What is that? Another 100 layers wall video banger for you guys hey Jim you guys know you gotta go down Smash that like button because we are trying new things we got new weapons We got I got new hair so this is a new wolf now you guys are probably wonder if he doesn’t you’ve done, so Many what out of there’s wall videos you’ve done duct tape you’ve done Gorilla, Tape you even done T resting No Dan Voltz recently you did hurricane tape I’ll link to all those videos will be in my description down below make sure you guys Go check them out now guys what what’s stronger than all those things I mean isn’t title 8 a video that says is the exact easy, but why are you guys? All you guys have been spamming my comments on every single video Requesting that I do a wall made of flex tape
this stuff is absolutely insane it’s suppose to be the World’s strongest tape typically, it’s used for like plugging leaks and to be honest over on this guy’s channel We saw it in the entire room in half like a boat Started in half repair D with this and went boating on floating on it boating swimming not Sinking in that boat if you guys want to see that video came right after this go to check out his video It’s an absolute banger, but in my video you guys know the only property I really care about right is how strong it is tale tough. It is 100 layers 100 Blue tape that means new weapons These are not the only weapons oh, oh you know what let’s stop talking Let’s go test these out now you guys heard right? We didn’t say we’re gonna put one little simple sheet of flexpay We said we were gonna do one Pinery layers of flex name don’t open quite do a hundred layers But we get it really thick that means we’re gonna need a whole ton of flex That was there’s a lot of flex pay we spend almost, but we did spend a thousand. It was a thousand dollars. We spent $1,000 on flex tape so go down past that like button and let’s get started building even the wrapper is ridiculously sorry Remember that technique where we put it on a pole wrap around around around around round And then smash it not sure that’s gonna work for this one This is more about taking out inch sheets and then stick it on the stomach comes in each roll guys shut up bill Swift bill Sponsor me will keep you free promo come on sponsor us. It’s a big big rule. I think it’s good I think it’s gonna make it. I will make it alright. Let’s go make it now guys I’ve used this stuff before it is crazy sticky. I don’t want to ruin these bars so first I’m gonna put some guerrilla tape down and then put this over top of this boom we got a nice Lining of guerrilla tape on here We got some duct tape over there cuz we ran now a bike on a new life hacker flex tape Low key flex pay I dropped it by accident and check this out. Oh Rubber tape Mads are you’re playing games. We got a wall to build I know it’s sticky when it’s in it Just like a rubber band. No, this is not brief. Okay. Let’s get the rest of You guys so the wall is done for quick little side note look at all that extra plastic Slip and slide alert oh Yeah, that’s that’s what happens ah Finally See it is really Hot 2 per night, I don’t like this. Oh my god. I already have super super good vibes about this wall. It’s thicker It’s more durable more stretchy. We gotta put this thing to the test as you guys know I always let my guests take the first crack at the wall. What do you what do you got for it? I would like to thank you for this deflated soccer ball here welcome. Very very deflating guys. I’ll make it work I used to play soccer as a kid. I wasn’t defender so I have quit Use the place alright oh, yeah technically you didn’t get it let it go okay, yeah try again Any damage so it might be the best goal in the league. I’ll do one more just to try This is the depth I did I just folded the tape on top of itself. I didn’t really do anything Now guys baseball is not my favorite sport, but makes a hell of a weapon Yeah, if you hit the wall with it Going for a field goal, okay. Yep pitcher batter up spit and here Literally nothing, okay. I press the tape on itself one more oh Yeah, you threw it the weirdest way ever and what like this come on Dustin okay, so for this one We are gonna combine two sports. What was the hardest ball? That’s lacrosse ball, and two the hardest hit a golf club Here we go I’m gonna stand back for this one. I don’t know where this one’s gonna go Jesus Christ, oh my god, I’m so scared All right, that’s hockey Oh my god Okay, I don’t golf this week, but it will make you work. I’m going on to my trusted spiky ball wait. What what what okay? I don’t even need to look if there’s damage because I know there’s not next weapon guys with all these new weapons Sometimes you just gotta trust what you know oh? I Remember you can stop yeah, yeah, just to stop it. Oh my god a little bit didn’t actually go through those. You know We’ve never tried this end of the bat There’s a reason why we don’t try this but have we ever tried throwing the bat Next turns out throwing a bat it kind of sucks, but one thing that never fails me well It’s filling me a couple times, but we always start off with is the classic mallet throw Never fails you never fastener never feel see how do you tell you feel bad? It’s cuz I never blow Bad That’s not broken at all not at all It’s like it’s strong as a brick wall wall look brick brick bricks. Yeah Grant that bottle oh shit actually pretty good If you can’t beat them join them I give to you the giant steel ball. It’s heavier hold this You do know what the purpose of this video is right my dad was like an Olympic Shoplet champion So like I’m gonna just show you what he taught me Okay so out of the things we’ve thrown clearly the mallet was the best thing most maladies. It just doesn’t have enough weight It’s just not big enough See we gotta upscale it a little bit Okay, we got a giant sledgehammer it stands on its own Are you gonna throw it no, I told you I don’t do it don’t do it Jesus holy the whole room shook, that’s the biggest dent yet, I thought I broke the cage yeah, yeah Wow, it stretched it out, but we did hit the pole a little bit. We got it again. Oh my god boom How am I gonna break through this one more problem in a second in a second alright, I’m see Okay, I know you want to give this show problems. Yeah, those games are the festival Yeah, yeah, yeah where the boom and the thing goes up But how is that not breaking it, okay? We need something better sure not even the sledgehammer could break it next you don’t know what to do Yeah about the boot not the sledgehammer that’s a boot. I see you still had to come rescue my boys I’ve seen I can’t do the damage that I normally do what do you got? What is this this man’s got a gorilla tape udon and a duct tape fist? Spinning round house dragon kid I’m kind of impressed by this. I’m not gonna lie but uh You got you got anything else Moo a titanium tip bow and arrows lot especially whoa these are like blue Chrome nice arrows. I like that Wait what you’ve been in Russia oh? Okay Zak what that are you shooting to it once? No a Destin is a duck of Pisgah Tyrion Russia hey Russia what is that? We said what is that is that a pig gasps? Oh? My god you brought a pickaxe snap do not let that go do not let that go okay? We gotta get a little bit of control back in here you do block our Slide okay, go back to band practice Go Go it’s okay It’s all right bye Zack my time to get back to work Zack me it brought the fury when it came to the boat But I bring the accuracy geez Let’s go to this time two hours one. Wall Oh Both of them and then throw the boat, okay, thank you right sharp things, let’s get more sharp things I know you’re throwing a one-two tomahawk in your life. Have you ever done? I have not Have you why we don’t do That is satisfying all right pull it up first time. I hit the small side. Let’s go for the bigger side The tomahawk work tomahawks and axe right yeah, so we should get an axe a bigger ax Pablo that Why is their heritage good? Oh? My god, okay, we’re onto something my god. It’s a nice wound oh No, no, no, no its weakness is sharp You know we need to move on to the bigger axe bigger ax we got bigger eyes oh Right in the center. This is too easy. This is too easy Okay Yep smooth the Answer Oh Oh shit. Oh my god. Oh God. I hope it is deadly try this head no I’ll stick to the sharp side What if we throw it alright Next weapon okay, so we’ve learned a couple of things so far sharp things really good growing things sometimes pretty good So we’ll figure let’s combine the two make something great first up we got our large droid head Okay That works right I know you yourself are pretty good at throwing knives. I’m not about quality over quantity Oh Get that that’s that’s quantity all right. Yeah, oh This is Nick rapid-fire rapid-fire Not not bad I’ll give it to you you’re a knife-throwing god. Not too bad. He needs throw something bigger Yeah, that’s where I come in how about this? What is that? I don’t know. It’s like a cool bar with a super sharp tip you ever see the movie 300 Yeah, they were gonna cast me, but you know I was busy so they were gonna cut That’s why you didn’t get cast, but they came to in the movies all the time right yeah Okie-dokie oh That was nice. Yeah satisfied is that that’s so satisfying We need something just a little bit more deadly. I’m talking about a digit spinner What is this 2016 get that shit out of here? Oh, you know that was just a joke Charlie? That was my Fuji spinner. Oh, sorry, that’s Really silly guys when I was talking about something more deadly. I was talking about me Yeah, just just go Has a lot of gift to it geez alright spinning kick UFC oh Come on it’s not gonna break No, never know you can’t fight it. You can’t wait Starting to give up yeah, we need to move on back to sharp things. Yeah sure thing back to sharp things If sharp is what’s gonna get the job done. Then this should help out So clean so easy Vicky, this is way too easy All the way through oh oh Oh, my god. It’s insanely strong free light beam impact contact But when it comes to sharp things not so much want to get down on this. Yeah, let’s get it Bro-bro the helmet helmet Circulation off-road you can do this is you Roads so you guys know we always think the best to laugh mash that like button Destroyed check Kanna, what what are you doing? Why? Oh yeah, they’re heading it right now to build an entire boat over on Wolvie channel using flexpay literally We’re gonna go in the lake and see if we can float with flexpay the entire boat made of Flex tape and you guys know case since I’m minute we’re gonna test out a whole bunch of other things as well We can build a rope out of it Ain’t now go on over there the link is in my description down below Youtube.com slash wolf PE and t head over there, and you guys know k well We’re on our way. We always like to leave on a high note

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