’d escaped from even notice McNair was
missing. The man had planned for this small window of time and made his way up
north to Canada. McNair was only captured after appearing on the U.S. television
show, America’s Most Wanted. Number 2: The Real Shawshank Redemption. Frank Freshwater’s is a man that’s story is very close to that of the main
character in the classic movie “The Shawshank Redemption.” Freshwater’s was
convicted of hitting and killing a pedestrian while he was only 20 years
old. He was actually let off his sentence earl, but got a bad break, and was
thrown back into prison, when he was caught driving a car…which was actually
a violation of his probationary terms. In 1959, after being marked for good
behavior, Freshwaters simply disappeared from the prison that was holding him…
which just so happens to be the same prison at which the movie Shawshank
Redemption was filmed. Freshwaters popped back up on the feds radar when he
was arrested for threatening his ex-wife, but the governor of West Virginia
actually refused to send him back to the state that he’d escaped prison from.
After barely dodging the law, Frank escaped to Florida where he lived to the
ripe old age of 79 years old, before being cornered by US Federal Marshals.
When confronted with an old black-and-white mugshot of his 20 year
old self, the man simply said that he “hadn’t seen that guy in a long time,” before confessing to his crimes and his escape. Number 1: Helicopter Caper. Vassilis Paleokostas is a high-profile Greek bank robber and ransom kidnapper
that certainly knows how to make a scene. This man is famous for donating the
money that he steals to the poor, giving him somewhat of a folk-legend mystique
among his people. However, the little people’s love for
Vassilis couldn’t protect him when he was finally caught and brought to justice a
few years ago. Still, the famous bad-doer with a good-doer reputation didn’t plan
on staying behind bars. Vassilis didn’t use any complicated escape
plans to escape, though. Nope! In 2006, the man had his brother land a
helicopter in the middle of the courtyard of the prison that he was
being held within. Vassilis quickly jumped into the flying machine and made
off into the sky with his accomplice. Trying to avoid blame, the guards of the
Prison stated that only someone on official business would actually try and
land a helicopter within a prison. The prison officials thought that the
helicopters arrival was signaling a surprise visit by federal inspectors. The
craziest part of all this? Vassilis was actually captured again, soon after his
unbelievable escape, and he pulled off the same stunt with another helicopter
at a different prison! As of the writing of this video, Vassilis is still out
there somewhere, in the world, living the life of a free man! From the almost mundane, to the absolutely insane…we hope you enjoyed this list of the top 10
prison escapes! Tell us what you thought about this video in the comments below,
and be sure to subscribe. We’ll see you next time!

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