10 Terrible Accidents Caused By Pokemon GO

– And suddenly the Wild
Baldo appears again! Still haven’t evolved some hair though. So what does that make me, a Bulbasaur? So right now, if you have a phone there’s a very good chance
that you have Pokemon Go installed on it right now. Since it’s release, it’s become one of the most successful app games ever. It is played by an estimated
9.5 million players daily, which is just nuts, but
when that many people are involved in a game
that requires you to move while staring at your
phone, safety becomes a very real concern. It fact these concerns have actually led to the Niantic, the
company behind the game, to issue in-game safety warnings, but, as you’re about to find
out, those don’t always work. A lot of players have been
ignoring the basic safety while playing the game, and
have either gotten hurt, robbed, or worse, actually died. So if you or someone you
know plays Pokemon Go, you’re going to want to watch this so that you can avoid these pitfalls. So, here they are. 10 terrible accidents
caused by Pokemon Go: #1 is falling off a cliff. Oh, my God, it’s (mumbles). If you’re going to play this game, don’t play it near a cliff. I know that is kinda common sense, but for some people, they just care of how many rare monsters are nearby, not with the risk of dying is. Well, on August 13th, two guys
learned this the hard way. Two men in their early
20s were playing the game along some cliffs in San Diego, California when both of them walked
right off the edge of a cliff. The first fell over 27 meters while the second fell over 15 meters. My legs are broken, but
at least I caught them. Apparently they both ignored
fences and warning signs about the potential falling danger, but what’s most unbelievable,
and good about this story, is that they were somehow discovered and taken to a hospital and both survived. Just ’cause you follow a legendary bird of a cliff don’t mean
it’s going to catch ya. #2, is getting mugged. Oh, my God, oh, my God, I almost got ’em! And my wallet’s gone. For those of you who aren’t
familiar with the game, in the world of Pokemon, there’s a team called Rocket, that’s an evil group bent on stealing Pokemon
and hurting others. Well, one group of players decided that it would be a good idea to form a real-life team Rocket, and
began actually mugging people. Yo, guys, they don’t have any rare Japanese monsters on them. They have money and
pictures of their kids. Just three days after
this game was released in July of this year, a group of teens ranging from 16 to 18, were suspected to be behind up to 11 robberies, including one call to police
in O’Fallon, Missouri, that is just gonna make you very sad. The call was about the group of teens who were found hiding out at a PokeStop, who would literally rob anyone at gunpoint that walked by to take advantage of it. Yo, you want that Charizard beside me? You’d best keep walkin’, sucka. This is my PokeStop! Ain’t no gangsta like a digital gangsta! #3 is getting lost in a cave. Hoping to find some rare
Pokemon in the darkness of underground tunnels,
a group of four teenagers wondered into some caves
in Wilshire, England, but instead of finding a legendary bird, these teens found regret. The cave, as it turns out, was a huge maze filled with twists and turns
in intricate passageways. You know, like a cave. They ended up searching for an exit for hours upon hours
until finally one of them found an opened air part of the rock and managed to get a cellphone
signal to call for help. It took three firefighter
crews joining forces with mine rescue experts
in order to save them. Hello, hello, hi. Yeah, stuck in a cave? Yeah, stuck in a cave. Yup, another one, yeah sorry. Yup, Charizard, yeah,
almost, didn’t get him. #4 is a car accident. Yo, seriously? Don’t do this while you’re driving. Stephen Kerry, a 28-year old former Marine from Auburn, New York
was playing Pokemon Go when he spotted a Lapras,
a rare water type Pokemon on his screen back in July. Now he believed, “Oh, it must
be just down the street.” So, he jumped into his brother’s car and drove almost immediately into a tree. Kerry suffered a broken
ankle, lacerations to his leg, and never eneded up finding that Pokemon, but was otherwise all right. Zachary Kerry, his brother,
and the car’s owner, ended up starting a GoFundMe campaign, appropriately titled,
Pokemon Bro Wrecked my Car. Okay, that’s clever. #5, is a near drowning. Okay, I know the tide’s
rising and I could die, but I need that Squirtle! On July 29th, six
teenagers decided to hunt for Pokemon at an abandoned old pier on Birnbeck Island in Somerset, England. The group didn’t really care too much about the rapidly rising water that was effectively cutting them off from the mainland because,
hey, gotta catch ’em all! But, lucky for them, people saw them and rescue crews were quickly
alerted to their presence, and helped them to safety
before they drowned. The police who have actually applauded the active lifestyle
that the game encourages was forced to release a statement reminding everyone, actually,
I’ve got it right here, (clears throat) “Don’t be stupid.” Ha, sorry, that’s not
exactly what it said. What it actually said is, “Pokemon aren’t worth your
lives, so be careful.” #6 is wandering into land mines. In some parts of the world,
players need not only watch out for PokeStops
and gyms, but explosives. In Bosnia, reports have
come in that players are ignoring warning signs and wandering into dangerous areas
full of live explosives. Authorities actually had
to release a statement begging people not to do that. Apparently land mines left
over from the Bosnian War that lasted from 1992 through 1995, riddle a popular forest floor where players can find some rare Pokemon. I don’t want to claim
Darwinism here or anything like that, but there’s a reason that it’s not called
survival of the dumbest. I’m not suggesting that we
kill all the dumb people, but you know, like the meme says, we should just remove
all the warning labels and let the problem sort itself out. #7 is finding a dead body. So far, these have all
been physical dangers, so let’s mix it up with
a case that is sure to do lasting psychological damage. On July 8th, 19-year old Shayla Wiggins, was playing Pokemon Go
in Riverton, Wyoming, when she suddenly came across
the dead body of a man. As it turns out, according to the police, the man had accidentally
drowned and had washed up and she was the lucky one to find him. Well, that’s a weird looking Pokemon, but believe it or not, this
was not an isolated incident. Since then, two more dead
bodies have been discovered with the most recent one being found in San Diego, California. #8 is crashing into a police car. In July in Quebec City, a
young man and his passenger were playing Pokemon Go while driving, which always ends up with a great result, but no, they didn’t hit a tree. Oh, no, they hit a police cruiser and sent two cops inside
of it to the hospital. They ended up reversing
their car while playing and crashed directly into
the front of the cruiser who were following them
for playing the game. There have been other reported incidents of people hitting police cars, regular cars, and getting
slapped with trespassing fines all to find the rarest of
the rare Japanese monstas. #9, is wandering onto a highway. This seems like a good idea. Almost immediately after
the game was released, 15-year old Autumn Diesroth
of Western Pennsylvania was so excited about the
game, she played it nonstop. That is until, as she
claims, the game led her onto a busy highway outside
of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and then she had to stop. She was stopped by cars. She attempted to cross
the street while playing the game, and yes, was struck by a car. Who would have seen that coming? Unbelievably, she only had minor injuries which her doctors found
to be an incredible stroke of luck considering she was hit by a car on the highway going really fast. Too many of y’all are attempting fate. And #10 is death by shooting. Oh, yes, Pokemon Go has already claimed it’s first real-life death. On July 20th, 18-year
old Jerson Lopez de Leon was shot and killed in Guatemala while playing Pokemon Go with his cousin, who unlike Jerson, actually
survived the shooting. On August 6th, 20-yer
old Calvin Riley was shot by an unknown assailant
while playing the game with a friend in San
Fransicso, California. But what’s most scary about this story is that the gunman
apparently had no motive at all to do what he did. And then of course, there’s
the case of the 19-year old and the 16-year old who
wandered upon a man’s property in Flagler County, Florida
who were mistaken for thieves and were approached by the
property owner with a handgun. This game, man, I’m telling you, it’s gonna call the herd of stupid people. So that’s it, 10 cases of crazy
stories that have happened since this game has released
and it’s not even done yet. I’m sure more are going to come out after this video is released; however, I want to know from you guys. Which one on this list
freaks you out the most and have you ever been in a situation where you’ve been in danger
because of Pokemon Go. Leave a comment below and let me know, and I’ll be reading and responding to as many of you as possible. Be safe out there, and I’ll
see you guys in the next video. Peace.

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Reader Comments

  1. Kira Cattan

    My city was overrun with these kind of people.. even Lawyers and shop owners… I swear, at least two people didn't even bother looking up from their phones and wandered into traffic. Fortunately, Everett doesn't have an extremely busy main drag. However, it is annoying when you're walking down the street and almost get run over by a group of fanatics trying to find that one Pokémon.

  2. alex hood

    Really I am autistic and I literally smarter then this. really facts that there are people with disabilities physically or mentally smarter then people without disabilities while yes there are some people with disabilities who are that stupid but not all of them but you think people without disabilities should be smarter then people with disabilities at least on average but as saying go if you think how stupid the average person are then you will realized half of those people are even stupider then that? Edit I have to correct my own mistake.

  3. Tristan Radeka

    The game can’t be blamed for this, nothing in it actually requires you to be moving while focusing completely on the screen. People who actually got in accidents because of it were just too stupid to look where they were going

  4. Amber Wilson

    One of my ex friends Jeanie Chapman in Bangor, ME. Ran over someone taking too long too cross the road playing Pokemon Go. It was all over the papers and you could probably Google it.

  5. TheInfernapeKing Battletube

    The people stuck in a dark cave, thought could capture a rare pokemon, but all they could find was a bunch Zubats. Don't blame the game, blame the player playing the game with complete negligence of their surroundings.

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