#2 Where Were You ? Chase In The Department Store ! | Stop Motion Movie | Sylvanian Families

this is the grand department store in
this store there is a dress shop where Stella chocolate works a cosmetic shop
where Lulu Golightly works and an accessories store where Cecilia teak
works and a chocolate store where laura Cakebread works the department store is
about to open and everyone is busy getting ready I wonder what kind of
makeup would go by this dress I’m going to ask Lulu at the makeup store
unleavened oh just in case someone drops by I’m at the cosmetic shop that will be
right back that should do it I wonder if I could promote the new
makeup with some accessories I’m going to ask Mrs T cat the accessory shop I’ll
be at the accessory shop there a quick note should be enough oh I need to buy
some chocolate for my baby’s birthday I’m going to ask Laura to get some
before they sell out I’ll be at the chocolate store I’m going to leave a
note oh I forgot to ask Stella to adjust my dress that I’ll be wearing to the
party I’ll just leave a note saying I’m going to the dress shop oh where is she
oh is she out hmm she isn’t here hmm where did she go
oh there’s a note what does it say I will be at the accessory shop route I’ll
go find her hmm where is she I thought the note said
she’ll be here hmm no one here either huh she’s not here either hmm
she isn’t here maybe I should wait here she’s not coming back I’m going to look
around try and find her where is she she’s not here I’ve looked everywhere
but can’t find anybody where did everyone go Hey oh no no mystique Nova
right Lulu something I want to ask you about makeup
which accessory will go with which makeup do you still have a popular
chocolate left in store I would like you to alter my dress huh wait everyone
let’s not all talk at once Featured Product –
Grand Department Store Gift Set Featured Product – Persian Cat Family / Town Girl Series – Chocolate Rabbit / Silk Cat / Toy Poodle you

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