15 Most Bizarre Things Found In A Backyard

● If you dig down deep enough, you will
find traces of history, covered by the sands of time. But what treasures lie waiting to be discovered
in your backyard? What strange items have been thrown over your
garden fence? Here are the most bizarre things found in
people’s backyards. 15 – Prehistoric shark
● While digging the foundations for a new conservatory, a family near Washington DC
unearthed a section of vertebrae and a large tooth. Even though it was Halloween night, paleontologists
from the local museum drove out immediately and confirmed the find as a 15-million year
old snaggletooth shark skeleton, a species which remarkably still exists today. It was the most complete fossil of its kind,
and provided a great insight into its evolutionary changes
14 – Lois Lane ● In 1996, a family in California spent
an afternoon waiting for Superman, when they found Lois Lane frightened and cowering in
their back garden. Margot Kidder, the actress from the 70s and
80s Superman movies had suffered a manic breakdown after losing the copy of her autobiography
due to a computer virus. She was found in a paranoid state, and was
picked up by the police. She made a recovery after some time in mental
care. 13 – Giant worm
● Worms are gross. But at least they’re small, unless you live
in Southern China, apparently. Forestry worker Li Zhiwei found an earthworm
measuring nineteen inches long, which is roughly the length of your arm. Zhiwei says he initially mistook the creature
for a snake, but now has taken a shine to the worm and adopted it as a pet. Biologists are now eager to study how the
critter became so large. 12 – Victorian murder victim
● In 1879, widowed schoolteacher Julia Martha Thomas was murdered in her London house by
her maid, Kate Webster. Webster, who had a long history of crime,
killed the old woman and dumped most of her body in the river Thames. But for over 130 years, the location of the
head remained a mystery until famous British naturalist Sir David Attenborough found the
skull in his garden when renovating his property nearby in 2010. 11 – Buried Ferrari
● Kids playing outside a house in LA in 1978 heard a metallic thud as they poked into
the soil. They flagged down a police officer, who scrabbled
away the dirt to reveal the roof of a car. An excavation team came in to dig up what
turned out to be a Dino 246 GTS Ferrari, valued at around $70,000 in today’s money. The car had been stolen four years before,
but to this day it remains a mystery how and why the thieves buried it. 10 – WW2 shelter
● During World War Two, German bombers devastated countless homes across the UK in air raids
that left countless people dead or homeless. To protect themselves against the raids, citizens
built corrugated steel bunkers known as Anderson shelters to hide in at night. A man in the city of Norwich unearthed one
of these shelters in his backyard in 2012, which contained newspaper cuttings from the
era, showing that it had once been occupied by a frightened family. 9 – $175,000 of weed
● When trying to install solar panels, LA resident Mack Reed removed the service panel
to his hot tub and found a large bundle of jars containing 175,000 dollars worth of marijuana,
sealed and labeled. Rather than trying to shift the goods himself,
he wisely chose to call the police. After removing the drugs, he taped a poster
over the hole, apologising for finding the stash, and reminding the smuggler that his
house was under surveillance. 8 – Cheetah
● Julie-Ann Taylor was busy in her kitchen in Cambridgeshire, England, when her nine-year-old
son came running in shouting “Mummy, there’s a cheetah in the garden”. Julie was surprised to discover that he was
telling the truth when she looked out and saw the 66 pound African cat ripping shreds
out of the boy’s bicycle. A call to the police summoned zookeepers who
returned the predator the nearby zoo where it had escaped, hoping to find a tasty human
meal. 7 – Her son’s remains
● Police in Cleveland received a call from Pakistan, informing them that the body of
a five-year-old boy was buried in the backyard of Larissa Rodriguez, a 34-year-old mother
of nine. The call came from Larissa’s boyfriend’s
brother, and a police investigation found the corpse after a three hour dig. The couple were accused of abuse and neglect
of the disabled child, who they hid in their yard when he passed away, according to court
documents. 6 – Roman villa
● In yet another example of the rich, buried history of Britain, a Englishman found the
remains of a 2000-year old Roman villa while preparing to lay an electricity cable under
his farm in rural Wiltshire. 18 inches beneath the muddy topsoil lay a
near-perfect example of Roman mosaic-work, an elaborate pattern reserved only for the
houses of the richest Roman governors. Further digging found coins, jewellery and
other artefacts which give a glimpse into the lives of the Roman occupiers. 5 – Six meteorites
● A man in Bosnia has become convinced that his house is under attack from alien invaders. Radivoke Lajic, a 50-year-old from a village
in the north, has been bombarded by six meteorites over a three year period from 2007. Scientists at the University of Belgrade have
confirmed that the man is, in fact, not crazy, and that the fragments really are space rocks. They have begun investigating whether local
magnetic fields are responsible for this strange attraction. 4 – South American Coati
● For a British person, finding a cheetah is pretty crazy, but a resident of Buckinghamshire
managed to capture film of an even stranger wild animal. The South American coati is found only in
the jungles of the Amazon, and, in this case, in the suburban middle-class neighbour of
Marlow. The cuddly creature was seen climbing up trees
in the woman’s garden and experts believe it is one of many exotic animals roaming wild
through the countryside of the UK. 3 – 18th century cemetery
● New Orleans, the city of voodoo and black magic was founded in 1718 by French colonialists. The early city was small, and had a small
cemetery outside the city walls for burying the dead, but this was eventually built over
by the Spanish government fifty years later. Flash-forward two hundred years to a city
resident digging a hole for his pool in 2011, instead finding one of the oldest graveyards
in America’s history. 2 – Apocalypse bunker
● The Cuban Missile Crisis of the 1960s was a tense moment of Cold War history, which
had American families anxious at the threat of imminent nuclear apocalypse. But it was great business for companies like
Whitaker Pools, who offered nuclear bunker construction services around Arizona. A man from Tucson unearthed a gigantic one
in his yard, complete with a blast hatch, spiral staircases and a ten-foot high room. The owner now plans to refurbish the bunker
into a classic fallout shelter. 1 – Egyptian relic
● A woman from Derby in the UK brought a boring-looking stone jar to an antique store
to see if she could get something for it, and was surprised to discover that her garden
ornament was in fact a 3000-year old Egyptian burial jar, used to store the organs of the
dead. A few years a later a man in Derby found a
pharaoh’s head sculpture worth £10,000 buried in his backyard. So if you’re looking to make a few bucks,
pack your shovel and head to England.

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  1. Swift Gearheart

    5:31 That's the Terlingua Ghost Town graveyard in Texas! I know the picture is just used for the video, but that's so cool that something I've actually seen is in this video. Sweet! 😀

  2. NightmareAngelXIII

    @Planet Dolan i got an idea for a top countdown list/ Dolan true stories Top Scariest Night shift stories just browsing found one guy who worked at the zoo and one of his jobs was to check on the guerrillas after dark and the guerrillas love jumping out and scaring the shit out of workers all the worker has is a flashlight and the guerilla will sneak up on the guy in the dark and let out a loud screech right behind him they love scaring the workers

  3. Google Is A Cruel Mistress

    I found the remains of a 16th century German dukes vine cellar, or as it's known today my garage…

    I'm not even rich to be able to say so, it's just that this land has been in my family for like 4 or 5 generations and my great grandparents used to use it as a stable and later my grandpa converted it to a garage, though there might be some lower levels somewhere in my back yard as there's a strange rock formation in my back yard that may heave been a wall for a as of know unknown level of it

  4. cpu overlord

    one time me and my brother were smashing stones on the ground and one of them had some gold glitter like shit in it never knew what actually happened to it

  5. Void Kid VG

    Number 15. Underground foot lettuce, the last thing you’d want in your underground tunnel is someone’s foot lettuce, but as it turns out that might be what you get.

  6. Arkee

    No 11,its debunked now, the owners went bankrupt and buried it in their swimming pool to get insurance money but forgot to take it out and changed home….

  7. Sgt. Mustache

    I live In The California mountains so there a lot of weird stuff some of which include ww2 era frag grenades and an anti tank mine out side my friends house

  8. The Nexus

    Considering how England has been with "relics" it doesn't surprise me that a woman had been using an Egyptian burial urn as a LAWN ornament.

  9. Itz just zoe


  10. Reety Galea

    You wanna known a joke?…

    Read the first word! :p (its a joke ) but still get a life because you're wasting it on this lame comment look you're still reading it…..

  11. jmart0031

    show more and only pictures of what you are specifically talking about not stupid shit you find on an image search of what you are talking about, unreal your channel still exists.

  12. IIKekethedollII Dunham

    The most bizarre thing I have found is 2 things #1 being old Glass bottles ( they are old too you can tell!!) And #2 a large rock made of salt and shiny quartz and is very large like a full roll of toilet paper big!

  13. NOLA Gaming Gal 424

    (Listening carefully and frowning in thought.) What IS that odd sound? (Listening still longer then flashing a smile as understanding strikes.) Ah! It's the scores of Planet Dolan fans digging up their backyards! (Smile fades to a frown.) I live in an apartment and have no yard…so sad that I cannot join them! Le sigh!

  14. Samuel Moretz

    Also the story when there was a cheetah in someone’s back yard and you said maybe it was looking for a human snack well that bs cause there is no recorded history of cheetahs attacking humans

  15. Agnieszka Modrzyńska

    In my back yard as a child i found old looking gold and silver coins. Sadly, being the brat I were i lost them somewhere in my house

  16. Alex Holts

    I'm not sure if I'd scream or squee if I found a cheetah in my backyard; a big, beautiful, fuzzy-wuzzy cutesy-wutesy cheetah…. @&$)(/-!
    Sorry about that 😅

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