12 Years a Slave (Victory Scene)

In this scene of 12 Years a Slave, Solomon
told his experiences of being kidnapped and sold into slavery to Bass, a sharecropper
who believes in Universal Human Rights. Bass consequently wrote to Solomon’s friends
in the North, which resulted in Solomon’s freedom from slavery and his reunification
with his family. “Your story, it it is amazing. And in no good way.” “Do you believe, sir, in justice as you said?” “I do.” “Slavery is an evil that should befall none.” “I believe so.” “You truly do? Then I ask, I beg, that you write my friends
in the North, acquainting them of my situation, and beseeching them to forward free papers. It would be an unspeakable happiness to see my wife and my family again.” “I traveled this country for the best part
of 20 years. Mind, freedom is everything. The fact that I can walk out of here tomorrow
brings me great pleasure. My life doesn’t mean much to anyone. It seems
yours might mean a lot to a whole lot of people. But what you ask of me, sir, scares me. And I must say, I am afraid. Not just for you, but for me. I will write your letter, sir. And if it brings you your freedom, it will
be more than a pleasure, it will have been my duty. Now, would you kindly hand me those shingles?”

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