Hey, what’s going on guys logdotzip here. Yes, that is a state-of-the-art llama Staircase behind- oh, oh you want a llama staircase? Oh, well good because that’s what we’re going to be covering today Only the llama staircase don’t worry about anything else over here. Just kidding. This is weird Minecraft design an interesting idea where I wanted to showcase crazy builds that you could build for builds and in Minecraft And they’re all by Xavier Hodges a dear dear friend of mine. Go check out his channel. Seriously link in the description He’s normally a command block King But he has taken upon themselves to try and help me discover and determine and design 10 Minecraft Weird things and that’s what we’re going to do in today’s video. Like I said we got a whole bunch to explore so stick around. Gonna be fantastic And probably even a bit funny enjoy. You want to see more please do drop a like on the video If we get 5000 likes, I will release this as a world download. And subscribe, Blah, Blah, Blah. So here is the first one. It’s going to be a doozy already for this. Oh, it’s a book and quill This is just to explain what we’re looking at for each design this first one is Llama stairs like I said right-click the llamas to go up the stairs and you can decorate them with Carpets, you can have a fun way of getting point a to point b on your map let me actually I want some carpet, ooh Yeah, look down there like everything just changing. Yeah, it’s good stuff. Okay So why don’t we first showcase just getting on up yet? That’s good looking moves around What are you doing freak and look at me? [I’m] totally going insane with my head Don’t worry about it. I’m a big. Ol boy sausage okay, so look at it. [you] can slowly travel You can slowly travel up every single Llama by right-click on the cart funny right actually by right-clicking on the Llama Basically the Llama is inside of my car on top of a rail and type of [block] [platform] stared. So here’s the last one Hey, what a way to get up flick and you can actually use this in a way that allows you to get up higher and more fast than Difficult stairs because you can actually skip a couple blocks because we went from this guy id you can also use it to get I Never we got a right-click the llama okay, so this is the highest of you can do without it, but let’s decorate this thing Huh? and the last one she get out the greatest set of Llama stairs you ever stayed at Llamas sure whatever design number two ahead quite an interesting Notice all the mobs behind me, but I [having] [a] good time [I] will show you why? According to this book [right] here the book and quill says floating pumpkins and extended fire made the least humane way possible I love being released. Whoo yay I came to speak press the bundys flash of visibility to decorate the place nicely So what are we doing with these witches and the zombies well up here? We’ve got some dispatch fill with splash posters and visibility press button and be hollering it We have ways of getting big old fire and invisible pumpkins Floating around for any halloween style build you may want to make and not only that you can technically do this in Survival mode all you need is a whole bunch of infinite invisibility [pups], just [a] little bit You know hard to do in survival mode, but if you’re opie And you got all the farms and [everything] and ain’t that bad this is actually really [cool-looking] [the] way It works is the witches are constantly drinking fire. It’s just it’s potions So they’re not taking any damage, and then if they do take damage they can heal themselves with those closures anyway You need to make sure this entire place is concealed so that they can’t attack you back and obviously The zombies those just need to be concealed as well And they won’t be able to burn because they’ve got the pumpkin on now if you wanted to get pumpkins on the mobs head I’m Mr.. Villager running away. All you’re gonna Do just following a dispenser filled with pumpkins and way to activate said dispenser, and of course your mob of choice although I didn’t get the world of zombies it works with Villagers justified stupid a splash with visibility you could to go yeah my way Villages contraption number three a Tasty one indeed it is the following the cake wall Right-Click the Minecart to get across it’s a mob proof door and it will keep you fed If you’re near headless that does you all you do boom it’s essentially just a minecart door But because it’s made of cake walls, [we’ll] first of all we can call it a cake wall, and it’s also very delicious What seriously look with the shaders that got on baby? We’re looking for the ultimate pastry although. I don’t know if [I’d] eat this it’s made of wall It’s a simple as having way too much cake to know what to do it and decorate I stupid chicken. This is your fault Look, don’t tell drum okay. It’s not a big deal. It’s not even him For chicken you finish the cake Wall-eyed [a] method of everything and what you’ve done that you can finish it You know what it does a cake wall. Did you do this? Yeah, that’s right. Don’t look at me Shameful [this] next one is in this book. It’s the sushi cheap train or the [sheep] [who’s] [to] [trade] they say that’s why that’s bad hey, it’s like a sushi train bull sheep the more sheets the faster They get pushed around and some grass left so they can refill okay. Hey, I’m looking at me like that man. I don’t have anything Okay, so I guess I do a week. We got shared and we got a series of [dyes] that we can color our Future what as they move around it’s almost like a therapeutic little fun thing like almost like it’s a great decoration now You don’t want to actually hold any of the [we] it’ll just mess everything up But if you wanted to die these guys as they came around that would be an option that was open to you I want to die this one. See hey big sheep. Yeah Get bush, but seriously let’s change the game. Oh look they all want it they all want fit about your Allocated is it going faster or not this might be making everything run more smoothly hold on I’m going to die along the way Lovely [color] seriously now obviously once you’ve dyed your [sheep] of choice You can go ahead and [cheer] them and they will slowly get pushed along the way And they’ve got grass along the sides uh-huh hey guy here you move that they can eat in order to get their wool Refilled as [discussable] to check it out This is amazing sheep shearing sushi train Huh subscribe anyways if you’re wondering how it was built [its] with flowing water hoppers lots of fences they can’t get in the way, but they can reach the underneath and Naturally lots of sheen a pressure plate and other things just the download write python line up next to the true Testament to Minecraft technology in that right, Mr.. Villager. Yo, he’s about to get it whatever this one this is the Snowball machine just kidding it is the Villager door pill hits the villager to ring a bell or open the door alternatively you can throw a snowball at it to be more humane and weird or To keep it low living for longer because it does require a few extra things First of all we’ve got a Tripwire system that you place above the villager But essentially every time you punch it it trips it which will turn that door open [but] more importantly it will set off all these lovely note blocks to make a play level Jingle and not only that but it was slowly hit the villager with splash potions every single time it happens now alternatively if you don’t Want to waste your splash potions you can just use a number of snowballs and/or eggs to a hippy Villager instead And it won’t damage him, but it will still do the same thing You just have to get really far in order for it to work [look] at that Is that funny nice the ultimate doorbell again? You punch him oh? Yeah, I love it. You get a little reward and Reward for damaging the Villager but again if you see the longer We do this for the more of these potions get dispensed as you can see they’re already all gone now So you don’t want to waste your potions. Just use scraps of snowballs [I’m] I guess if you really wanted to you could [also] a tray with the villager And I think that gives them a region effect, but more importantly you could hurt them and it’ll be done [hey] up. Next is a fun little area check out these awesome trees I love it according to the book we have here get really creative with some terrain and treatise on About the trees replace the leaves with block replace logs another block which normally doesn’t work drive You got your veggie patties die which somehow works? We finally pick a rock to use in the area brings the tree to life check out these strange [forests] as we build one [in] a little bit. We’ve got some awesome. Looking like ender trees check these out [they] should be like in the end, but made with a block that is actually like white leaves or [some] [and] got like hanging And rods really nice, but actually can’t get a really good in their body balances new stuff now. What do we have [over] here? mmm melon Trees hungry yeah I seriously though. I would love to get a bite into one of these or at least have it my front lawn We’ve got prismarine rocks to decorate that’s seriously pretty good looking like I [have] surprised these are what are these like Lava trees? Nether trees, it looks like you replaced Dark oaks yeah Those real nice large pleasantly plump trees big huge [mmm]. I’m not sure I said what the last [was] I mean, it’s good, but why don’t we go ahead and build one right now imma choose a few right? Well, we’ll be right back, okay So I literally tried my best to pick the ugliest blocks possible to try make it bad looking tree So we’re going to grow a tree to get our base And then we are going to slowly replace all of the leads with the [lease] [of] choice that we want and once you’ve done that You can take your next block and turn that in with the trunk one two three four five Oh, it is some three four five. I’m on trips, and then now we’re going to decorate with our ice blocks around Yeah I’m an artist okay, so what I think I’ve just done it successfully proved xavier wrong these things [are] hideous [ha] not bad [well] actually in this case. Yes, terrible. [I] don’t want any part of that I didn’t make those no one saw [that] it’s not a big deal [why] do we go ahead and move on to this next area which is another book and it contains the following place the torch down In a display cabinet and then put a [name] blaze inside if you count enough to do that the blades actually make for really Cool-looking light so what you can see in here are Blaze Torches Check this out if we were to remove the torch it would actually get really dark in here and nobody wants that Do they check it out look [I] already got these are yeah my way see look it’s much less lit in here [I] would not party here. Oh man [I] just sounded so old [to] half of you at least yeah, why don’t we go ahead and try this in a friend? much better So we’re in a dark area and we’re going [to] place down our one lone torch to act as these fake blaze Illuminated now normally you need to do this in survival mode to slowly get a blaze right here And then let him [flick] templates is regretted boat which go placed like this So we’re going to spawn in our blaze and now you probably want to name it something So it doesn’t be spawn that way It’s going to stay there when you get super far away now check this out without really being able to tell the blaze now looks Like the thing that’s lighting up this room You have to really glance to see the torch underneath it makes for some seriously awesome and scary decor She liked my joke something. So doesn’t respond. I’m funny with only three more contraptions to go. It’s time to show you them There’s a little good [sage] a book that tells us about The cakes on press the button get a bucket of hose [above] meals a chicken lays eggs You can harvest wheat and sugar cane and destroy your eyes with a cackle. You’re finished. Well, I was mouth rule So what we have here is like I said [a] button that you can press and check it out all the way up, and it gives us Bone meal a bucket and and iron, hoe check it out we’ve got floating animals are stuck leave lishus that you can’t see right now because Glitch which makes it even funnier to be on head. This is funny. So more importantly the high. [oh], [you] [protected] me. He? doesn’t guys Then all the weight in the world you want to harvest for your cake base of course you got the [sugarcane] [that] you would Replant over and over again access to sugar right away you’ve got your chickens laying eggs into these hoppers [for] [you] to collect at a moment’s notice and of course you can grab your Bucket – holy moly what the heck did you do please? Anyways, you use your bucket to get milk from the cows that [are] floating there and every once in a while if you’re feeling like being mean you can kind [of] try and push one on to the right all I could say is this guy he didn’t last – But anyways, just like that you’d all have enough tools to continue to make yourselves lovely cake all the [time] in fact We’re gonna do it right now bill bill give me your goodness man that place Ears he’s a number on this place [up] next is some ice in a couple doors as well as [the] book that tells us more and Play a game of Lawn Balls to open [the] door turn on light [dropping] item our values [to] try to make you think go inside the goal Use this is a fun way to make people have to really try hard to come visit you at your house Can you throw it fast enough? Can you throw it far enough? Can you throw it on find out next time on dragon balls kick come on out good? Yeah? Really? [it’s] very difficult. You got to seriously get some nice little up with it. Come on Would you would you with it seriously what am I supposed to throw this with xavier? This is improbable. [I] understand [pause] you with the book of course knowledge knowledge is power. We’ve got the doors open although I was pretty far up on the ice block Well you probably want to use that much ice but more importantly it is [going] to let everything go in by dispensing a little Thing and then thats how’s it the final mob design what the heck is going on here man This thing all right the book we’re going to have to see what this book is all [about] Huh final book would yeah? This is the ultimate mob propellant cactus kill Spiders water Monroe’s Edmond wolves care Skeletons ocelot scare creepers The Villager track zombies because of his father Lava of course the magnet is mobs in general y’all ready for this [oh] it even kills water not bad so why don’t we give ourselves a look around this area and see what it’s all about so we got we got a Villagers to hang that on poles that must be where the zombies [fallen] cactus kill other mobs We’ve got ocelots as well as wolves floating in the sky as well as in on the ground Why don’t we put this thing to [dead] time [sit] [there]? [Mm]. That’s really late at night it might well I Would you 18,000 okay and here they come they all start spawning in like bad? Holy moly seriously I suppose. It’s time for us to see how well this works come on over baby. Come on over baby Hey idiot. I know [I] [was] just kidding man relax What else do they got well it looks as though the zombies are kind of on me and okay well I am technically being repelled right now. They can’t get to me. They kind of suck [at] everything Hey Stupid we’re going to fast forward until this guy’s dead okay, but more importantly we can do this in creative mode now You can see that all [of] the zombies will congregate around the love and everyone so others gonna hit themselves on the magma [I’ve] you know. We’ll go back. It will go back to survive more. This is Gonna be fun We really gotta test. It come on down baby. Come on. Let’s see alrighty. Well. Oh, you’re right So I’m gonna hang it right by these see look they can’t get to the the creepers They stay away because of all the ocelot that’s hilarious To me hey, buddy. Oh, I don’t want me to touch you come on now now It looks like the zombies will actually stick on you if they don’t happen to notice the Villagers But if you just use this as a way to keep the Villagers safe, so I’ll get stuck to the pole Villager, okay? I don’t want to do anything [doesn’t] look like any skeletons Have spotted nearby let’s try and get some in ourselves [check] it out check it out check it out check it out check it out. They literally run. They run away instantly That’s funny, and we got creepers as well, okay, okay? Let’s see yep flee They can’t do anything right just like what is he doing holy wow I think that’s probably the best place for us to [Edmond] on these weird Minecraft designs all like xavier [hogs] you want to check out some awesome [add] like related stuff as well so here and [there] random from xavier you can check out his download [leaked] [through] this to see what is it with this wolf and More importantly if you thought any of this was funny and or [well] [you’ll] times it please do drop a like rating on the video mention. Whatever sport subscribe to me to see more awesome Minecraft content rides it comes out and with that. I need to call my friend down a man take this meat, okay? I want you to be [alright] We’ll see you later

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    Lol I have the cows on a lead thing but there pigs so you can ride them in my lets play world and I call it the fun ride of death to pigs

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    Llama staircase? Sheep train? What drugs were people on when they came up with this stuff!?

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