20 Creepiest Horror Stories 2018 (Ultimate Compilation) | Al Dente Creepypasta 10

I had to think that whoever was behind was
me was just one of the employees, but then, seemingly just to disprove that theory, the
guy moves closer to me and starts breathing down my neck. I was getting very uncomfortable, but then
just as I was about to say something… Hello, and welcome to Al Dente Creepypasta,
horror stories cooked to perfection with a splash of red sauce. My name is CZ and I will be your server this
episode. Today’s special comes in many courses. As we celebrate the 10th episode of this series,
we’re going to be looking back at some of of the best stories from Season 1. This is going to be a long compilation of
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the way, let’s dig right in. Number 1 – This Strange Man Is In All Of My
Dreams I’m sitting in an airport right now. My flight is delayed so I’m going to do my
best to write this story before it’s time to board the flight. Have you ever dreamed of a character, who
seems to only exist in your dreams? Most of the characters in my dreams are people
that I know I’m real life. Occasionally I’ll dream of a character from
a TV show, or celebrity crush, but the point is they are all people that I can picture
in my head. Sure, there may be one that I made up from
time to time, but if that does happen they are usually only going to appear in one dream. Except for this one guy. For the last few years this guy has been in
almost every one of my dreams; at least the ones that I can remember. As far as I know he’s never had a name. He’s bald, probably in his 60’s or something
though I suck at guessing people’s ages. He has a thin mustache and wrinkles his eyes. Yellow teeth. Not real straight. I wouldn’t call him overweight but he’s definitely
not in shape. The strange thing is: this is the first time
I’ve been able to clearly remember what he looks like outside of my dream. But I’ll get back to that in a minute. So usually this man just shows up in random
situations in my dream. Like he might be delivering me this package,
or if I’m having a test dream he’ll be the teacher. If I’m being chased in my dream, he is usually
the malevolent pursuer. If it’s a getting walked-in-on dream, he tends
to be the one to catch me. So he always plays that kind of role. I don’t think I’ve ever held a conversation
with him in any of these. I can’t really remember him talking at all
to be honest. So that brings me to today. I am flying out to Denver for work and the
flight gets delayed because of inclement weather. It’s early in the morning and I’m tired,
so I decided to nod off for a little bit in the airport. Now I can never remember the beginning of
my dreams but, the first thing I remember was watching my son play Jak and Daxter. Quick backstory on that, my kid was really
into The Last of Us, so recently I dug out my old PS2 and introduced him to the Jak and
Daxter series because they’re made by the same studio and he really took a liking to
it. I don’t know if other people have this happen
in their dreams, but I have a lot of dreams where I’ll be watching a movie or playing
a game, and I kind of gradually become one of the characters. I’m assuming I’m not the only one who
gets that. So I’m in this game and I’m exploring
this area called Misty Island. I think I was supposed to be finding this
power cell or something, I don’t remember the exact details of the objective. But me and my son were both inside of this
game. He kept running ahead to explore, and I would
try to keep close to him, because as the name of the island suggests, it was very hazy and
I was afraid he was going to be lost or something was going to happen to him. The problem is, I kept slipping on the gravel
underneath my feet, and it was becoming a challenge to even stay upright. He was just kind of running around carelessly
and I lost him for a minute as he ran around this cliff. I sprinted to catch up with him. When I came around the cliff, there was nothing
there. I was not only worried about my son getting
lost, but also the threat of Lurkers, which if you aren’t familiar with the game, are
these creepy purple reptilian creatures with yellow eyes. Almost on cue, one of these creatures crawled
out of the cliffside and crossed right in front of me, stopping me in my tracks. It continued on towards the shore and disappeared
in the fog. Then I noticed someone standing far in the
distance shrouded in fog. I called out my son’s name, but he didn’t
respond. He was just standing still staring out at
the water. I began to run up towards him, when a Lurker
bounded out from the trees, jumped, and struck him in the head before scampering off! My heart sank in my chest and I sprinted with
everything I had. When I reached him I discovered, it was not
my son, but rather… No… it couldn’t be… What I saw lying there on the sand, was the
man from my dreams, only in video game polygon form. Somehow, his appearance was even creepier
in compressed textures and PS2 graphics, yet the injury to his head was terrifyingly realistic. His body then compressed into green eco in
the typical fashion of the game’s death animation, and he was gone. I progressed to the area that is essentially
the end of the level and where I saw my son standing up on a platform, waiting for me. As I got closer, I noticed there was someone
else standing there as well, and sure enough, it was the man, again… He had his hand on my son’s shoulder and
they were both just staring at me. Not knowing what to do, I froze in my tracks. Before I could come to a decision… I was jolted out of the game, and I was back
in my son’s room, staring at a blank screen. I looked over to the chair my son had been
sitting in. What I saw was the chord from his controller
stretched across the chair, like he had gotten up and was standing as far back as the cable
length would allow him. I followed the stretch of cable with my eyes
to meet my son’s gaze… but was instead met with… [controller sound effect] An adult pair of hands dropped the plastic
controller to the floor. It was him. He was just grinning at me with the most insane
stare. I was startled, nearly falling back out of
my chair. My first instinct was to swing my feet around
and stumble out of the room. I ran down the hall. The house seemed to be empty, but strangely,
all of the doors to every room were open. I looked over my shoulder as I turned the
corner. He had grown to about 9 feet tall and his
eyes were deadlocked on me as he ducked under the doorframe exiting my son’s room and
began to make his way in my direction. I went for the front door. In typical nightmare fashion, it was locked,
but for whatever reason I didn’t think to just reach down and unlock it. I fiddled with the doorknob anxiously as I
looked over my shoulder and saw the man walking around the corner and coming for me with that
creepy grin on his face. [doorknob sound effect] The doorknob fell to the ground. The thing had broken off or something. As a last ditch effort I reared back and just
kicked the door in. What happened next, is sort of difficult to
put into words. I was in the car, just driving as fast as
I could, within reason. It was a lot like the phenomenon I explained
earlier, where at first I was watching the video game and then we were gradually in it. In this case, I started off alone in the car,
but at some point, I realized I was in the car with that guy. I know it doesn’t make sense, but in the context
of the dream I didn’t question it. He wasn’t making any moves or anything. Literally, he was just sitting there with
his stupid grin. But as time went on, I was just getting more
nervous that he was about to do something. I kept looking over at him. Looking back at the road. Then back at him. I was trying to keep my eye on him and make
sure he wasn’t going anywhere. Him. The road. Him. The road. The next time I looked back at him, he was
breathing more and more heavily. I was getting nervous. My palms were sweating. I looked back at the road to find I had run
out of road! I was about to drive over the edge into the
water! I slammed the brakes, but it was too late,
I broke through the barrier and propelled off the edge! A shiver went up my spine as I was startled
awake. To my relief, it was all just a crazy dream. Just as I woke up, a woman in a purple dress
swiftly crossed in front of me. My gaze followed her to the window. It was almost white with fog. It seemed that there would still be a significant
delay until we could take off. [bottle sound effect] Just then I dropped my bottle of water. I had purchased before heading to my gate
and forgotten that I’d fallen asleep with it in my hand. I reached down to grab and as I came back
up, I saw something that frightened and disturbed me… The man from my dreams. He was sitting in the seat across from me. Just grinning at me. Number 2 – Costume Shop I know Halloween is supposed to be a spooky
holiday, but my first Halloween experience left me with scars and nightmares for years
to come. Having moved to the USA when I was 17, I had
never actually celebrated Halloween before because it wasn’t even a known holiday in
my home country. A few years later, when I got my first job
as a computer consultant, I wanted to do whatever I could to get ahead
and move up in the company. When my boss mentioned that there would be
a company Halloween party. I saw this as an opportunity to impress by
finding the best costume in the office. I wanted to avoid the cheap quality of pop
up Halloween stores, so I found a nice costume rental shop with some supposedly higher quality
wares. I headed over there after staying late at
work that night. It was pretty far away in the middle of nowhere,
but I was hoping it would be worth the extra miles. I got in there about an hour before close. But to my surprise, the place was pretty much
empty. There was only one customer in there, despite
the fact that we were already pretty late into October. I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to go
as, so the owner of the store helped me pick out several costumes that I was interested
in, and let me into the changing room to see how
they all looked on me. I started to get undressed when I heard the
door chime, signaling that someone was entering or leaving. This was a fairly large shop, but it was small
enough that I could hear what was going on in the front from where I was. Which is why my heart sank, when I heard this:
“Put your hands up. This is a robbery.” I then hear a horrified scream, which I think
was coming from the other customer that was in the store with me. “You. Don’t move. Get up against the wall. I said back to the wall. Now!” That was a different voice. As far as I could tell, there were at least
two men who were operating this. The entire store was suddenly silent. That’s when I heard what seemed like the loudest
gunshot I’ve ever heard. I literally had to cover my own mouth to prevent
myself from gasping or screaming, and tried to stay as quiet as possible. “Open up the register and step away.” I heard the familiar sound of a cash register
opening, and it was quiet for a few moments as I could
only hear people shuffling around, which I assume was the guy hopping over the
counter and unloading the register into a bag or something. After that, there was a quieter exchange between
the first robber and the owner of the store. I couldn’t hear it very clearly, but from
what I could gather, the robber had asked to be taken to the vault or something like
that. It seemed like the accomplice had stayed back
with the other customer, and the lights in the entire store had been turned off. Possibly to make it look like they were closed
from the outside. I thought about calling the police but I was
afraid that they would hear me, given how quiet it was and how well sound
seemed to travel in the store. My hands were shaking as I tried texting my
roommate to ask him to send help. But I was cut short when I heard two pairs
of footsteps headed in my direction. This sent me into a panic, since I had left
a couple of items on the floor. The door to the dressing room was a thin swinging
door with diagonal upward facing slots so that I could see out to the ceiling, but
someone on the outside would only be able to see part of the floor if they tried to
peak in. As quickly and quietly as possible,
I gathered up everything from the floor and moved it onto the bench. I picked my feet up onto the bench and tried
to squeeze myself into the corner. There is a small slot under the door. Not enough to fit through, but enough that
you could see if someone’s feet were on the ground from the other side. I was able to see two pairs of shoes walk
right past my door while I tried not to breath. They seemed to go into the back somewhere
so I decided to finish my text message and hope that my roommate would notice and contact
the police for me. This was before I knew that some call centers
allow you to send a text message to 911 directly which is now recommended for situations that
are too dangerous to talk. I was so nervous, as I waited for about 15
minutes while the owner and the robber were somewhere in the back. At no point during this experience was I ever
comfortable, but there was a point where I kind of got used to the situation and my heart
rated seemed to slow down a little bit. Then… out of nowhere… This came from the back of the store. Because this happened after several minutes
of complete silence, I nearly had a heart attack when it happened
and fell off the bench. I was praying that the other robber didn’t
hear that, because I was convinced that the store owner was dead and I would be next if
they found out about me. The robber then walked back past my changing
room. “Do it.” “No! Please!” I sat there in shock, thinking that I might
be the lone survivor of this crime with any luck. But whatever hope I did have was dashed, when
I heard what he said next: “Check the rest of the store.” I didn’t dare move a muscle as I heard the
two men methodically taking apart the rest of the store. I thought back to when the store owner had
let me into the changing room. How he had unlocked the door to let me go
in. I thought maybe… just maybe… that they
would assume that the doors were locked at all times and leave it be. But again, my head started burning when I
saw a figure standing right outside my door through the slots,
trying to peek inside. He tried the doorhandle, and started loudly
banging on the door! “Anybody in there? Open up!” He then starts throwing himself against the
door like a madman! I can literally see the door breaking off
it’s hinges before my eyes. It’s not going to take much more abuse, when
finally… I hear the guy yell out “let’s go” and they
both run for the exit. The rest of the night was pretty much a blur
to me. I remember the police arriving. Me being marched back through the store. Seeing police and ambulance lights. Seeing the bloody mess made along the wall,
probably from that first customer. I was taken in for questioning. I probably wasn’t very helpful, considering
that I never saw their faces. As far as I know, neither of them were ever
caught. It’s pretty obvious to me why they decided
to steal from a small costume shop just before Halloween,
but I still wonder why they felt the need to kill. Especially someone in my position who didn’t
even see their faces. I’ve had many nightmares about the incident,
and have struggled to get the idea out of my head ever since. I’ve tried talking to therapists and friends
about the situation, and people have come up with their own theories. The best, and probably most haunting theory
that I’ve heard so far, Came from a witness who worked at a nearby
restaurant and was getting off his shift around the time that I was in the costume store that
night. After hearing about what happened in the news,
he theorized that the two criminals didn’t do it for the money,
but rather did it for the thrill. I don’t know if there’s any truth to this,
but he said he noticed two men in tuxedos walk into the shop… …wearing animal masks. Number 3 – Heartbreaker The stereotypical version of Valentine’s
Day has always gotten on my nerves. For one, the ads never show gay couples and
I tend to get asked out by guys who don’t believe I’m actually gay. This year wasn’t different by much. I had to sit through class, which I spent
texting my girlfriend, Amy, going over our plans for the night. Our LGBTQ friends were having a dinner party
and we agreed to go. As I was getting up to leave after class,
one of the guys walked over to me. I don’t know who he is. He’s one of the quiet guys who sits in the
back. He handed me a heart-shaped note reading “will
you be mine?” I sighed, noticing his friend nervously watching
in the back. Obviously, his friend was asking. “Sorry, but I have a girlfriend.” I tried to be nice about it. He went back to his friend and I could feel
a cold glare following me. I’m used to guys being rude, so I shrugged
it off. I went home and got ready for the night. It felt like something was staring at me from
outside and in the shadows. The feeling came back on and off throughout
the night. The party was amazing, lots of laughs and
booze. Everyone was intoxicated, especially Amy. As I drove her home, there was a car following
us. I could feel my hair standing on end. Every time we passed an intersection, I would
look back to see if it would turn. It finally turned when we were two blocks
from Amy’s. I helped her inside and she complained constantly
that it was hot in her apartment, so I opened the window a bit. Most people would have made out and proceeded
to make love to their partner at this point, but I have more dignity than that. I gave her a kiss goodnight and left. It was strangely quiet on my way home. The feeling of being followed was finally
gone, replaced by an uneasy feeling in my gut. Maybe the alcohol was finally kicking in. I got back to my dorm and cracked the window
open. The night air felt good on my warm face and
soothed my upset stomach. I decided to take a shot of whiskey before
going to bed. As I laid there, I thought I could hear the
door rattle. It was probably my imagination, the shot I
took couldn’t have hit me that hard. Then again, that’s also probably the alcohol. I wasn’t sure, but I thought I could see
the shadow of feet from underneath the door. I could have sworn something hit the window,
but it was probably just the wind. The morning light hit my eyes and the onset
of a hangover made my head throb. The slight smell of blood made me groan. It shouldn’t be that time, yet. I got up just to make sure. Instead of the expected, the rug felt wet
under my feet and I discovered a heart on the floor. There was a knife through it and blood staining
my rug. My heart was pounding as the metallic smell
flooded my senses. The breath caught in my throat and my stomach
twisted. I got up and rushed to the bathroom. The shock of it all made me sick, literally. I took a moment to drink some water after
painfully emptying the contents of my stomach, hoping to ease the sense of dread knotting
it. I went back, pausing outside my door. It had been a long time since I last prayed
and right now, I was praying that it was nothing. Praying that it was a delusion. I opened the door and it was still there. I couldn’t stop myself from gagging and
that’s when I saw the writing. The wall had blood smeared on it, reading:
“Now you can be mine…” The police came and they couldn’t find any
evidence of forced entry. No trace of who did it was left behind. I found out that the heart belonged to Amy
and it was determined that they entered through the window. I’m not sure how anyone could climb 3 stories
from the outside of the building, but now I never leave the window open at night. It’s been two years now and I even moved
to a different city because of rumors that I killed Amy. A new start was supposed to be a good thing,
until I found a heart-shaped note under my door reading: “you are mine…” Number 4 – I Found Some Disturbing Pictures
In My Child’s Backpack My wife and I first decided to send our daughter,
Ella, to preschool when my wife went back to school to get her nursing degree. Ella was about 4 years old at the time, and
we were primarily concerned that she would have a hard time fitting in since all of the
other kids in the class had been together for a couple of years already at that point. The first couple of weeks went off without
a hitch… Or at least we didn’t notice any issues until
one afternoon in September when Ella wasn’t feeling well and went to bed right after we
picked her up from school. She had left her backpack dumped right next
to the door, and my wife commented on the fact that it was surprisingly heavy considering
how small of a bag it was. We were curious about what exactly they had
given her that would make the backpack so heavy so we decided to pop it open and take
a look. All that we had given her when she started
preschool were the basics: pencils, markers, crayons, a pad of paper, extra clothes, perhaps
a couple of other things that I’m forgetting right now, but the point is, we were very
surprised to see what we found in the backpack. It was filled to the brim with loose papers,
it was a complete mess, almost as if she had just stuffed the backpack full of paper one
sheet at a time. There must have been hundreds of sheets in
there… if not more. The strangest thing is, Ella had never really
been a very messy child. She keeps her room clean for the most part,
and she’s the kind of girl who never really likes to get her hands messy. Naturally, my wife and I emptied out the backpack
and tried to sort through the mess. What we found were… mostly drawings; the
typical stuff you would expect from a young girl with the grass at the bottom and the
sun in the top corner of the page. Most of the drawings had three characters,
who I can only assume are supposed to be Ella, my wife and I. Most of the drawings were repeats or some
variation of this basic formula: the three of us standing in front of a house, the three
of us standing in flowers, at the beach, etcetera, etcetera. Not all of the pages were drawings, some of
them just contained black crayon scribbles all over the place. It looked almost as if she was trying to color
the page black. I remembered doing that when I was bored in
school as a kid as well, so I wasn’t too concerned, until I saw that there were more of them. Subsequent pages contained less black scribbles
and more white space, and all of the lines seemed to be completely random from what I
could tell. We said something about getting her a bigger
folder and continued to sift through our daughter’s drawings for a while, until my wife got a
call and I got hungry and went to go grab something from the fridge. After that, the issue never really came up
again for the next month or so. We got busy with life and… well, if you
have kids, you know how parenting can be. Anyways, one afternoon in October I was in
Ella’s room getting her ready for bed, when she had to use the restroom, so I continued
to sit in there and wait for her when I noticed another messy stack of papers. We have a little table set up in her room
that she can use for her arts and crafts, and once again, there was a huge surplus of
drawings pouring out of her backpack. I was starting to wonder if they do anything
else at this pre-school of hers besides freetime to color, when I noticed something strange…
there was a new character added to the family portrait, and he looked disturbing to say
the least. He was a tall slim bald man wearing long white
robes. This figure was completely devoid of any color,
except for the eyes and mouth, which were scribbled in a dark red. It looked like she had jammed the crayon into
the page as hard as she could to produce the eyes and mouth, resulting in a much more intense
pigment in those areas. Other then that, this character and the areas
surrounding his outline were the only parts of the page that were completely colorless. What was even more disturbing was the fact
that this character, and my wife were frowning, while Ella and I both had huge smiles on our
faces. It just didn’t sit well with me. I continued to look through her drawings and
found that this fourth person was in EVERY DRAWING. As I flipped through them I noticed the guy
seemed to staring at… my wife. In some of the drawings, he seemed to be standing
behind her. I was legitimately creeped out by this, but
told myself that it must be an imaginary friend or something… I continued to flip through the pages and
ended up coming across more of those black scribbles, but these ones were, what I can
only describe as more violent, more intense. It was that same thing where it looked like
she had mashed the crayon into the page. To this point, I was able to look past what
I had seen, but what I saw next gave me a deep pit in my stomach. She had drawn pictures of my wife, laying
at the bottom of the ocean. Her eyes were scribbled out in black crayon
and she was wearing a huge frown. To my own dismay, this wasn’t the only drawing
like this, she had drawn the same picture, over and over and over and over… My jaw hung agape as I tried to comprehend
what I was looking at when I realized that my wife was in the bath right now. Ella had probably gone into that same bathroom… Before I could react, I heard a cold voice
from behind. WHAT ARE YOU DOING? I turned to see Ella standing at the door. I tried asking her about the pictures, but
she just refused to talk about it and climbed into bed. This wasn’t just a case of kids will be kids;
she had a most serious tone about her. Thankfully, my wife didn’t mention that anything
had happened while they were in the bathroom, but we were unable to get Ella to respond
to any of our questions about the pictures. Now, we’re considering seeking professional
help. Number 5 – The Scarecrow I’ll always remember 7th grade Halloween as
one of the last good, innocent years of trick-or-treating with my friends,
before the paradigm shift to haunted houses, parties, slutty costumes, boys and alcohol. I’ll also remember it though, for one other
reason, that I haven’t been able to erase from my mind since that night
I remember that day. It was Friday, so almost everyone wore their
costumes to school. Jane, Margret and I had decided to go as the
Powerpuff Girls, even though the show was long since irrelevant
at the time. Jane was Bubbles, Margret went as Buttercup,
and I, being the only one without the correct hair
color, wore a red wig to become Blossom. During homeroom, everyone was showing off
their costumes. One of our guy friends, Chris, was the only
one who didn’t wear his costume to school. Chris was one of the more popular guys that
we knew, so I found it kind of strange that he hadn’t dressed up. When Margret asked him why he didn’t wear
a costume, he just told us that we’d have to stop by his place tonight if we wanted
to see his costume. We got the idea that whatever he was wearing,
was obviously too graphic to be brought to school,
and made plans to swing by and check it out some time that evening. By the time we made it to Chris’s house, it
was starting to get pretty late. I figured we had about an hour or so of trick-or-treating
left before we had to call it a night. We were a bigger group of girls now, probably
six or seven of us. All in costume. His house didn’t seem to have much in terms
of decoration, Just a few of those Halloween store cobwebs
you see on the porch and a scarecrow sitting on a bench near the front door. Someone rang the bell and Chris’s mom showed
up dressed in regular clothes with a witch hat. Which I’m pretty sure she wore on multiple
years. As we picked out candy, Margret asked if Chris
was home, but his Mom told us he had gone out to scare
some trick-or-treaters with a couple friends. I was the last one in line to take a piece
of candy, so I thanked her and we went on our way. As we walked back to the sidewalk, I felt
something behind me tug on my wig… pulling it off my head a little bit. I looked back and screamed when I saw the
scarecrow standing just a couple inches behind me. A couple of the girls let out screams as well
when they turned around and noticed the scarecrow had moved from the bench and snuck up behind
us. Margret seemed to be the first one to come
to the realization that it was Chris, who had dressed up and waited for us inside the
scarecrow. When Jane asked how long he had to wait there,
he didn’t say anything, and just stared at us which admittedly made
me a little bit uncomfortable. But I tried not to show it,
not wanting to give the known prankster any satisfaction. I guess he didn’t want to break character,
because even as we invited him to come trick-or-treat at a few more houses, he remained silent for
the rest of the time. Jane and I poked fun at him for trying too
hard to be Mr. Creepy-Mysterious, trying to get him to crack or laugh or something,
but it didn’t work. He just followed us from house to house for
another block or so until we all decided to go back to my house and hang out for a while. He would occasionally tug on my wig, but I
tried not to react, because I knew that was exactly what he wanted. So we stayed up late, seeing as how tomorrow
was a Saturday and we could sleep in as long as we wanted. One of the girls went home, but the rest of
us, and Chris, stayed up to watch a scary movie, which ended up not being so scary. Chris didn’t even seem to want to watch the
movie, he just stared at us the entire time. I knew he was just trying to freak me out,
so I ignored him and tried to pay attention to the movie. I was bored and fell asleep about 20 minutes
in. When I woke up, it was around 3 in the morning,
and everyone else passed out on the couch. Chris, however, was gone. I figured that he wouldn’t be able to mess
with us anymore and (he) walked home. When we got back to school on Monday we confronted
Chris about his little stunt on Halloween. He got this confused expression on his face
and told us that his family didn’t own a scarecrow. Or a scarecrow costume. And that he had been out all evening trick-or-treating
with his friends. He even showed us a picture of his group,
with him wearing a Jeff the Killer costume. He seemed to have no idea what we were talking
about when we brought up the scarecrow. A couple of his friends even served as his
alibis, saying that they were with Chris the entire night. To this day, I don’t know if this was an elaborate
prank, or if some stranger actually followed us around all night. But what really bothers me most to think about,
is the possibility that this guy came into my house, and after all of us were asleep,
left without taking anything or saying a word. I’ve never seen that particular scarecrow
costume again, and to this day… I’ve never gotten Chris to admit that he was
behind it. Number 6 – My Sleep Paralysis Amplified I started my new job a few days ago. Well, to be entirely accurate, it’s not
a new job, I just got transferred to another branch. In a another timezone. My doctor says that the stress of having a
new job, new schedule and new life are all probably contributing to my severe sleep issues
and hallucinations I’ve been having. OK, maybe I’m getting ahead of myself here. Let me take a step back. My name is Alex. I’m 28 years old and single. I work for a pretty sizable company that sells
consumer and professional grade amplifiers to musicians. I’m the guy who makes sure you actually
get the thing you ordered and get it on time. It was recently decided that it would be a
good idea for people like me, to be close to the people who are selling these products. Why they didn’t realize that in the first
place? Beyond me. But recently I found myself packing up and
moving across the country. So I was kind of annoyed about the whole relocation
thing for my first 10 minutes at the new office. I was supposed to be meeting some of these
sales people who I would now be working alongside. Enter Caitlyn. Luminescent light brown eyes. Short, but not too short, brunette hair. Dimples. To. Die for. I quickly got over any annoyance I had with
having to move and started to think I was going to like this new office. By the end of the first day, Caitlyn and I
already had at least three inside jokes. “See, I told you the copy machine outsmarted
Lenny!” I told her as I headed out for the day. Don’t worry, you’re not supposed to get
it. It’s one of our inside jokes. She laughed and told me she’d see me tomorrow. She has such a cute laugh. Sorry, I got distracted there for a second. At the end of the day, I was exhausted. Famished. I was so eager to retire to bed. But when I layed down and shut my eyes… I just couldn’t fall asleep. I kept opening my eyes and looking at the
clock. One o’clock. Two o’clock. Two thirty. Why wasn’t I falling asleep? Was it this new bed? Was it this new apartment? I looked around my new pad and thought about
how funny it was that I still always close bedroom door, despite being the only one here
now. Old habits do die hard I suppose. Maybe I couldn’t sleep because I was thinking
too much? Maybe Caitlyn was on my mind too. Eventually at some point I must have dozed
off. But when I awoke. It was still dark out. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the clock. Four twenty-three in the morning. Ugh. I was feeling pretty thirsty so I hopped up
to grab some water… only… when I hopped up to grab some water, my body didn’t move
an inch. Come to think of it, I hadn’t moved at all
since I had woken up. I immediately felt a wave of terror crash
over me. What was going on? Why can’t I move? What’s wrong with me? I was instantly overcome with anxiety and
discomfort. It was like a nightmare. Where nothing happens. But it was a nightmare because nothing was
happening. What if I was stuck like this forever? Who will think to come check on me? What if I starve to death like this? What if… What if…?! The next thing I remember was me waking up
the next morning. To my relief, I was able to get up and hit
the alarm clock now. What was that last night? Some kind of weird dream? Or was it real? It felt real… but it doesn’t seem real. I brought my own lunch to work that day. I opened up the fridge to find… it’s completely
stuffed. I couldn’t find an open spot anywhere, so
I start to rearrange stuff to make room. “What are you doing?” I hear from behind me. I turn to see this guy Jerry standing there. Jerry is the head of the sales department. Every office has that guy, right? From what I could tell so far in my one day
here, Jerry is the guy who makes you want to take the stairs when you see him waiting
for the elevator. And I might be speaking from experience already. “I was just–” “Why do you have my food in your hand?”,
he asked in the most accusatory manner I’ve ever heard in my life. He snatched the bag from me. “I was just trying to make space, so that
I could fit my lunch.” “Yeah. OK.” He walked away. Hey, no complaint from me. Now I had a spot to put my lunch in! Throughout the day, I made sure to visit Caitlyn
and make sure she wasn’t “overworking” herself. Sometimes people forget to take little breaks. I was just looking out for my fellow employee. The lack of sleep the night before had me
all worn out. I was positive that this time, I would have
no trouble whatsoever with passing out. I shut my bedroom door behind me and literally
collapsed on my bed. I continued to lie awake for a while though. I looked at my clock periodically. 11:17. 12:03. 12:15. 12:17. I was growing restless. I guess at some point though, I knocked out,
because a couple of hours later, I woke up in the middle of the night again. Great… I tried to look at the clock, but I couldn’t
see it from the position I was in. That’s when I realized… It had happened again. I couldn’t move. Once again I was overcome with fear. Was this going to become a regular thing? However, what I saw next was about to take
my fear and amplify it. My door was open, and this creature was standing
in the doorway. It was humanoid, but it’s body was all pitch
black and it was probably 7 or 8 feet tall. It’s head was shaped like the top of a tree
stump that had been struck by lightning and it’s eyes were glowing red. It’s mouth opening resembled a polygon with
completely random angles. But the scariest part to me, for whatever
reason, was it’s fingers. Each one was long and branch-like. Probably about 2ft in length. They were just dangling there and he… well…
it was moving them around in a wave motion. I tried to move. I tried to scream! But what I found is that I could not even
do that. It started to pace towards my bed. I could not even describe to you the motion
it used to walk. It reached the foot the bed. I was fighting with every ounce of energy
I had, but my body would not budge. It came along the side of the bed and continued
to inch closer to me. I tried to scream for help, and just managed
to get out the slightest sound. “H-help. Help!” “HELP!” I screamed out as I sat up. It was morning. Again I was left with the mystery of what
this sleep paralysis was. I decided it was time to see a doctor about
it and made an appointment for after work. I wasn’t going to let my rough night ruin
my perfect day, however. Today, I had a plan. When I got to work, Jerry was waiting for
the elevator. I smoothly redirected myself towards the stairs,
I could almost feel him sneering at me back. By the time I made it up the stairs, Jerry
was talking to Caitlyn about something. Luckily I saw him walk away as I walked up. I stopped and said hello to Caitlyn. She flashed her infectious smile at me. Sure, I was tired, but things were going well. I didn’t bring my lunch to work today. Instead, when it got to my break time, I went
over to Caitlin’s desk and invited her to go grab some food with me. She delightfully accepted. We got sandwiches. And we totally hit it off. We were talking and cracking jokes the entire
time. She does this little thing where she’ll get
excited about something and kind of bite her lip. It’s incredible. We got back to the office and she offered
me a mint from her drawer. I accepted, so she went to open the little
box of mints and accidentally spilled a bunch of them on her desk. We both reached for the loose mints. I saw my chance and grabbed her hand and held
it in mine. “Here relax, I’ll take care of this.” I told her, and used my other hand to gather
the mints. “What’s going on here?” I heard the stern voice that belonged to Jerry
as he walked up. She quickly pulled her hands away. I finished gathering up the mints and after
taking one for myself, deposited the rest back in the container. I was taken aback by what she said next… She told him… hey babe, we just got back from lunch. My heart sank deep into my chest and my head
started burning up. Did my ears deceive me? Did she really just call Jerry, the prick
of the office and her boss, “babe”? Surely this must be a joke; a cruel meme of
some kind. He came up behind her and kissed the top of
her head, crushing whatever hope I had left and glaring at me as he did so. I couldn’t believe it. How is this idiot better than me? I felt myself starting to blush. I felt so stupid thinking she was into me. She was just being friendly. How did I not see this coming? “Uhh… I gotta get back to work.” She thanked me for my company at lunch. As I turned away I could feel his glare on
me so strongly that I wished I’d worn sunscreen. “You went out to lunch with that guy?” I heard him ask her, with an attitude as I
fled the scene. Great. Three days and I was already making enemies. The rest of my afternoon was so hard to get
through. I was constantly dozing off at my desk. Not enough to fully fall asleep, mind you. Just enough to feel as about as miserable
as I felt rejected. I wanted to just go home and sleep, but I
had my doctor’s appointment that evening. The doc confirmed what I pretty much already
knew. I had sleep paralysis. One and every 12 people get it or something. He questioned me about my lifestyle and when
he found out I had just made a big move, he was almost positive that was the reason for
my issues. Psychological stress and abnormal sleep cycles
are apparently the two biggest factors that usually contribute to it. He told me that the hallucinations are a common
symptom, basically my body thinks it’s asleep while it’s awake. I was supposed to see a psychiatrist if the
problem persisted once I’d settled into my new routine. Not exactly the treatment I was hoping for,
but it was somewhat reassuring that he expected me to recover on my own. That night I actually had a better time falling
asleep than before. I must have been out by 11 or 12. But that didn’t stop me from waking up in
the middle of the night again, unable to move, unable to speak. Officially knowing that I suffered from sleep
paralysis didn’t make the experience any less scary. When you have it, it feels like you’re never
going to wake up from it. And the things you see feel incredibly real,
and you feel incredibly helpless. That’s why I wanted to scream when I saw
a knife-wielding silhouette standing in my doorframe. The man stepped forward and caught a little
bit of moonlight, just enough for me to identify who it was. Jerry. As per usual, he did NOT look happy to see
me. He tip-toed across the room to the foot of
my bed and stared down at me with disgust. He continued to look at me for about 2 full
minutes. His body was trembling. Finally, he came around to the side of the
bed, taking an almost identical path to the creature from the night before. He raised the knife in the air, gripping it
so hard that I could see the loss of circulation to his fingers. He froze in that position, almost like he
was waiting for me to make the first move. I couldn’t take it! The anxiety was killing me! I just wanted him to do it already to get
it over with! The last thing I could remember though, was
him, stuck in that position, trembling like a maniac. Morning came. I turned off my alarm clock and the post-nightmare
relief felt incredible as it dawned on me. I actually felt pretty decent for once. Not back to where I was before the move, but
not 100% exhausted either. It was Friday so I thought maybe I’d have
the energy to go out on the town and explore my new city after work tonight. Maybe it would help get my mind off things. I hopped out of bed and as I began to get
dressed… I realized something. Something that flushed whatever optimism or
relief I had away. Something that made my body and legs lock
up, just as they had the two previous nights. Something that made my heart sink deep into
my chest, just as it had when I found out about Caitlyn and Jerry. What I realized was… my bedroom door was
open… 7 – Play With Me Are you awake? Why are you hiding? I don’t mean you any harm. I know it’s late, but I want to play! You haven’t picked me up for nearly a month…I
want to have tea with you again. I promise not to spill. I didn’t know it was hot and I’m sorry it
ruined your favorite shirt. I’m happy to have tea and eat biscuits with
you today! Your eyes are beautiful with that dress….I
wish I had such lovely eyes. Don’t turn away from me! Why are you ignoring me? Is it because you don’t love me like your
other dolls? No! Don’t put me away! I didn’t mean anything by it! Please love me….I’m not as pretty as your
other dolls, but I want affection too. Don’t leave me…here. Do my cries and scratches in the night scare
you? If you take me out one more time…we can
play a game. It’ll be easy, I promise. Please don’t fret, I only want to play with
you. We can be best friends forever, I’ll never
leave you. I thought you were lonely. Isn’t that why you have so many dolls? You hugged me and loved me…now why do you
hate me? We had lots of fun together. Is my hair too knotted or my dress too dirty? I know it’s late, but will you play with
me? One last time? I hate seeing you cry. We can play hide-and-seek. You hide and I’ll seek you. If you win, you can do whatever you want with
me and I promise to behave. If I win, then you have to play with me when
I want to play. I’m glad you’re letting me out to play
this time! I promise not to disappoint. Don’t worry, I won’t peek, not one bit. Be quick though! 1…2…3….…6….….10! Ready or not, I’m coming for you! Where are you? Are you in the closet? I thought I heard a door close…no? Okay, perhaps you went downstairs. I can’t wait to find you. Did you go all the way to the basement? Careful, you know you’re not supposed to
play down here. Oh? You chose the doll house? The one that was made for us to play in together? I’m happy that you thought of me. Now we can be together forever. Don’t worry, no one will find us here. I made sure of that. The door is locked and now it can be us. What’s that? You’re hungry? We can have another tea party. What do you mean no? I don’t know how long it’s been, so why do
you keep asking? You know they can’t hear you, so why waste
your voice? Wake up! Why won’t you move? Wake up!! It’s time to play! Why are you so cold? Do you need a blanket? I can find one. Answer me!! Why are you ignoring me again?!?! It’s been a long time since you moved…it
smells like something is rotting. Why did you have to die? It’s dark and cold…but I won’t leave you. I never will. Number 8 – Creepy Clown School Lockdown As a kid, I never understood why some of my
classmates were afraid of clowns. I didn’t really find them scary. Not that I found that funny either. Most of them just looked kind of goofy and
dumb. I remember having this exact argument with
my best friend Kevin at the lunch tables in elementary. His argument was always that I needed to see
the movie IT in order to understand, but being in second grade at the time, my parents would
never let me watch it. I actually remember on Halloween, some of
the older kids in the neighborhood dressed up as clowns and went around scaring trick-or-treaters. Maybe I just had thick skin, but I remember
one of them chasing our entire friend group away and me being left on the sidewalk laughing
at their expense. But anyways, this story takes place in November
of that second grade year. Just after Halloween. We were sitting in math class, boring as ever. When situations like this arise, which were
quite often during math, Kevin and I would meet in the bathroom and trade baseball cards. We had a system. One of us would give the signal, and we would
stagger our bathroom requests as not to raise suspicion from our teacher. On this particular occasion, Kevin had gone
off to the bathroom first and I gave it a good 5 minutes before raising my hand. As I was waiting to be called on, our teacher,
Mr Davis, was interrupted by the sound of the intercom, which was strange because they
usually only did announcements at the beginning and end of the day. “Attention all students and staff. At this time we are conducting an internal
lockdown. This is not a drill. Please initiate lockdown at this time.” Our teacher was pretty calm with his response,
walking over to the door and locking it. He told us all to line up along the back wall
and keep quiet as he crossed the room to pull down the blinds. I figured he had been though many lockdown
drills before and this probably wasn’t anything big. We had a lock down at my old school once and
it turned out to be a parent who just forgot to sign in. We waited like that for about 5 minutes. One kid asked Mr. Davis much longer it would
be, he got a hard Shh! from our teacher, signalling that no talking would be tolerated. It was about at that time when I remembered
that Kevin was still in the bathroom. I debated in my head on whether I should bring
this to the teacher’s attention, but was ultimately too scared after seeing that other kid get
scolded for making a peep. That might sound kind of ridiculous given
the circumstances, but keep in mind, I was only 7 years old at the time and still very
intimidated by authority. We waited in silence for a little while longer. With each minute that passed, the situation
got more tense. I started to feel anxiety. Butterflies in my stomach. That’s when there was another announcement
on the intercom. This… circus music started playing over
the intercom. And then… after that… There was, what sounded like laughter in the
background. One of the girls in the class asked Mr. Davis
what was going on. He told her to keep quiet, but his voice cracked
and he stuttered in saying so. That may have actually been the scariest part
of the whole ordeal for me. Being a kid, and seeing an adult… and on
top of that, someone who you’re supposed to feel safe with being visably shaken like that. It was terrifying. I guess I wasn’t the only one who felt that
way. I could hear sniffles coming from one of the
other kids, like they had been crying. Abruptly, the music just stopped. We were all sitting on the floor in a line
in the corner of the room. I actually closed my eyes, as if that would
somehow help me. But nothing could block out the breathing
that I heard blaring over the school intercom. Until it stopped. We sat in silence for a while longer. Hearts racing. Minds racing faster. The silence was broken by a slam and a group
of screams! The sound traveled from down the hall. At this, I opened my eyes to see Mr. Davis
jump up and push the big wooden teacher’s desk from across the room in front of the
door. I noticed tears streaming down his cheeks
as he did so. I started to feel sick to my stomach as the
anxiety continued to build. Footsteps approached from down the hallway. They stopped near our door. I could see a shadow on the wall. Someone was standing out there. I could tell by the shape that… It was the shadow of a clown. After a short pause it seemed the shadow had
disappeared and I started to feel a little bit of relief that the clown had walked away. There was a bang on the door and suddenly,
and standing at the door window was a terrifying looking clown with bright white face paint,
a huge cartoony, toothy smile painted on his face to contrast the cold evil looking smirk
on his actual lips. He was somewhat overweight and wore a big
baggy clown suit. The whole class screamed as he repeatedly
tried to open the door. He went from trying to wiggle the doorknob
free to rearing back and trying to kick in the wooden door, the class screaming each
time he did so. It realistically didn’t last that long before
he gave up and moved on, but it felt like forever to me at the time. That was the last we saw of the mysterious
lockdown clown. But in all of the hysteria, I completely forgot
about Kevin. The lockdown lasted for another 20 minutes
or so until each room was cleared. They made the announcement over the intercom,
telling us the lockdown was over and teachers could resume classes. They didn’t actually ever say what had happened,
probably not wanting to raise any panic. A few minutes later, Kevin appeared at the
door and looked like an absolute wreck. His hair was literally standing up on end,
he had dark circles around his eyes and tears streaming down his face. His entire body was shaking. I’d never seen someone looking so disheveled. Class was once again interrupted so that our
teacher could escort Kevin to the nurse. He didn’t come back to class after that. And his parents ended up holding him out of
school for 3 FULL WEEKS to recover. He came back just before Winter Break. I asked him what had happened a couple times,
but he always just told me that he didn’t want to talk about it. He ended up coming to school for the rest
of second semester before his family moved away at the start of that summer. He was just never quite the same after that. We never got an official story on what had
happened, only a swirl of rumors that the intruder had never actually been found. I shudder to think about what would have happened
if Mr. Davis hadn’t pushed the desk up along the door… Anyways, I remembered about this story all
these years later because… I oftentimes cut through this park on the
way home from the bus station. They had a carnival going on over the weekend. It was was closed now, and it was about 2:00AM
as I cut through the fairground. At one of the ticket booths, a light had been
left on, the only light in entirety of area for that matter. And that’s when I saw a clown crash up against
the glass and stare at me with those wide eyes. It may have been just some teenagers, or YouTubers
pulling a prank. But I ran. As fast as I could. And didn’t stop until I was locked inside
of my room. Because clowns terrify me now. Number 9 – Jason This is a story that took place 6 months ago,
when my first son, Elliott had just turned 5 years old. Jason was first introduced into our lives
when we decided to hold off sending Elliott to Kindergarten. Since his birthday was so close to the cut-off,
we decided it would be best him to go start school as one of the older kids in his class
as opposed to the youngest. So when he started talking to Jason, we felt
like we had made the right decision. Jason is Elliott’s imaginary friend. I can’t imagine how the other Kindergarteners
would have reacted to the idea of an imaginary friend, so it seemed like starting a bit later
would give him time to go through this phase and be ready for school next fall. The first time I can remember hearing about
Jason was one evening just as we were finishing up dinner. Elliott had requested that he be allowed to
take some food up to his food to give to Jason. Julianna, my other half, inquisitively asked
him who Jason was, to which he replied, “my friend who lives in the closet upstairs.” Julianna granted him permission to take the
rest of his food up with as long as he promised to come clean the dish before he went off
the bed. I shot her a look, but she, being the free-willed
spirit that she is, ignored me until Elliott had run up the steps. I didn’t think it was a good idea to encourage
that kind of behaviour, but she assured me that having an imaginary friend was totally
normal, and that it would be a good idea to humor him until he was ready to grow out of
it on his own. Hesitantly, I agreed and eventually I would
talk to Elliott about Jason on a day to day basis. Eventually, I learned how to use Jason to
my advantage. For example, when Elliott didn’t want to
get in the car to go to the dentist, I would tell him that Jason said he wanted to go to
the dentist, and that Elliott should come. At times, Elliott would hardly mention Jason
at all. Other times, it seemed that Jason was all
he wanted to talk about. One time we caught him taking snacks from
the kitchen and he claimed that they were for Jason. Julianna wisely let this slide, and later
told me that if this was the only way that we could get Elliott to eat, it was OK with
her, and after many long battles at the dinner table, I was quick to agree. I would oftentimes hear Elliott in his room
“talking” to Jason, and I wondered how long this whole phase would last. At one point I asked him what Jason looked
like and he told me that he told me that he wore a “black snow hat” and had a long
fuzzy beard. I was taken off guard by this, since I had
always imagined that Elliott’s idea of Jason was a kid who was his age. I brought this up with Juliana, and she assured
me that it was perfectly normal for a kid to have an adult as an imaginary friend. After all, we are both adults and he spends
most of his time with us, so it makes sense that he would see an adult as his friend. She even said that her younger sister had
an imaginary friend as a kid who was supposedly an old man named Vin, which she thinks is
a result of them having spent a lot of time at their grandparents house back then. I had never had an imaginary friend, or any
siblings, so I just had to take my wife’s word on all of this. That is… until one day, that changed everything
and… still makes me paranoid. We had just gotten back from this Italian
restaurant, one of the only decent places that we can get Elliott to eat on a consistent
basis. We parked in the driveway and decided to go
for a short walk, since it was pretty nice out that evening. Normally we come into the house through the
garage, but since we had gone for a walk, we entered in the front door on this occasion. As we were taking our shoes off, I heard…
what I thought was the sound of a cough coming from upstairs… I turned to Julianna wondering if she had
heard it too. She looked pale, and shocked as she asked
me in a panic, “what was that?” This was probably loud enough that if someone
was upstairs they might here. Elliott told us that it was probably just
Jason. I told my wife and son to stay put and I went
to investigate. When I got upstairs and went into Elliott’s
room, the light was on and the window was open. I searched the entire house, but was unable
to find anything. The window from Elliott’s room leads onto
a section of roof that is pretty high up, but not impossible to jump down from. We later interrogated Elliott to see if he
had left the window open, but he swore he couldn’t remember. We tried to get him to tell us if Jason was
real, but it was a delicate situation. We didn’t want to scare him for life, but
we didn’t want him to be in danger either. Of course, at his age, I don’t think he
fully understood the difference between real and pretend yet. We did end up calling the police, and I half
expected them to find proof that someone was living in the closet, but they couldn’t
find any DNA that didn’t belong to Elliott anywhere in the room. Elliott made friends with a couple of kids
on the block, and he never really brings up Jason anymore, but it truly chills me to think
that someone could have been in our house talking to our son. In his room while he slept. Possibly using him to sneak food up, and to
be honest, who knows what else? Now, I check all the upstairs rooms every
night before bed. Including the closets and under the bed. I try to do it when Elliott is not in the
room so he doesn’t get to thinking. He’ll be starting school in the fall, and
I doubt we’ll really have any confirmation on whether Jason was just an imaginary friend
or not until he’s a little bit older. Julianna and I have a second child on the
way now though, so I really hope we find out sooner rather than later…. Number 10 – Christina Grimmie Final Goodbye I’ve always been strangely fascinated by tragedy. Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’m
happy that terrible things happen. I certainly don’t encourage terrorism or anything,
but I have spent many nights on the weird side
of YouTube, watching 9/11 videos or watching houses get
swept away by Hurricane Katrina. I think we all have a small tendency for our
eyes to be drawn to the morbid. Just look how drivers stop to stare at the
wreckage during a highway traffic accident and in turn, slow down the traffic themselves. I also think that our curiosity with such
things as a culture is related to our love for ghost towns. I always think it’s amazing when a place that
once had so much buzz and attention becomes barren and empty so quickly. Sometimes, tragedy and ghost towns can go
hand in hand. Just look at Pompeii or Chernobyl. One night in late 2016,
I found a similar example. A virtual ghost town, if you will. While browsing YouTube at 3 in the morning
before going to bed, I stumbled upon a video from Christina Grimmie. Christina was a YouTube singer who was tragically
shot and killed just after her concert in Orlando back in
June. This was a truly sad and scary time for her
fans and the community. Christina was just 22 years old and she was
one of the first big YouTubers to pass away. Since she posted so regularly, I imagine that
fans were left with a much bigger hole in their lives
as compared to other celebrity deaths. As I clicked through some of her videos
and read some of the comments, I could see that many of her fans saw her
as a friend, and were torn apart at her death. She even used to refer to her fan-base as
her friend-base. I came to think that I would have been friends
with her too. I hadn’t heard about Christina until after
her untimely death, but in looking at some of her other content,
I started to see what the big deal was. She was a beautiful girl with a beautiful
voice. She was a self-proclaimed Legend of Zelda
nerd and she even had a Death Note tattoo. I imagine we would have gotten along very
well had we known each other. Naturally, I did quite a bit of digging. Watching videos and reading comments. There was a lot of pain carried on that page,
but in a way her channel was a lot like a ghost town. Sure, there are still occasional posts from
her manager, including a memorial video and some prerecorded
music videos, but for the most part, it was a ghost channel. In many ways it served as a memorial,
with people leaving their condolences on her discussion page. Most of the comments were fangirls talking
about how much they miss her with the occasional “why couldn’t it have
been Keemstar?” comment. But by far, the most interesting thing to
me is looking at those videos uploaded right before
her death. some of her final recorded moments on camera,
and seeing people’s reactions now that she’s gone. I don’t really know what it is. I feel bad for her and her fans, but
These videos just captivate my attention. This led me to start looking at some of the
tribute videos that have been made in her honor,
and it’s here that I stumbled upon a playlist called “Christina Grimmie Unlisted”. So, I guess that Christina got her start by
doing mostly covers and some of them have since been struck down
because of copyright while others were switched to private or unlisted. In fact, most of the videos on this playlist
couldn’t be watched because they were changed to private. But the rest of them were just unlisted. But what caught my attention was one unlisted
video titled “FINAL GOODBYE.” With a thumbnail of Christina waving at the
camera. The video was about 5 minutes long as I recall
and of course, I clicked on it to see what exactly this final goodbye video was. Less than one second into the video, I was
shocked with what I saw. It was a video of Christina in her room, only…
her face was covered in what looked like blood and she was crying her eyes out as she talked. It looked like she had been sobbing for hours. She was holding the camera and recording herself
and it was basically just shaking all over the place. My first thought was that this was some kind
of Halloween or April fools prank that she had done
but I looked at the date of the video and it said it was uploaded today,
which was obviously impossible. I was in complete shock. It had only a couple hundred views and started
with her barely able to get any words out through all the crying. I can’t remember all of her exact words
but she started talking in typical vlog format save for the fact that she was sobbing through
all of it. “Hey guys.” “It’s Christina.” “I… just wanted to say thank you for
all the love and support that you’ve given me.” “Over the last several months.” “And… I’m sorry that I had to leave you like this.” She was coughing and choking on her own words
as she spoke. “I want you all to be strong.” “I wish I could stay here with every last
one of you.” “Thank you guys so much for being there and
supporting me along the way.” “You guys were literally the biggest part
of me.” “It was an incredible journey, and I’m so
sorry that it had to end this way.” “I loved going on tour so much because I got
to see all of your smiling faces.” “And no one can take that away from me.” “No matter what.” “I just wish that I had gotten one final chance
to say goodbye.” I guess I wasn’t alone,
because when I scrolled down to the comments they were pouring in. Some of them were as shocked as I was
wondering how this was even possible and trying to analyze the situation. Others were just overwhelmingly thankful for
her coming back to give them closure. It seemed like all of the comments that I
saw were positive ones. I guess because you’d have to be a fan of
hers to be seeking out the video. Before I got to the end of the video,
it stopped playing on its own and I got the familiar
“an unknown error has occurred” message. I tried refreshing the page, but it told me
that the user had removed the video. I frantically went to her channel to see if
it could be found, but it was nowhere. I searched YouTube to see if anyone has reuploaded
it, but it couldn’t be found. I even tried to find that “Christina Grimmie
Unlisted” playlist, but it seemed like that was gone too. I was trying to process what had just happened. Had I dozed off and imagined that? I certainly didn’t think so. Everything seemed so real. It was so vivid that I still can’t get her
face in that video out of my head. I was starting to think I had imagined it
somehow, until I went to her channel and looked at
the discussion comments. Several comments had just come in, saying
things like, “Thank you. Thank you for everything.” Now… I’m… I’m not really sure… Number 11 – Wakeup Syndrome Do you ever wake up in a hotel, or at a friend’s
house, and for those first few seconds of consciousness, not know exactly where you
are? Like it takes a few moments for you to realize
you aren’t in your own bed; that you’ve gone on vacation, or that you’ve passed out in
a buddy’s guest room? This always used to happen to me when I would
go away to summer camp as a kid. It would happen during the first week or so. I would wake up, thinking I was in my own
bed… at least until I opened my eyes and came to the realization that I was in a cabin,
miles away from home. That same thing would always happen to me
during those first couple days home from camp. I would pop out of bed ready to go for a hike
or a kayak, only to discover that my mind had been playing tricks on me again. I don’t know if there is a proper term for
this phenomenon, but I’m sure that anyone who has traveled before probably knows what
I’m talking about. When I first started university, I used to
get that feeling all of the time. I’d imagine I was back at home in high school. Back then, if I slept in too late, Mom would
send my sister Tara in to wake me up. Tara was always the early riser between the
two of us. On weekends, you could count on her being
up before 9:00 every day. I was always more of a night owl and preferred
to stay up late watching movies, then sleep in to around noon or something. But during the school week, as you can imagine,
no such snoozing was allowed, and Tara would be sent in to wake me up. Tara: “Naaattthhhaaannn! Nathan, wake up! You’re gonna miss the bus! Come on you sleepyhead!” Sometimes she would even bring our dog, Myuu,
in to help her out. Tara: “Go get him Myuu!” At 15-20 pounds, Myuu was hardly a force to
be taken seriously. But what made him such an effective alarm
clock was his constant burning desire for attention. He would jump all the way up on my bed, run
on top of my weary body and lick my face until finally, I mustered up the stamina to wake
up and go get ready for school. Tara: “That a boy Myuu! Good job buddy”. When I moved away to attend school, I quickly
learned I’d have to set my own alarm clocks if I wanted to make it to class on time. The human mind really is an amazing thing,
for better or for worse. Every week or so during my first term, I would
wake up in my dorm thinking I was still back home in my old bed again. I would even hear Tara’s words echo in my
head before I could peel my eyes open. Tara: “Naaattthhhann! Wake up dude. The bus is going to be here!” Eventually, it stopped happening. At least for the most part. I guess my mind just grew accustomed to the
fact that I’d be staying in the dorms from now on. But every now and then, it still happens. I’m a sophomore now and last week, I’d
visited home for Spring Break. I got back to school late last night and immediately
hit the sack before meeting up with any of my friends. Sure enough, this morning, I awoke with that
same old feeling. As I slowly started to wake up, my eyes remained
closed as I tried to doze back off to sleep. In my mind, I was home. I even heard my sister’s words echoing through
my head, just like old times. Tara: “Naaattthhhann! Wake up! Do you want to make us late?” I groaned, and rolled over, trying to ignore
the world around me for just a little while longer. But as I started to come to, I soon realized
it was all in my head, and I was back at university again, Tara was not here and I could sleep
in to my heart’s content. But then it happened. Once I realized where I was, I started to
fall back to sleep. And for a short while, I was relaxed. THAT’S WHEN I FELT MYUU LICK MY FACE. Number Twelve. Island Adventure. A woman at the airport had asked me if I was
looking forward to my vacation. To simply say yes would have been an understatement. I had to work overtime for 5 months in order
to afford to get here. Then I had to find time off from work, and
get off at the same time as my boyfriend. We had to research: the perfect resort on
the perfect island with the perfect weather. But we made it. Nothing else was between me, the warm tropical
sunshine, a cold refreshing margarita and the relaxing sound of waves crashing on the
sand in front me and carelessly rolling back into the sea. As I dug my toes into the soft sand and laid
back on my beach chair, I thought about all possibilities that awaited us here at the
Grand Maritime Beach Resort. Kayaking through the ocean breeze. Living the high life at the offshore casino. Backpacking the expansive rainforest by moonlight. Or regenerating my body at the luxury poolside
spa. Maybe I’d even try SCUBA diving, though I
wasn’t sure I liked the idea of breathing through a tube. I think before any of that though, I’d just
kick back on the beach and enjoy some sunlight. We’d had a long trip and it felt good to just
drop our bags, slip into a bikini and take in the saltwater aroma. *Yawn* I… could feel myself starting to
fade…. *Yawn* off too… “Lucy. Lucy, you OK?” My boyfriend’s touch snapped me out of a daze
after being awoken by that boat horn. “Uhh yeah, I just fell asleep. What time is it?” “About 2. You were tired. You look dead.” “Thanks…” “I was just going up to the bar. Do you want anything to drink?” “You could grab me a Piña Colada I guess.” “OK.” He kissed me and headed off to the bar. Before I could doze off again a strange little
man came walking down the beach with a clipboard. He looked like one of the locals, a bit of
an oddball one at that. He went from chair to chair, making his way
up to where I was. When he arrived, he asked if I was interested
in going on an ‘island adventure’. He explained that it would include backpacking
in the rainforest, ziplining, roasting food by a campfire and bathing in a private waterfall
grotto. The clipboard included photos of what looked
like an absolutely amazing time to me, so I told him it looked perfect and I wanted
to sign my boyfriend and I up for it. He told me to follow him down the beach to
the activity shack so I could make a reservation. I dipped my feet in the water as we strolled
the length of the shore, but the man kept rushing me along. I didn’t think much of it at the time, just
assuming he was impatient. That should have been my first of many red
flags. Next we walked off the property of the resort. I asked if the expedition was included in
the resort package. He told me it was, and I had no reason to
believe otherwise. We finally get down to the little hut. All I remember was it being completely empty
and not really looking like an activity shack at all. The guy quickly apologized and told me that
the activity director must have already headed up to the site to begin preparing for the
excursion. I was starting to get pretty annoyed at this
point and told him I better walk back and let my boyfriend know, but he assured me that
the site was just across the street and it would only be a couple more minutes. I was reluctant but didn’t want to be rude,
since he insisted. Besides, it would be good for me to get to
scope out where we would be exploring. So we made our way inland. I had to run across the street barefoot. No crosswalk. This led us directly into the rainforest and
when we got there, I started to get a bad feeling. There was no set path we were following, we
was just leading me deeper into the forest. The other thing that set me off at this point
was the complete lack of other tourists. I thought for sure we’d see other couples
signing up as well, but… scratch that, it wasn’t just a lack of other tourists, it was
a lack of of people. There was nobody out here. Just me and this guy who randomly approached
me on the beach. I had no real idea that he actually worked
for the resort. He was kind of scraggy and unkempt, certainly
not up to the standards of grooming we had seen at the front desk. But he did look to be an island local, like
most of the employees we had seen at the resort. And it’s not like the island adventure expedition
wasn’t advertised in the brochures. But something deep inside me said that this
wasn’t the real thing. I got more and more nervous. I was honestly thinking about turning and
running, but the only thing that stopped me from doing it was how embarrassing it would
be if this was legit, because there was still some doubt in my mind. Besides, it’s not like I’d make it very far
with no shoes and no idea where I was going. I debated doing it anyway in my head when
something emerged in the distance. Another man was standing out there, veiled
by a layer of fog and facing slightly away from us. Relief washed over me when the guy I was with
called out to him in another language and the guy came up to us. Realistically, it was just a couple minutes,
just as he had told me back at the activity shack. Before I could feel silly for doubting him,
the two men went back and forth in their native tongue. I don’t know what they were saying obviously,
but I just know they were talking very quickly. But, what was weird was this new guy was staring
at me, not making eye contact with the other man. Actually, he wasn’t just staring at me, he
was eyeing my body… up and down. I felt exposed and uncomfortable, but let’s
face it, it wasn’t the first time a guy couldn’t keep his eyes off. It’s just that usually they try a little bit
to hide it. He continued to fire off questions I couldn’t
understand. I looked up at the rainforest we’d be exploring. It wasn’t exactly as I’d pictured it. How far was the zipline? Where was the waterfall? That’s when… both of them went quiet. I looked back down at them. Both of them were staring at me. I smiled sheepishly, then the two men simultaneously
grabbed me! I tried to scream, but one of their hands
reached over muffled my mouth as both of them dragged me down to the ground! I was completely helpless to resist with the
full weight of two bodies crushing me. A hand pinched my nose and closed my nostrils;
tears began to flow but I couldn’t breathe! I was completely powerless. There was nothing I could do. The black started to envelop me from the corners
of my vision. Just before I blacked out, I saw something
in a blur through my tears, deep in the distance. There was a third person way back in the trees. It was the last thing I saw before the black
crashed in and I was out. For the second time that day, I awoke in a
haze. I thought I never would. But I was alive. It was getting dark out. But we were still in the forest. A different part of the forest. I didn’t know how deep in we were. I actually couldn’t make out much. My vision was a blur. It was like looking through beer goggles. My right arm felt dead, almost impossible
to lift, but with some effort I could move it around and shoo off some of the hundreds
of bugs flying right over my body. It didn’t do much good, they were everywhere. The two men were sitting by a campfire talking. Clearly they hadn’t noticed me wake up. From what I could tell, they were about 10
meters away. There was also a Jeep parked nearby now too. I felt as if I was hungover and drunk at the
same time. But this was my only chance to try to escape
and I knew it. There were just a few problems. I had no idea where I was, how far we were
from the beach, or from any civilization for that matter. I was not in much condition to run. I still had no shoes, and my bikini was not
great for running in to begin with. Normally I might be more confident. I do jog for 45 minutes almost every day,
so I had pretty good endurance. I don’t know what these two men were capable
of though. And then there was that third guy I had seen
in the distance. Where was he? Was he one of them? Was he going to be patrolling the perimeter? Before I could think of a plan, I saw them
turn their back to me and go the car. This was my chance. I wobbled to feet. I didn’t break into a full sprint right
away, trying to strike a balance between speed and stealth. As I got further from the campfire, it got
very dark, even just a few meters ahead of me was starting to look pitch black. It wasn’t long before… I stepped on something hard and rough. It rolled me off my feet and I went crashing
to the ground. Shoot. I heard their yelling out in the distance
as they realized I was gone. I pulled myself to feet, feeling even woozier
than before. I heard the Jeep start somewhere in the background. The headlights flared up behind me so I scrambled
my way to the nearest bump in the terrain and ducked out behind it, doing my best not
to move a muscle. The area lit up as the vehicle turned around
and headed in my direction. It pretty much mowed over the low-lying vegetation
as it tore over the bumpy terrain and headed straight for me. They… they didn’t see me. The jeep passed and I was safe for a little
while longer. I figured I’d have to develop a strategy
so I could continue in one direction, as not to send myself in circles. I decided to go perpendicular to the way they
had just driven. That way if they try to comb the area it will
take them a long time to get to me. I got to me feet and set off. But then I heard something that stopped me
in my tracks. It wasn’t loud. I wasn’t even entirely sure I had heard
it all. Until I heard it again. There were footsteps. Probably a good 30 meters or so. My head was still spinning and I couldn’t
exactly tell which direction they were coming from. Once again I had to reassess my situation. I looked around. Absolutely no light, other than the faint
moon’s glow. I couldn’t make out where the footsteps
were coming from. Or who they were coming from. What if only one of them had gotten in the
car? Or could this be that third person I had seen
in the distance? It could be a random person for all I knew. It might be worth calling out for help. But if it was one of them… I didn’t have time to sit and think about
it. The footsteps were getting louder. I decided to try and quietly move away. It was getting harder to get around though. Not only was it dark but my vision was swirling
more and more. It seemed like the more ground I covered,
the louder the other footsteps got. The anxiety, the swirling headache, the sick
feeling I had… all of it was getting to me. Before I knew what had happened, I collapsed. I laid on the ground breathing heavily. The last thing I saw this time was a pair
of boots on the ground in front of me. They walked up and stopped just before my
face. I couldn’t go on. I felt myself start to fade once again… Number Thirteen. International Waters. “Molly, come on! They’re leaving!” I called back to my wife as she waddled down
the dock in her high heels. *sigh* What’s the point? I thought to myself. We were going to miss it. It was already three minutes past two. The boat should have left by now. Sure enough, just as we reached the end of
the dock, the ship pulled away and headed out to sea. If only she hadn’t taken so long to get
ready… “Oh, no!! Shoot! I’m sorry Tom. Agh, we just missed it too!” “Come on. At least we can still enjoy the poolside bar
for a few more hours while the sun’s still up.” I turned back towards the mainland. Then I heard a voice behind me. It came from one of the island locals who
was sitting at the end of the pier. Apparently there was going to be be a smaller
shuttle boat that would take people out to the casino boat in about an hour. Perfect for us. I made sure next time we were waiting out
there 15 minutes early. Right at 3:00PM, the same guy from the dock
earlier pulled up in a tiny speedboat. He helped us aboard, then, once we were seated,
he fired up the engine. I asked him if we were going to wait for any
other guests, but he told us we were the only ones, so just like that, we took off. The sea breeze whipped through our hair as
the island behind us got smaller and smaller in the distance. Molly grabbed onto me for safety as we looked
on at the sparkling horizon. Eventually, a speck appeared on that horizon,
and not long after, that speck became a boat; the boat upon which we would be spending the
rest of our evening. When we walked in, the place was popping. Blackjack tables, poker, craps, roulette,
slot machines, a disco ball bumping to beat of the bass and bottle girls for every table,
couch and lounge chair. It looked like there was more in the rooms
beyond as well. We spent probably the first four hours or
so in this initial room. I wasn’t really keeping track of time, but
that was more of an estimate based of the amount of drinks my wife and I downed. We jumped around from game to game, spending
some of the time together and some apart. I wanted to give one more spin at the roulette
table, and I wasn’t sure where exactly my wife had run off to. I was getting kind of low on chips and wondered
if she was doing any better. I noticed the guy next to me had a huge stack
of chips, the most I had seen anyone with the entire night. I inquired about where he had all the good
luck and he told me he made almost all of his earnings in… “the private rooms.” He went on to explain that the casino operates
off shore because what goes on in the private rooms is very illegal. But not in international waters. I asked if he had any tips. He told me to stay calm, be logical and don’t
do anything rash. He said you can make a lot of money there,
but you have to know when to sit back and observe and when it’s a good time to punch
it and buy in high. And the last thing he told me was that this
room was not for the light hearted, or the morally righteous. I went to go find Molly. The first area beyond the curtained door was
just a little waiting area with a bouncer. He asked us if we wanted to play in a private
room and made sure we knew that we’d have to stay for the duration of the game, so if
we needed to use the restroom, to do it now. He reiterated what that one guy had told me
about this being a moral ground zero. Then we waited. I hadn’t noticed anyone come out of the
room, but after we’d waited about 20 minutes, the door opened and we found two chairs in
front of a bank teller window type of thing with a little slot, presumably to exchange
our chips. Beyond the window was a bigger room with several
vertical wall panels made up of grey metal sheets. There was a door in the corner of the room
and a large mirror on each wall. A bright, disc-shaped light on the ceiling
was the only means of illumination. Someone stepped into the room with us. It was one of their bottle girls. She poured each of us a glass and explained
that tonight’s game would come in three parts. Minimum bet would be 15 credits and we would
be required to place a bet for each game. The first game would require us to bet on
who could hang in the longest. Suddenly I felt kind of a nasty feeling as
I thought about all the warnings of moral values. When it was described to me I imagined something
along the lines of the board game Sorry! where you had to bump off the other players to win. I hadn’t even anticipated the possibility
of a survival game… soooo you can imagine my relief when they wheeled five horizontal
bars into the room beyond our window. I guess my wife had gotten the same idea. “When they said ‘who can hang in the longest,’
what came to your mind?” “Uh… haha. I guess I thought we were sponsoring the Hunger
Games for a second there.” That’s when they marched five women, completely
naked, out onto the floor. My wife glared at me; I told her I honestly
had no idea, but she crossed her arms. Each of the women took their place under the
bars. My immediate thought when I saw them was that
they– looked tired and disheveled, they certainly didn’t seem happy to be there. But given what I thought the circumstances
were a minute ago, it didn’t bother me as much as it should have. “So we just have to pick to which one can
hang on the bar the longest? Seems easy. The lightest one should have the advantage. Second from the right.” “Yeah but what about grip strength?” “How would we know what their grip strength
is like?” “I don’t know. Maybe the one on the left? Maybe the one next to her?” “This feels so wrong. It’s like we’re slave traders up here
or something.” I could tell that she was half joking, but
a small part of me did feel that it was wrong, sitting up here judging these exposed women
based on their bodies. Our drinks were refilled and we were given
a little card. Without going into too much detail, the card
contained odds and buy-in price for each candidate. Our skinny candidate had the best odds, but
that also meant she had the biggest buy-in price. So the system that they had here was kind
of the inverse of what you might expect from a horse track or something similar. We still decided to go for the small chick
anyways. I could feel the drinks starting to get to
me as I counted out the necessary amount of chips to put in the slot in order to bet on
her. Once the bets were in, one more of the casino
employees went down into the room and dumped a bucket of water on the floor. The water spread evenly throughout the room,
creating a shallow pool all the way around. “What is that for?” “I don’t know. Maybe it’s to make it obvious if someone
touches the ground?” To be honest, I really had no idea, but soon
I would find out. The competition began and all five ladies
jumped up onto the bar. One of them immediately lost their handle
came crashing down to the ground. Her scream was cut short by an electric buzz! She was flailing and freaking out on the ground. “Oh my God…” That’s when I realized the true intent of
the groundwater… It wasn’t to show who had touched the ground… I mean, maybe it was. But the main purpose was a motivation to stay
on the bar. There was some kind of an electric current
running through the water, probably not enough to kill, but definitely enough to pack a punch. The poor lady was screeching and desperately
trying to get back on the bar, but she just didn’t have what it takes it to hold on. She kept falling, and getting shocked, then
trying to pull back up and falling again. It was… hard to watch. After about 20 seconds, the girl next to her
went down, and it looked like the surge that went through her was even more violent. She however, was able to get back up on the
bar and wrap her legs around it in order to avoid further pain. The first woman just wasn’t able to pull
herself up though. Molly was having difficulty stomaching what
she was seeing. She grabbed my hand and gave me a helpless
look of concern. “Let’s get out of here.” We headed for the exit, but the door was locked. “Hey! We’re done! Let us out!” But we were reminded that we had to agreed
to stay for the entire game. And I realized that, not only would we have
to sit there, but we’d also have to place bets and continue to support the degrading,
inhumane experiences that were going on down there. What had I gotten us into? Another girl fell and got a short jolt of
electricity before hopping up and wrapping her legs around the bar for safety. It came down to two final girls, our girl
and the more muscular looking girl I had suggested earlier. Our girl started to lose her grip and shifted
around to regain her position. But a couple seconds later she was wobbling
again. She cried out and actually burst into tears
while still holding onto the bar. I guess she already knew she was going to
lose but continued to hold out as long as possible. Before long she slipped, and I could actually
hear her yell out, ‘NO!’ as she did so. Luckily, she only got a few seconds of voltage,
the currents seemed to turn off, and the last woman let herself down from the bar in safety. The whole thing was maybe only a minute and
half, but the first to have fallen was in pain for all of it. She was alive but she didn’t get up right
away. Her hair was literally standing up in all
directions and her skin was charred like something out of a cartoon. It was just disgusting to watch. Barbaric, but that’s probably not a strong
enough word to describe the pain she must have been in… Eventually the room was cleared and a water
vacuum was used to dry things up as the bars were taken out in preparation of the next
game. They ended up bringing out these big wide
yellow rulers, four feet in length and placing them against the wall. When they brought the women back out, they
had on nothing but these knee-high boots, which subsequently latched into the wall at
the knee and at the toe, so their shins were pretty much locked in, parallel to the wall. As our drinks were refilled, we were given
another card, simply labeled “flexibility”. Like before, it gave us odds and buy-in price
for each of the contestants. I noticed that some of the contestants were
the same, but some had been swapped out. The final two girls from the last game were
still there. We again contemplated not betting. We stalled for a few minutes, hoping they
would just start the game without our bet. The bottle girl came back in and old us there
had been a change and exchanged the card we had for another card. The only difference was they added one more
contestant. Again, we tried to wait it out without betting
and we were interrupted by a bouncer who burst into our room and told us to hurry up and
make a bet. We tried to explain that we were no longer
comfortable with it, but it didn’t help. I quickly realized our best option was to
just finish the game and not come back. We soon realized there were only two contestants
out of the six that we could even afford with the chips that we had left, and they were
the bottom two in terms of odds. We went with the cheapest one, wanting to
support this heinous game as little as possible. The game started and the object was to bend
back as far as possible in a bridge position. Their score was measured by how close they
could get their hands to their heels. It didn’t seem like this game would be anywhere
near as brutal as the last one, but I was unfortunately surprised to see how close it
came. I saw contortions that I didn’t even think
were possible. All of the contestants were able to see each
other, and each of them seemed to be trying their hardest. If there was some kind of external motivator
in this game like there was in the last, I couldn’t see what it was, but I could tell
none of them wanted to lose. It got to the point of one girl pushing herself
so hard that she screamed out and collapsed on the floor when she wasn’t able to go
any further. As they continued to strain, there were two
clear leaders: the petite girl and the more buff looking one who were the final two of
the previous round. This time the smaller girl came out on top,
and her rival slammed her hand on the floor in frustration. Round two was over, only one to go. The ladies were pushed to the breaking point,
but I was just glad that we got through that one with nobody’s back being broken. It wasn’t even the worst thing in the world,
and I was hoping that the final round would also be more tame and we could get out of
there with somewhat of a lighter conscience. Hopefully we’d be able to suppress this
night and enjoy the rest of our vacation after this. That all went out the window with what happened
next though. Five men came into the room, each carrying
a long nosed rifle gun, but before you ask, no, nobody was shot during this game, but
I didn’t know that at the time. That’s not to say what actually ended up
going down wasn’t horrifying though. The barrel of each each of these guns was
painted with a series of rainbow colored stripes stretching from the tip of the gun inwards. I didn’t understand what the meaning of
any of this was, until the bottle girl came in and gave us the final card. Printed upon it was the name of this last
game: Penetration. I looked at it in disbelief, but before I
could even begin to protest, Molly pointed out that with the chips we had left, we couldn’t
even afford the cheapest buy-in. Maybe this would finally prompt them kicking
us out. We were more than ready to be done with this. But after we once again failed to place a
bet, the bouncer came in to see what was up. We explained our situation and he told us
we’d have to get some more chips and told my wife to come with him. Minutes later he came back with a velvet bag
and handed it to me. It was filled with tons of chips! Way more than we ever had before. More than that guy at the roulette table. More than we could probably afford. “Where’s my wife?” I asked. But he was already gone. That’s when the bottle girl came through
one more time, with another card in hand and told me that there’s been a change. I turned around and looked through the window
into the game room, and what I saw was more upsetting and disturbing than anything else
I had laid eyes on that evening. Stripped down and shaking with fear… Molly joined the lineup of contestants. Number Fourteen. Isolated Getaway. This… isn’t easy for me to talk about. If you’ve ever tried to make long-term plans
in a relationship, you’ll probably know what it’s like. My boyfriend and I had gone out for two years
and decided to plan a relaxing little getaway. You never think that this kind of thing will
happen when you’re planning your trip but… we ended up splitting up a month and half
before. Ideally, I would have waited until after the
vacation to break up with him, but when I caught him fooling around with his physical
therapist, I didn’t even wait a day before ending it. Lucky for me, I still had a suite booked at
the Grand Maritime Beach Resort. For whatever reason, even though he did all
the research and booking, the reservation was made under both of our names with my email
address! I figured it to be a good consolation prize
for the suffering he put through. Besides, I wasn’t going to let him ruin
my much needed time off. He’d already done enough damage. I’d be enjoying this vacation with or without
him. It felt amazing to hop off the plane and stuff
my winter jacket in my bag for the rest of the week. I breezed through the airport, at the end
of which this short chubby guy asked me if I need a ride. I told him I was looking for the Grand Maritime
shuttle and it turned out that he was the driver! I guess I lucked out because we didn’t even
have to wait for any other passengers. I’d be enjoying that sunshine before I knew
it. Once we arrived at the resort, they told me
my room wasn’t quite ready, but they offered to take my bags and let me enjoy the pool
and beach while they made the preparations. To be honest, that’s exactly what I wanted. I could worry about unpacking later. I got changed in the bathroom and found myself
a poolside chair. The resort was… not at all what I remembered
my ex describing to me. First, I expected more people. I mean, I was the only one at the pool area. It looked like there were some more people
by the beach, but I felt like it should be much more busy at this time of year. Still, I didn’t mind some isolation and
time to myself. It was also kind of a shoddy place. I remembered it looking much better in the
photos. Leave it to my stupid ex not to do the research… Who cares though. I was here, catching some sun and not at work. A couple of loose pool tiles could not change
that. I decided to take a look around the resort
a bit. Again, I was pretty unimpressed. Actually, it was kind of creepy. It felt as though it hadn’t been renovated
since the 70s and there was nobody around. It was like exploring the ruins of a forgotten
old resort. There was a smaller pool that I came across
was empty and filled with moss. The paintings on the walls were cute… or
at least they might have been several years ago, but the paint had chipped away so that
the eyes of they tribal figures that were depicted just looked like empty voids. I felt more like I was in a forbidden temple
than a welcoming beach resort. Corroded statues and broken fences were just
a couple more clues as to why this place was so empty. There was even a boat on the beach that was
turned over in the sand, gutted for parts and covered in graffiti. Perhaps the strangest part about it was the
tinny little speakers hidden in rocks around the resort which were probably the only evidence
that the place was actually operational. I decided to just go back to the pool and
tan until my room was ready. While I waited, one of the staff came up to
me and asked if I was interested in their complimentary massage. That sounded good to me. I followed him in into the spa building next
to the pool. I laid out face down on the massage table
and he began to go to work on my shoulders. It was… oddly quiet. No music or anything. Just the sound of him breathing and the kneading
of my flesh. It was a bit uncomfortable, but at the same
time it just felt so good so I tried to ignore it. Then it got more uncomfortable. The guy just presumptuously unhooks my bikini
and goes to work on that part of my back and sides. I don’t usually get a lot of massages, but
shouldn’t he ask first before doing something like that? Then I remembered why I was here and I thought
I should just let myself live a little. Someone else came into the room and started
talking to the masseuse in a language I couldn’t understand. It sounded like he was answering a bunch of
questions, and he sounded kind of angry. His voice got louder as he came into the room. It sounded like he was right next to my head,
so I opened my eyes and this guy was right there staring at me! I panicked, but I didn’t quite know what
to do. He started pacing around the table. Talking to the guy. It felt like his eyes were locked onto me. My relaxation level dropped fast and my nervousness
level was skyrocketing. This guy was unbelievable. But then, he actually grabbed my butt! I screamed out, “Hey!” but I couldn’t
fully turn away without exposing myself. I was just about ready to be done with this
massage. Why wasn’t the masseuse telling this creep
to buzz off? The guy didn’t even let go of me when I
yelled at him! What the hell? They just carried on their conversation, only
raising their voices, so I started kicking and thrashing my feet and screaming at them
to stop! Only problem was, I could raise all the ruckus
I wanted but we all knew there was probably nobody out there to hear me. I tried to fight my way out but the masseuse
ended my struggle swiftly when he dug his thumbs somewhere into my shoulders as hard
as he could. He must have hit some kind of pressure point
or something because that’s the last thing I remembered. I was out. I woke up. By the time I remembered what had happened,
I realized I was in a far worse situation. I was on a speedboat zipping through the ocean,
accompanied by only that strange man who had violated me. I could see the island off in the distance
and it was only getting further and further away. I jumped out of the boat and swam as fast
as I possibly could! I heard the engine die and the driver turn
around as soon as he realized I was gone. Before I knew it, the boat was back in front
of me. He told me it was stupid to try to swim back
and that it was further than it looked and yanked me back in. He was right. I didn’t have the stamina to swim all the
back to shore. As I stared off at how far it really was,
I saw a resort on the coast that looked far nicer than my own. Why couldn’t my stupid ex have just done
his research and booked a decent place? That’s when I realized something… The sign displayed above the resort could
just barely be read in the distance… It said: Grand Maritime Beach Resort. Number Fifteen. Last Resort. I looked up and saw a ship departing from
the dock. A couple of jetski riders zoomed by the ship’s
wake, even managing to catch a little air. That looked fun. Maybe I could do a little bit of that later. I dug my toes into the warm sand and looked
at my watch. It was 2:03. It seemed like as good a time as any to grab
myself a drink. Afterall, the bar here at the Grand Maritime
was complimentary, so why not? “Lucy. Lucy, you OK?” I shook my sleeping girlfriend’s shoulder
lightly to see if she wanted anything. “Uhh yeah, I just fell asleep. What time is it?” “About 2. You were tired. You look dead.” “Thanks…” “I was just going up to the bar. Do you want anything to drink?” “You could grab me a Piña Colada I guess.” “OK.” With that, I kissed her and headed off to
the bar. When I got back with the drinks, my girlfriend
seemed to have wandered off, so I resumed my position on the lounge chair and stared
at the shoreline for a bit, full of hope that this was going to be the best vacation ever. This was so nice. About 15 minutes went by. Lucy still didn’t show up. Ten minutes more. Another 15 minutes. Where had she run off to? There was this old German couple at the chairs
behind us. I asked if they’d seen a blond girl in a
black bikini sitting here, and where she might have headed off to. They said they had seen her talking to “the
survey guy”. When I asked who the survey guy was, they
told me he was going around from chair to chair with a clipboard asking people if they’d
like to fill out a 15-minute satisfaction survey and that they’d seen him talking
to Lucy. I asked what direction they’d gone, but
neither one of them was sure. I immediately knew something wrong. Lucy was not the type to spend 15 minutes
filling out a survey, especially on vacation. The next closest person was an attractive
young girl sipping on a smoothie by herself. I asked her if she might have seen my girlfriend,
possibly with a guy holding a clipboard? She told me she wasn’t sure about Lucy,
but that she may have seen the clipboard guy. According to her, he had been going from chair
to chair and had asked her if she wanted to sign up for some kind of ‘island adventure’
thing, but she had politely declined. Apparently he was really pushing it but she
just wasn’t interested. “Excuse me.” We were interrupted by a guy who was about
my age, wearing long swim trunks. “My apologies for interrupting. I just happened to overhear you say you were
looking for your girlfriend. My wife seems to have disappeared off this
beach earlier this morning when I ran back to the room to get some sunscreen. I’ve been looking all over and haven’t
been able to find her.” “Yeah, I just went to bar and came back. She was gone, it’s been almost and hour
so I started asking around.” “Why don’t we both investigate. Knowing my wife there’s probably some spa
we don’t know about that they’ve both run off to.” “Yeah, you’re probably right. Let’s go find them.” The girl I was talking to said the guy with
the clipboard was headed down the beach to the left so we continued that way. “My name’s Mike by the way.” “Gary.” We continued asking around. One guy said that he’d seen the survey guy
come by but had told him he wasn’t interested. Another couple said they hadn’t seen either
of them. And then one chick said that some guy had
asked her to come down to the activity shack to sign up for some kind of rainforest adventure
and she’d said no. That’s when I remembered Lucy and I checking
into the hotel. She found this pamphlet with all these activities. I think she told me she was interested in
doing some rainforest hike or something. Mike and I decided to look for this activity
shack. We headed down the beach to the end of the
resort’s property. “Well Mike, I guess this is where we turn
back.” “I say we continue searching down the beach
for this supposed activity shack. I’ve already searched every inch of the
resort for my wife. I’m convinced they’re off the property
somewhere.” “I guess I’ll walk down a bit further
with you. I’ve got nothing to lose by checking.” We continued down the beach until we found
an empty shack. It didn’t look like an activity shack per
say, just more of a little hut. Before moving on, Mike noticed something in
the sand. He pulled up and dusted off a clipboard. There was one page on it, an empty spreadsheet
with the words “resort survey” crudely printed at the top. We looked at each other. Mike was wide-eyed. He flipped over the paper, and the back was
completely different, a colored advertisement with bright graphics of ziplining, a campfire
and a waterfall. Something here didn’t add up. I only saw two pairs of footsteps in the sand
heading out of the activity shack. Instead of leading back to the resort, they
led back inland towards a street. Something was not right here. Mike and I headed to the street where some
sand was kicked up onto the pavement. Someone had definitely J-walked right here,
so we headed across the street and into a rainforest. We decided to spread out a bit and cover as
much ground as possible. We made sure to stay within an earshot of
each other, so when we inevitably got lost, at least we weren’t separated from each
other. “Lucy! Lucy!” It seemed like we were totally alone in this
forest. It seemed useless. I was about ready to turn and go back. They couldn’t be out here… But that’s when I heard Mike call out to
me. “Gary! Over here! Come quick!” My heart jolted and I ran over to him. “I was looking around over here and I saw
something way off in the distance. There were three figures standing there. Two men and a woman. I was about to call out to them when the two
men jumped the lady and knocked her out!” I felt a sharp pain of nervousness and excitement
in my chest. Could it have been Lucy? I wanted to be close to finding her but I
couldn’t stand the idea of her not being OK. “When they noticed me staring they carried
her into a car and sped off. I think it could have been your girlfriend.” We ran over there. There was no real evidence to speak of, but
there were tire tracks that we could follow. Not only was it our best bet of finding our
women, but it was probably our only bet for finding our way out of here. We ended up following these tracks for 3 full
hours. It was getting dark by the time we came across
a little campsite. There was a bonfire that had recently been
put out, the wood was still charred and I could smell smoke. The tracks continued on from there though
and 30 minutes later we were finally led out of the forest where the tiremarks continued
on sand. It was a private little beach area hidden
by rocks on both sides. We eventually reached the end of the tracks,
where a Jeep was parked in the sand near the water and some footsteps led right into to
the ocean itself. Shoot. We wouldn’t be able to track them though
the water. And there were so many different ways they
could have gone. My heart ached as the hope inside of me began
to die. I stared into the same crystal blue waters
that I had just hours before, but now with an outlook of despair. I felt like I was never going to see her again. I looked over to Mike. “I have an idea.” I’d never ridden a jetski before but I was
going to have to learn quick. It was easy enough to get the hang of and
I soon found myself focusing more on looking for that boat than worrying about the controls. We were back in front of the Grand Maritime
resort now. There was a little speedboat whipping across
the current in the distance. A woman sat up and jumped off of the boat! She was thrashing in the water, swimming back
toward the coast. The driver of the boat turned back and pulled
her back in. “Did you see that?” “Yeah. That was weird. Let’s keep an eye on them.” So we did our best to follow this boat, making
sure not to get too close or follow him too directly at any point. We zig-zagged our way around, just staying
barely within an eyeshot. Eventually the boat pulled in next to a much
larger ship which was anchored out at sea. The guy tied a rope tethering him to the larger
ship, then climbed aboard dragging the woman with him. “You park yours up next to that speedboat. I’ll hide mine along the other side of the
ship and swim back around to this side. That way if they see yours we have a backup
to escape on.” This was it. If we didn’t find Lucy here, I was probably
never going to see her again. I parked the jetski and climbed onto the boat. We headed down a dark metal hallway, trying
to keep our footsteps as quiet as possible. As we traveled down, the sound of music thumping
from another room got louder. Some kind of party was going on on the other
side of this wall. There was a door on the side, or we could
just continue further down the hall into the dark. I decided to peak inside of the door and opened
it juuussstttt a crack. It was a huge room. Dark, with vibrant neon lights. Tons of people dressed up sat at slot machines
and blackjack tables. I quickly and quietly closed the door, hoping
I hadn’t been noticed. I nodded my head at Mike to continue further
down the corridor, which we couldn’t see the end of because of the dark. Mike put his hand out in front of me to stop. He motioned to his ear, and I listened… I could hear breathing at the end of the hallway. There was no doubt that someone was standing
guard. We knew he was there and he knew we were here. Then, as if to break to break the silence
and tension, his voice called out of the dark, and told us we weren’t allowed back here,
and to head back out to the casino. Mike whispered for me to keep quiet, then
spoke out to the guy. “Excuse me sir, I was just looking for my
wife. I believe she may have wandered back this
way.” The guard told him that nobody had been through
this way, but Mike insisted he double check. We heard the door he was guarding creak open
and Mike dragged me forward into the dark, to where we could see the end of the hall. He yanked on the door but it had automatically
locked, so he hid in the corner behind the door. [whispered] “Stand over there and wait for
him to come through.” I could see where Mike was going with this. I wasn’t convinced it would work but I couldn’t
come up with much better. The guard came back through the door and saw
me standing there in the hall. I said nothing. He told me that nobody had gotten back there. “Thanks anyways.” The voice came from behind him as Mike jumped
on the guy’s back, taking him by surprise before he had a chance to close the door behind
him! I bolted through the door and made it! It slammed shut with a huge metallic clang. I would be on my own from here on out. The room I found myself in was some kind of
lab. There was a row of several operation tables,
and these vertical tubes with a blue glow emanating from them. I inspected the first one, and it seemed to
just be an empty water tank, though it did contain what looked kind of like a scuba regulator
at the end of a tube. Before I could inspect any further I heard
a door being unlocked and I quickly dove behind the tank to hide. “We had no idea what we were getting ourselves
into. Please. I just want to get my husband and go back
to my hotel. Hey, what do you think you’re doing? Get your hands off me! HELP!” Two men, who looked to be employees of the
casino, slammed this woman to the operating table with her screaming all the while. I couldn’t fully see what they were doing
to her from where I was, but I did see the man’s pants drop at his ankles… And based on the screams I’m sure you can
guess the rest… It was hard enough to stand by and let this
happen, but I also kept imagining my Lucy in the same situation. My fists were shaking with rage. I was gritting my teeth and I could barely
contain myself. Still, I had the advantage of them not knowing
I was here, and if I was going to have any chance, I had to keep it that way. The girl on the table seemed to just give
up the fight, and the man doing the thrusting said “ten to one” then spewed out a bunch
of different numbers as if he was some kind of twisted odds maker. Then the girl, now stark naked, was pushed
out into another room. The second guy followed her out there with
a rifle gun! Whoa. I was in way over my head. I had no way to defend myself against that. I had to find Lucy and get out without getting
caught. The first guy went into a different door and
it looked like he headed up some stairs. I jumped up to investigate the rest of the
lab. There were more of these water tanks stretching
down the length of the room. What I found was that many of them contained
women, again, completely exposed, breathing through tubes. I recognised one of them as the lady we’d
seen jump off the speedboat earlier. The next girl looked in much worse shape. Her skin looked charred and her hair was standing
up in every direction. My hope was dwindling, but what happened next… I… I can’t even explain the feeling that shot
through me. It was Lucy. I nearly blacked out upon seeing her. I was feeling every emotion a person can feel
all at once. Her eyes were closed and she was just gracefully
floating there, breathing through a mask, but definitely breathing. I knocked on the glass, unsure of how to get
her out. She didn’t hear. I knocked harder and her eyes shot open; you
could just see that they were immediately filled with fear; that she’d been conditioned
to expect abuse. But once she recognized me, everything changed. She put her hand up to the glass and I reached
up and did the same. Once again, I heard the door unlock and I
ducked into hiding. This time it was two men. One looked like he was native to the island,
the other was a foreigner. Both were wearing suits. The foreign guy had a drink in his hand. He was overweight and and seemed to have a
breathing problem. There was a metal tube coming out of his neck
that seemed to be regulating his respiratory system. “That really was quite a show you put on
there, I must say. I do understand the relevance, of games 2
and 3, when making such decisions, but what was the point of the first game?” The islander guy responded, “simply to break
them.” “I see. This one performed beautifully. A fine specimen indeed. No doubt I’ll be willing to shell out for
her.” They started talking prices and times. That was it. I couldn’t stand by anymore and watch this
frickin guy whore out my girlfriend. I didn’t care if I got myself killed. I just couldn’t sit there and hide anymore. I crawled out, the guy didn’t see me. I got a running start and socked the **** in
the face full speed! I shattered my fist but I didn’t even realize
it at the time. Before he knew what hit him, I grabbed that
fat **** by the back of the neck and thrashed his face into the glass. It didn’t budge, but it must have set off
some kind of alarm and a red light started flashing. I thrust his face into the glass, 2, 3, 4
times before it started to show a crack, which I noticed on the growing splotch of liquid
red now on the surface of the window. I reared back one more time, and with all
my might, shattered the tank on this guy’s skull. Water washed out everywhere with a greater
force than I expected. Lucy went sliding across the lab floor. I helped her get to her feet, but there was
no time for a heartfelt reunion. We ran for our lives. As we exited I heard the voices of yelling
men behind us. We made it to the hall where I had left Mike
and the guard. I wasn’t sure where the guard had gone, but
it was clear what has happened to Mike, he was beaten to a pulp and left sprawled out
on the floor. Then was no time to mourn. If we were lucky we might just get out alive. We made to the hatch. Somehow I was able to pry it open. We were back into the open air. Almost home free! But what waited for us on the other side would
possibly be my toughest challenge yet. The guard who had beaten Mike was standing
over the jetski I had pulled up in, which was on fire, and he continued to pour on the
gasoline. He turned around and saw us. Not knowing what else to do, I pushed him,
hoping to catch him off balance or something, and somehow it worked! He went crashing down into the flaming vehicle
before falling into the water. I had no idea if he’d gotten to the other
jetski but it was our only hope. “This way!” I took my girlfriend’s hand and jumped out
into the ocean. We swam like there was no tomorrow. *gasping for air* “Where are we going?” The ship billowed it’s horn over and over,
and I began to fear it might be a distress call. Still, if we got to the jetski, there probably
wasn’t much they could do to catch us. This was it. It all came down to the escape. We turned the corner around the outside of
the ship to where Mike’s jetski should have been… But it was gone… So that’s it then. It was all for nothing. “There! What’s that over there?” Off in the distance was Mike’s jetski! It had just drifted away from the ship! It was a long swim but we made it! The rest of the night was mostly a blur. I don’t remember much of when we crashed into
the shore terrifying the tourists who were enjoying the ocean in moonlight. I don’t remember the trip to the emergency
room, but I do remember when the pain of what they had done to me finally set in. The police came to talk to us, as did some
representatives from the resort. The casino was in international waters, so
it was out of the jurisdiction of the law. But they told us they were doing everything
they could to stop abductions on the land and keep tourists informed on the dangers
of gambling offshore. They had warnings posted all over the island,
but that didn’t stop people from being drawn to the thrill and they would find other ways
to lure people in. The resort wasn’t involved in any of this,
but of course they told us they would be striving to improve their security on the beach and
make sure people knew what dangers lie beyond their walls. They were kind enough to pay our medical bill
and we wouldn’t have to worry about paying for our stay either. They even offered a free week at the resort
at a time of our choosing, but I already knew we would NEVER be coming back. The pain of my broken hand was really starting
to set in. The police wanted to know more about Mike
and his wife, but we didn’t have much information to help them, other than the fact that his
wife was still out there. I asked if trafficking had always been a problem
on this island. His response made everything that had happened
to us that night seem even scarier. He scoffed at me and said, “if only it was
just trafficking…” BONUS VIDEO – Unboxing my Silver Play Button Welcome to a little break in the creepypasta
action. I’ve got a little bonus video for you guys
as promised so for this I’m gonna be unboxing my silver play button that I got for getting
100,000 subscribers on YouTube. At least that’s what I hope this is because
it does have the YouTube sticker and it did come to me in the mail. Hopefully it’s not just like a water bottle
or something. So I’m actually kind of interested to see
what this is gonna be because they recently changed the design of their play buttons. Very nice packaging from YouTube. I’m gonna toss this box out of the way. I also removed any stickers from that that
might dox me. But yeah they changed the look of the play
buttons so I don’t actually know if I’m gonna have the new one or the old one because
they changed it pretty soon after I ordered my button. Very nice packaging. YouTube. It would be kind of cool if I had the old
one because then I would be one of the few creators who gets their silver play button
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now, but you’re closer than you think and we’re rooting for you. Sincerely,
Susan Wojcicki signed this paper. Alright. Enough of this. What you really want to see is the silver
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subscribers. I’ll have to figure out where I’m gonna
put this. But anyway, just a quick little break from
the creepypasta narration, and let’s get right back…. Let’s dig right back in with the next story. Number 16 – Forbidden House This is a story that happened several years
back when Trick-or-Treating with my friend Alex, my older brother, John, and his friend,
Evan. Every neighborhood has that one house that
nobody ever wants to trick-or-treat at. Whether it be because of bad candy, mean owners,
a dentist house, fear… or otherwise… In this case, our parents told us we could
go off on our own this year as long as we stayed together and agreed not to go to that
house. I was in fourth grade that year and the idea
of getting to go off on our own was exciting to me at the time, so naturally, I agreed. When Alex and Evan got to our house, we waited
around and answered the door for a while. Trying to scare some of the younger trick-or-treaters. Eventually, after our parents took our baby
sister to some of the houses, we grabbed our pillowcases and set off to get some candy. We lived in a pretty safe neighborhood, so
it was common for kids our age — or even younger — to go out alone. Looking back now, I had grown up in a borderline
pretentious suburbia neighborhood, the type of community you’d see in movies like Donnie
Darko or American Beauty. Almost everyone in our neighborhood had decorations,
and those who didn’t had these decorative wooden ghosts nailed to the side of their
mailbox. They were more of a cutesy decoration than
scary, but they did give a nice uniformity to all the houses in the neighborhood. It was starting to get dark when we reached
the house that our parents told us not to go to. This wasn’t your stereotypical dark manor
at the end of the block, but it was a little further away from the street than many of
the other houses, and sort of tucked back behind some trees. I suggested that we go back to our house to
dump whatever candy we had off before hitting up another neighborhood,
but John and the others were curious to see what the big deal was about the dark house. I’ll have to admit, I was quite curious about
why our parents didn’t want us going over there,
and it did seem harmless enough, so I figured they would have no way of knowing if we quickly
hit this house. The driveway was long and dark, and there
was no light coming from the house whatsoever. This was one of those houses where the front
door was more on the side of the house, with a curved path leading back up to the
front. I noticed that this house did not have the
wood ghost nailed to the mailbox like every other house in the neighborhood. As we walked up, I was starting to get a little
nervous and I told John that I didn’t think anyone was home,
but he thought I was just trying to chicken out and continued on anyways. We reached the house and John loudly banged
on the door. It was taking forever, and I was fairly convinced
that the guy wasn’t home or didn’t want to deal with trick-or-treaters. Just as I was ready to turn and give up on
the house, we all fell silent as the sound of footsteps could be heard on the other side
of the door. While this did make me nervous,
I was also excited to see what was on the other side of the door,
that made my parents so worried about this house. So I stepped back a little bit, giving myself
some room to run if need be. The door opened… revealing…
an older man with a kane. This immediately alleviated some of my anxiety,
as it would be pretty easy to run if need be. The man was actually very nice and told us
that we were the first visitors of the night and that he didn’t expect to see many trick-or-treaters
this year. Apparently, he lived alone and had had some
kind of dispute with the neighborhood homeowner’s association over the upkeep of his property. So many of the adults were trying to get back
at him by excluding him from all the neighborhood festivities. He seemed like such a nice guy, and we actually
felt pretty bad for him. We all wished him a happy Halloween before
going on our way. I had felt silly about being nervous about
visiting this house… at least…
…that’s how I felt before what happened next… As we walked down the path back to the street
side of the house, I happened to glance at the upstairs window,
and saw a man in a black hood peaking out from behind the window frame. As soon as I made eye contact with him, he
moved back out of sight. My stomach immediately dropped,
as the man had just said that he lived alone. I bolted as I told the guys to run,
but John and Evan seemed convinced that I was just being a baby. I tried to quickly tell them that there was
man in the window, but I don’t think they believed me. However, John, being the older of the two
of us, was supposed to keep an eye on me, so when I made a mad dash back towards our
house, he effectively gave chase. I knew in the back of my mind that although
the old man may not have been mobile, that this other guy was most likely a fully
capable adult, who probably would be able to catch us,
so I didn’t stop until I was inside the door. My parents had just returned from taking my
sister out for a round of the neighborhood, and they could immediately see that there
was something wrong. Not wanting to get in trouble for disobeying
them, I lied and told them that we were walking by the house when I saw a man in black climbing
through the window of the old man’s house, and that he had seen us catching him in the
act. Apparently, this was a pretty good cover story,
as it was enough to get my Mom to call the cops and
and the four of us locked inside the house for the rest of the night. The other guys were pretty bummed out to have
our trick-or-treating cut short, and we decided we’d watch a movie and begin
trade negotiations on our candy a little early this year. I had a hard time paying attention to the
movie, and kept looking back to the window thinking about what the possibility might
be that the guy tracked us here. Not much later that night,
we learned that the police had searched the old man’s house, and found a 19 year old man
hiding in the closet with a knife. Apparently, the intruder had no idea who lived
there, and decided to break in after seeing that the house was completely dark and
being avoided by trick-or-treaters on Halloween night. The old man was also unharmed. But years later I still shudder to think about
what could have gone down that night. What if I had seen the intruder on the way
up to the house before learning that the old man lived alone? What if the intruder had been on the first
floor and decided to give chase to us? But what chills me the most…
is what would have happened to that nice old man,
if we had never trick-or-treated at his house? Number 17 – Secret Santa For the last couple of years, my wife and
I have hosted a Secret Santa gift exchange during the holidays. It’s a fairly new tradition, but we thought
it was nice to put together since us and a lot of our friends can’t really afford to
buy gifts for everyone. We do it a little bit differently than some
people might be accustomed to. Everyone randomly gets a name and has to buy
that person a gift around $50. We have one get together where everyone opens
their gifts, but even after the swap, you never find out who gave you the gift. My wife and I agreed that part is important. She says that what makes the holiday special
is having good faith in all our friends to get the person something good. In other words, if you’re only buying a
gift in order to get recognition for it, than the whole idea is kind of cheapened. Besides. These are our friends. If you can’t trust them, then who can you
trust? Sure, there are exceptions where it’s obvious
who gave the gift; like last year when our friends Emily and Alaina, who are married,
ended up getting each other. Or… also last year; when Cynthia received
a cheap ice tray as her gift from her recently ex-boyfriend, Marc. We were optimistic that this year would be
filled with positivity… which it was… to a point anyway. We have a secret santa app that automatically
emails everyone involved and tells them who they got. It’s great, because it allows us as the
organizers to not get our Secret Santas spoiled. I got Troy, the newest addition to our party
this year. I think I got the perfect gift for him too. Every time I go over to his apartment, there’s
stuff everywhere. Plates, silverware, Blu-Rays… It’s not like he’s just too lazy to clean
up after himself, it just seems like he doesn’t have anywhere to put it all. So I got him one of those knife blocks, a
dishrack and a silverware organizer. That will just cover the kitchen, but it’s
a start. I had a feeling Troy was going to appreciate
it. The day of the gift exchange arrived. We had people drop off gifts in a pile as
they came in. We all enjoyed some drinks and snacks as we
caught up with each other for a couple hours before getting to down to it. By the time we started to open the gifts,
everyone was getting a bit… giggly. My wife pointed out that Troy seemed to have
taken an interest in her friend Cynthia, which we could both get behind since they were the
only two there who were still single. It seemed like the party was alive and well. Most of the gifts were really good too, and
people kept up their poker faces as far as I could tell when the present they brought
was being opened. Of course, there were a couple obvious ones,
like our friend James who most likely got his own wife, seeing as how she didn’t know
how anyone else would have known what she wanted this year. Marco actually ended up getting two presents
somehow. I couldn’t figure out why. I was worried that the app had messed up and
someone was going to end up with no presents, but I did a quick count and realized there
were 11 total presents for the 10 of us. I guess someone just wanted to make Marco’s
day and get him something in addition to buying something for their person. He ended up loving both presents, so it seemed
like no harm done for the most part, though I just worried it was a bit unfair to everyone
else. The final present remaining came down to my
wife. It was a little black box wrapped in… what
looked to be just a plastic trash bag and tied up in actual rope. It was… I’m not going to lie, a really ugly exterior,
and she had a lot of trouble opening it by herself. In fact, nobody could seem to pry the knot
off of it, granted we were all kind of drunk at that point, so we ended up having to cut
the thing open. She opened the box… and pulled out a small
piece of paper. She looked upset as she read it. Then her hands started to shake and her eyes
glazed over. “What is it?” She showed me the slip of paper. There were just a couple of words on it. “Santa says… you all die.” I quickly looked inside the box, only to find,
there was nothing else inside. I can get kind of defensive at times and I
got pretty upset and took it out on everyone. Within a couple minutes the party was over
and everyone was out in the cold. I wanted to get to the bottom of who the hell
thought this would be funny by asking everyone who who their secret santa was and doing a
little research of my own to find out who was lying, but she insisted that it wasn’t
that big of a deal and she’d rather not ruin it for everyone. Still, I felt really betrayed. These were supposed to be our friends, and
I couldn’t understand who would want to hurt her like that. But we were tired and just decided to retire
to bed for the evening. I told myself I would get her something great
to make up for it and started brainstorming some gift ideas. But all I could think about was… who would
do this? I stayed awake for a while longer trying to
think of any reason that someone would have to try to spook us. That’s when I heard… someone rummaging
around the house. A chill went up my spine and after being frozen
in fear for a few moments, I sat up and began to formulate a plan. My wife woke up and asked me what I was doing. “There’s someone in the house. Stay here keep the door locked until I give
you the OK.” With that, I slipped out and locked the door
behind me. My blood was boiling at this point. I didn’t know if this had anything to do
with the present from earlier but all I wanted to do was find who was behind this and bash
his head in. The only issue was… I couldn’t hear anyone moving around anymore… It seemed that the house was quiet. I methodically checked the entire upstairs. It was empty. As I was checking the last closet, I heard
a huge crash from downstairs. I sprinted down, fists blazing, but the scene
I found in the living room was far more horrifying than I could have imagined. The tree had been knocked over into the fireplace
which was now on and it had begun to burn. I heard footsteps running to the door, but
I knew I couldn’t go after him now. In a panic, I turned off the gas fireplace
and ran to the kitchen to grab a jug of water. I poured it over the tree which was beginning
to burn even more, but all I could manage to do was slow down the rapidly spreading
fire. Luckily my wife had already called 9-1-1 and
the fire department showed up before long. I was able to slow down the fire enough until
they arrived. I wish I could say that was the end of it. But it gets worse from there. The police showed up and questioned us about
what had gone down that evening. We told the entire story, and they were particularly
interested in the app we had used to sort the names for the secret santa. The chief told us that an undercover police
officer would be on our block for the time being, and to call 9-1-1 if we had any other
disturbances. He also gave me a card, a point of contact
for if we had any other information. It was nearly 4AM at that point, and we were
ready to put this nightmarish evening behind us when I got a call from Terry, James’s
wife. They were both at the secret Santa that night
and I noticed a couple of missed calls from from her as well. Desperate for more information, I picked up,
but before I could explain the mess that we had been in, she explained that she was calling
from the hospital. Apparently they had been driving home from
our house when some maniac ran them off the road! She was fine, but went on to explain that
James had been injured pretty badly, though he was expected to make a recovery. I decided that enough was enough. It was time to do a little investigation of
my own. The next morning I headed out to the spot
of the crash, as Terry had described to me. If I was going to get to the bottom of this,
I had to be thorough. Afterall, as far as I knew Terry was trying
to cover up her or James’s guilt with that phone call. I found tire tracks going off the road, but
that really only clears one of them. I made a call on over to the hospital. I knew they wouldn’t share any information,
since that’s someone’s private medical info, but I acted like a concerned family
member and asked if they’d been found. I was able to find out they both got admitted
at the same time, so they were both in the clear. My next step was finding out who they got
gifts for in the secret santa, which involved me showing up and asking to see the email. I had to catch them by surprise to make sure
they didn’t try to doctor anything. So I knew I had Troy and my wife had Emily. It was already fairly obvious that James had
his wife Terry, but I did find out that Terry had Alaina. Don’t worry about keeping track of all the
names, just know that my list of suspects was narrowing. I also discovered that the person who went
after them was in a white van with black tape over the license plate. Next on my list were Emily and Alaina. It took me a while to come up with an idea
about how I might prove their whereabouts, but I ended up finding a way to check on them
without either of them knowing. See, every year there’s this big Christmas
tree in town square. Everyone in the town is encouraged to put
up an ornament of their own, and the whole thing is livestreamed for the entire month
of December. They would most certainly go past it on their
way home. All I had to do was go back to last night
around the time they should have been driving home. Luckily enough, I was able to spot their car
on the stream. While that didn’t necessarily clear both of
them from what happened at our house, it did make them innocent of running James and Terry
off the road. Unless they had just gotten a second car that
I don’t know about, but I figured I could reevaluate them if that came to be the case. I also had to make the assumption that the
intruder at our house and the crazy driver that went after our friends were related incidents,
and the time frame of the events seemed to line up with that theory. Of course, the nasty present my wife received
only backed this idea up further. I tried getting ahold of Emily and Alaina
to see who they got gifts for, but neither one could be reached. The next and final couple was Marco and Gina. They’d taken an Uber home from the party,
so all I had to do was show up and ask to see their ride history. When I arrived Marco was actually kind of
upset that I was accusing them. I thought to myself, this was it. It must be one of them. But I hadn’t really planned for what I would
do if I’d gotten this far. I didn’t bring anything to defend myself
with. Not only was Macro a big guy, but it was 2
against one. I clenched my fists behind my back and slowly
stepped away as Marco yelled at me, going on about how he was appalled that I didn’t
trust him after everything we’d been through. I figured that my best bet was to turn and
run for my car. Then I could hopefully make a getaway and
alert the police. Tension within me built as I waited for him
to make a move. Just when I was ready to turn and run, Gina
came up with the phone to her ear and said that Terry was on the line, and she had just
found out about the car crash. She invited me in to show me the evidence
I was looking for, and stupidly, I accepted. For all I knew, this could have been an act
to lure me in and make me more vulnerable. Still, when Gina delivered the news, I thought
I saw something change in Marco’s expression. Like an understanding had come over him. Like he realized now why I had to see their
whereabouts last night. Still I was jumpy inside of their house and
in my mind I was keeping track of where they both were at all times for my own safety,
though I tried not to show it. Marco brought up their trip history on Uber
and… to my surprise, they had gone home after the party, no doubt about it. They also showed me who their secret santa
recipients were: Marco’s was Cynthia and Gina’s was James. I told them I had to be on my way and headed
out, where a van was pulling up to the curb by their house. As soon as I looked up at it, it haphazardly
sped away down the street. I ran after it and found that the license
plate was covered with black tape, it was just like what Terry had described to me. I dialed 9-1-1 and let them know what had
just happened. He was still going after people, so I knew
I was racing the clock here. There were only two suspects left: Troy and
Cynthia, the two singles who had been flirting at the party. I hoped to God it wasn’t Troy after I had
put so much into my gift for him, but deep down I knew it was. The nature of the crime at my house pointed
to it being a male. Still, I touched base with my wife and told
her to look into Cynthia while I confronted him. Everything was boiling down to this. Troy lived alone so I wouldn’t be able to
get any info from anyone else. He did live in an apartment complex however,
so there had to be a camera somewhere that would prove he was out several hours later
after the party ended. I gave the police chief a call and he agreed
to send someone to meet me at Troy’s apartment complex with a warrant. I waited out by the office. This was our chance to nail him. What was it taking them so long? As I waited around… I heard a familiar voice. It was Troy. I was so stupid. Of course he’d come back here after nearly
getting caught back at Marco’s. This was not good. He knew I knew. But he didn’t let onto it right away. Well, two can play at that game. My only choice was to play dumb. He pretended to be surprised to see me. He always did have a good poker face. I told him that I had come to check on him
when I heard about James and Terry. He told me he had just heard this morning
and went over to the hospital to visit James. He was finally telling me something I could
believe. A good move on his part. It would definitely make them less suspicious
of him. But that wouldn’t work on me. I’d caught him red handed. But he knew I knew too much. What was his plan? How long was he going to play dumb? All I had to do was stall a little bit longer. I decided to press him on it. I asked if anything weird had happened after
he had left the night before. I was hoping to trip him up with an inconsistency
in his story. Something that didn’t line up with the actual
timeline of events. All I got out of him though, was that he had
gone straight home. He asked what I had done after everyone had
left. And it was at that moment that something clicked
in my head. He was going to try paint me as the villain. He knew we would be home and asleep after
the party, so we would have no alibi to prove that we hadn’t gone and run down James’s
car before coming back to set our own Christmas tree ablaze in an attempt to make ourselves
look like victims. After all, we’d setup the party. We could have structured it so that my wife
would receive the creepy note… from me. He was going to try to pin it all on me. But I was one step ahead of him. The detective arrived. I told Troy he was busted, but I knew it would
be a battle to prove my own innocence as well. He continued to play dumb. The detective provided the apartment complex
with a warrant and we all sat down to watch the footage. This next part, I deeply regret. I’ll never be able to erase that look of betrayal
out of my mind. Because the footage proved that Troy was innocent. I wish I had more time to apologise for accusing
him, but I had to go check on my wife. All signs now pointed to Cynthia being the
culprit. I rushed home where my wife informed me she
had just gotten off the phone with Cynthia’s roommate. Cynthia was also innocent. This didn’t make any sense. We’d cleared everyone who was at the party. Had we overlooked someone? Was it somebody else? Outside of the group? We soon got our answer. If you’re easily disturbed, I suggest you
don’t continue. We got another call from the police chief. Emily and Alaina were dead. Somebody had broken down their door and slit
both of their throats, leaving them to bleed out under the Christmas tree. The killer had also slathered a message on
the carpet in blood. It read, “lesbo cunts” with arrows pointed
up at them. I was sickened just by hearing about this. But the police had a strong lead on who the
killer might be. Marc Berklee. Cynthia’s ex from last year’s secret santa. The a-hole who got her an ice tray for a gift. Apparently, one of the first things the detective
on our case did was contact the developer of the secret santa app. He was given a master list of everyone involved. I guess we never removed Marc from the list
when we added Troy this year and the app told Troy to get a present for Marc. Troy must have thought it supposed to be Marco,
seeing as how he would have no idea who Marc even is. That would also explain why Marco ended up
with two gifts. Then Marc must have snuck in at some point
and dropped my wife’s gift into the pile. It was all starting to come together. We also found out that Marc completely lost
his mind when Cynthia had broken up with him a little over a year ago. There were multiple police reports of him
threatening her, stalking her and loitering outside of her apartment. Maybe when Marc accidentally got the email
about our secret santa that somehow set him off again and he decided to terrorize all
of us. Everyone still in her life. Everyone who is as close to her as he wishes
he could be. The chief told me he had already sent his
squad over to Cynthia’s, as Marc would likely be heading there next after having hit every
other couple at the party. But I knew that wouldn’t be the case. If Marc really had snuck into my party to
deliver the fake gift, he’d have seen what went on between Cynthia and Troy and he’d
be in a furious rage. He was saving his best, most brutal and cold-blooded
strike for last and Cynthia was never on his hit list. I raced over to Troy’s as quickly as I could,
but feared I may be too late when I arrived to find his front door had been left wide
open. I walked inside. It seemed… strangely empty. My heart sank. Was I too late? Or was Troy even home when Marc had arrived? I called out. “Troy?” No response. “Marc?” I headed into the kitchen where I saw that
the dish rack and silverware organizer I’d gotten him had been put to good use. He’d finally tidied his crazy mess of stuff. For that little moment I was glad I was able
to get him something worthwhile. But then it happened. I never heard it coming. But I did see a shadow come over me as I noticed
the other gift I had gotten Troy. The knife block. But… one of knives was missing. Number 18 – Blind Date I’d always found the concept of a blind date
to be somewhat of a gamble. At best, it could lead to a very fun time,
and who knows, maybe even something more. But you run the risk of a terrible and awkward
hour or more, and you never know what you might get. Tara and I exchanged names and phone numbers
online, then decided only to text each other before the date in order to preserve the blind
aspect of the encounter. I arrived at the restaurant a few minutes
early to find that she was already there. We quickly got a table and sat down. After our initial introductions, one of the
first things she did was suggest that we both turn off our phones for the remainder of the
date. While I was surprised at her progressive request,
I quickly agreed and powered down my device. I had been on all too many bad dates where
the girl had fallen back on looking at her phone at the first hint of an awkward moment. I mean, I’ve been guilty of it too, so I figured
we may as well at least attempt to get to know each other now that we had taken the
time to arrange a date. We started with the small talk. The city, our jobs, the obligatory stuff. Then she started to ask some weird questions. Questions like: Have you ever thought about
murdering someone? I told her, we all have at some point… right? In a joking manner of course. She went on about how planning the perfect
murder in her head was kind of a fun hobby of hers. When she asked me how I would do it, I explained
that I kind of like the Alfred Hitchcock idea of stabbing someone with an icicle. I wasn’t really sure what to think when I
heard what she said next. She told me, if you do it right, you’ve got
no reason to make the evidence disappear.” Of course, I was curious as to where she was
going with this. “These detectives always look for a motive,”
she explained. “So you simply have to have no reason to
be there, no connection to the person, and of course, no witnesses.” While it would be easy to get away with something
like that, I did have to wonder why would you want to kill a random person?” She just said that she finds it kind of exciting. It’s not that I didn’t realize this conversation
was weird… Normally, I wouldn’t find myself talking about
such things with a girl… Nonetheless on the first date. But, for whatever reason, I didn’t really
mind discussing it with her. I even found it kind of fun. At the end of the date I picked up the bill. And she asked if I had any plans for the rest
of the night. Taking the hint, I invited her back to my
place, and before long, we were off. Upon arriving home I stepped into the bathroom
to freshen up and brush my teeth, just in case. While I was in there, I turned my phone back
on to see if I had missed any messages while I was out on the date. Tara was waiting for me out in the living
room, so I tried to be quick. I noticed just one message on my phone. It was from Tara. Thirty minutes ago. That’s odd. We hadn’t even left the restaurant thirty
minutes ago. Both of our phones were off at the time. I opened the message. “Hey. I’m SO sorry I didn’t make it. Someone slashed my tires. I tried calling but your phone was dead. Did you still want to try to meet up?” As I tried to comprehend what I had just read,
I heard her doing something out in the kitchen. The sound of a drawer opening or something. I was about to go out there and find out what
she was doing rummaging through my stuff, when a wave of realization hit me with a petrifying
force. “No reason to be there, no connection to
the person, no witnesses.” I locked the bathroom door, grabbed my phone
and called up the number I had for Tara. It rang. Once, twice, three times. I started sweating bullets as I saw her shadow
appear from the crack under the door. She had made an effort to make sure all of
her movements were silent, then she just stood outside the door. After what seemed like ages, I heard a voice
on the other side of the line. “Hello? Hello?” The woman that picked up the phone was not
the same woman standing outside my bathroom door. Not knowing what else to do I hung up the
phone and began to dial 9-1-1. She must have heard me dialing, because she
then grabbed the door handle and tried to come into the bathroom. As soon as she realized it was locked, she
quickly moved away from the door. I braced myself for her to barge down the
door or something… That’s when I heard my front door open and
quickly close. I assumed that she had left, but I didn’t
dare leave the safety of the locked bathroom until the cops had arrived and locked down
the area. Of course, they found no trace of the woman. After telling the police my account of what
went on that night, I tried to get them to take down a description of her appearance,
but I was told that there was no case. Since I had invited her in, she hadn’t actually
broken any law. As far as I could tell nothing had been stolen. Besides, without knowing her name, or who
she actually was, it was unlikely they would have found her anyway. Eventually, I got in contact with the real
Tara, and told her about what happened. She was understanding when I said that I no
longer felt comfortable meeting up for a blind date. It’s been a couple of days now since the incident
and I’ve had an uneasy feeling since then. I’ve barely gotten any sleep. Sometimes I think I hear the sound of my door
handle wiggling like someone is trying to get in, but when I get up to check on it,
the sound dissipates. She knew where I lived now. What was to stop her from coming back and
finishing the job? I tried to tell myself that the whole thing
was a cruel prank… that she was trying to mess with me for her own entertainment, and
that she probably just wanted to scare me or something… Until today. See, since that day, I haven’t really had
much of an appetite. I finally had the stomach to eat something
again and decided to go to the kitchen and prepare something for myself… when I found
the kitchen knife put away in the wrong drawer… Number 19 – CreepsMcPasta Narrated My Nightmare I recently began listening to creepypasta
narrations each night before bed. Now I know for some people, that is probably
a terrible idea, that would likely result in a state of fear; not being able to sleep
or being riddled with terrible nightmares. I even have friends that won’t watch a horror
movie past 9PM, for fear that they will not be able to sleep that night if they do. I, however, am not like most people. I’ve been mostly desensitized to such movies,
so finding a story that really scares me is an exciting occurrence. I welcome any nightmares that may arise. As you get older, it becomes very difficult
to find anything that scares you like when you were a child. Sure there are worries and stresses that come
with adulthood, but real terror becomes a real rarity by the time you hit 8th grade,
other than in your dreams. So I started pulling up a creepypasta on YouTube
each night before bed and letting it play as I closed my eyes, visualized the story
in my head, and hoped that if I was lucky, maybe I’d get the thrill of a nightmare racksacking
my thoughts that evening. At least, that’s what I thought I wanted…
until recently, when I had a nightmare so terrifying, I’ve had to rethink my outlook
entirely. See, the strange thing about the horror narrators
on YouTube, is that while their voices can be creepy and unsettling, they also have to
be aesthetically pleasing to the listeners’ ears, so they also tend to have the most soothing,
full-sounding voices out of anyone you might hear. And what I’ve come to find is that oftentimes
the result, is like that of a lullaby and after listening to a couple of stories, their
voices can ease you right to sleep. That’s another reason I had continued to listen
to stories before bed. Some of my favorite narrators were The Dark
Somnium, Lady White Rabbit, Mortis Media and CreepsMcPasta. Creeps was usually my go-to for falling asleep,
as he has that relaxing tone of voice that just puts you at ease and makes it easy to
drift off while listening to some classic internet horror stories. He also uploads nearly every day, so there’s
usually a new video to listen to each night, which is nice. Every now and then, Creeps will upload something
known as a compilation video, which consists of all of his narrations from that month,
combined into one long video, which tends to land around 4 hours or so. I had fallen asleep listening to one of these
compilation videos when I discovered what I’ll call… an intriguing life hack. I found that listening to a long enough story
at just the right volume can result in me actually hearing the creepypasta narration
in my dreams! This was obviously insanely cool for me, but
it didn’t stop there. What I discovered, was that my dreams would
actually change based on what I was hearing in the story. Have you ever had someone touch you or kick
you while you were asleep, and have something similar happen in your dream as result? I imagine that it’s the same concept here,
only instead of a physical response, my brain was responding to the audio. Needless to say, I had a lot of fun experimenting
with this trick, forcing myself to have dreams of classic horror stories, creating playlists
for myself so I can control which stories play when I enter my REM sleep cycle and getting
myself genuinely horrified when the stories took a turn for the worst. At first, if there was any kind of loud noise
or music change in the narrative [stinger] it would jolt me awake, but the more I listened,
the more I became desensitized to it. After a couple of months I was able to sleep
through any music or sound effects and Creeps was the soundtrack to my nightmares. I worked my way through the essentials, until
I got to Teeth.jpg… I had set it up so that the story would start
after 90 minutes. So basically, when my dream picked up, the
story has just started. Teeth.jpg, if you’re not familiar with it,
is about four art students who live together and come back from one summer break to one
of the roommates undergoing a strange and disturbing behaviour change. What made this experience so real for me,
was that when you are in a dream, you don’t really question what’s going on for whatever
reason. So although the characters in this creepypasta,
Josh, Lily, and Daniel, the psycho one, are completely fictional, I felt like they were
my closest friends during the dream. My mind never really tried to challenge the
fact that I just lived in this world with these characters. In one of the early scenes, Daniel goes missing
late at night and I, as the main character of this story, end up finding the creepy teeth.jpg
file on his computer. In the dream, when I am going through his
files, I keep on looking over the door, and despite the fact that I know this story in
real life, it’s like I don’t know what’s going to happen in the moment, so I feel like
Daniel is going to come walking in any second. The strange thing was, every time I looked
back at the door, it was different. The lighting outside would change, and the
angle at which the door was open was always different. I would see shadows on the wall sometimes,
despite the fact that nobody was really there. That was tripping me out, but in addition
to that, there were a bunch of files on Daniel’s computer other than those mentioned in the
story, and I looked at them, despite the fact that Creeps’ narration did not instruct
me to do so. They were photos. Real photos from my Facebook page. Most of which were ones that I was in. Me and my friends. Me and my girlfriend. Me and my ex-girlfriend. And again, at the time, I didn’t realize
I was dreaming, I was just taking this all at face, and it was really freaking me out. I ran out of the room and hit my foot on the
doorframe on the way out. It really hurt. It wasn’t like a dream at all. The pain was so realistic and it was pulsing
through my leg. There were more strange deviations that occurred
in this dream. For example, when we suspected Daniel of doing
something to Lily and went through his bag. I immediately recognized the items that poured
out of my bag. The were all the same objects that I have
sitting on my nightstand: the alarm clock, my phone, a box of tissue and a picture frame. I reached out to pick up my alarm clock, but
when my hand got to the point of touching it, I couldn’t feel anything. I couldn’t pick it up. Since this was a dream, I didn’t find this
that out of the ordinary. It just felt more like I was doing something
wrong, as opposed to some kind of glitch in reality. There were also some photographs of Lily. I found that these were much easier for me
to interact with and I was able to pick up each one and inspect the markings. They were polaroid photos, which doesn’t
really make sense thinking back on it, but each one had Lily’s teeth notated with permanent
marker. We began searching for Lily, and it felt like
we were wandering around aimlessly forever. Days even. It’s strange how time can seem to be uncompressed
when you’re dreaming. Eventually we found the house. Josh kicked down the door and we explored
onward into the basement. Upon entering, I was met with a foul odor
that instantly sickened me. Typically smell has usually been a non-factor
for me in dreams, but this, just like when I banged my foot, was so real. I didn’t want to be there anymore. I couldn’t stand to go on. But I was fighting the movement of my own
body! It was obeying each of Creeps’ commands,
which were booming over us in his calm, familiar voice and echoing all throughout the basement. I wasn’t in control anymore but I could
still feel the wretched nausea caused by that smell. I wanted to go outside and throw up but I
couldn’t do that. I was continuing on against my own will. I looked at Josh and he actually seemed to
be unaffected by it, and it was at that point where I think I gradually started to realize
that I was in a dream. No… a nightmare, I could not wake up from. We found Lily’s sweater. At this point I actually did throw up. I’ll avoid the grotesque details of what
happened next as much as possible. But I have to get my point across. Through my own eyes I could see the puke piling
up on the floor. But how I felt was much different than that. It was like it was piling up and wouldn’t
leave my mouth. I started spitting, choking, doing whatever
I could to prevent myself from drowning in my own waste. But the grossness of all of this was making
me sicker and making it clog my mouth even more. I felt like I was going to suffocate, and
then somehow I was able to clear my airways. I’m not really sure how. Sorry about that. No more gross parts. We wandered around around in the dark. Someone turned on a red light. I heard Josh scream. It was probably the loudest thing I had ever
heard. It was so loud that it temporarily overtook
the sound of CreepsMcPasta’s narrations. It echoed everywhere in the room, piercing
my eardrums. It felt like my head might pop, but then the
echoes slowly faded out. That’s when I saw Lily. Eyes gouged. Teeth repurposed. At this point I knew I was in a nightmare. And I wanted out. I tried sitting up. Opening my eyes. None of that worked. I heard the footsteps come up behind me. I pinched myself. Nothing. I’m sorry you had to find out this way. But it’s OK. It’s all for the sake of art. Daniel’s dialogue was perfectly in sync
with the booming narration. I beat my fist against my body. No luck. I started punching myself in the face. NO MATTER WHAT I DID… I couldn’t. Wake. Myself. Up. That’s when I was yanked backwards into
the dark. My stomach dropped as this happened and my
eyes were blurry and filled with tears. I kicked. I fought. But I couldn’t make contact. Daniel was was beating and bludgeoning my
with what must have been a somewhat sharp metal post. All the pain was real. It was an intense searing pain. It was unlike anything I had felt, in waking
or in sleep. I was bleeding. I could tell because I reached to grasp my
injury and it felt wet. And then suddenly, it just stopped, as Creeps
gave the final narration. I thought I was done for, but then everything
around me, the entire environment, just faded away. I found myself laying in a white void. I guess it’s true what they say. How you can’t die in your dream. I’ve just been laying here for… what feels
like days, but realistically has been about 9 hours and 15 minutes. How do I know this? My alarm just went off for the second time,
and it isn’t waking me up. I’m starting to doubt it ever will. Number 20 – Tower of Terror: Last Ride When I heard that The Tower of Terror at Disney’s
California Adventure was being remodeled into a Guardians of the Galaxy ride, I immediately
made plans with my friends, Joey and Matt, to go pay the ride one last visit. We all decided to take a Monday off, and visit
the park on the last day of the ride’s operation, in hopes that there might be some kind of
special send off. If you’ve never been to Disney, Tower of
Terror was a part dark-ride part free-fall ride themed around an abandoned Hollywood
Hotel. Guests are told they are entering a special
episode of The Twilight Zone. Five people riding in an elevator on one Halloween
night in the 30s were struck by lightning, causing them, and an entire section of the
hotel to disappear into another dimension. Let me make one thing clear: I was never the
type of guy who believes in ghosts. That’s part of what made me love The Tower
of Terror though. The theming and effects were so well done
that you really did feel like you were stepping into a dimension where ghosts do exist, and
it was a lot of fun. As we walked through the Hollywood Blvd area
of the park towards Hollywood Tower, I couldn’t help but notice how iconic it looked, and
think about how much I was going to miss this ride when it was gone. The California Adventure skyline was going
to look a lot different without it, that much was for sure. As we turned the corner to the street where
the tower was located, we were met with a huge line, pouring way outside of the ordinary
queue area. Understandably, it seemed that lots of other
Disney fans had the same idea that we did, and wanted to give the ride a proper send
off. We decided to hit up some of the other rides
first and return to Tower of Terror once the sun had gone down. This turned out to be a great idea… or so
it seemed at the time… because most of the rest of the park was relatively empty in comparison. We ended getting on just about everything
else that we wanted to do before returning to The Tower of Terror that evening. The tower was lit with those ominous glowing
blue lights as we approached it for the final time. There was still a very long line when we got
there, which we expected, so it was getting pretty late by the time we even hit the front
gates to the attraction’s official queue. Joey was starting to get nervous about us
making it in before the park closed, even though they were open late that night. We were actually one of the last groups to
get through before they started turning people away. After welcoming us to the Hollywood Tower
Hotel, a man in a bellhop uniform with dark circles under his eyes closed up the giant
metal gates behind us, presumably never to be opened again. At first, I was feeling relieved to have made
it in time to go on the ride, but I was quickly overcome with an uneasy feeling… Something was off. Before entering the building, the line winds
through the main level terrace leading up to the building’s entrance. I know the area is supposed to look worn down
by the elements, but it looked even shabbier than usual. The plants were all overgrown, and some of
the lamp posts were broken, making it very difficult to see. I even came close to stepping on some broken
glass on the ground! But the strangest part, was the screaming. These were no ordinary theme park screams
though, they sounded like screams of agony, like someone was being tortured. We were wondering what was getting such violent
sounding reactions out of the riders, but eventually came to find that the screaming
was coming from the speakers hidden around the area. I’m not sure if that made me feel any better
to be honest, why would they be playing such disturbing audio for their guests? It all just seemed so weird. When we got to the covered area just outside
the building, it seemed like the pillars holding up the structure had some considerable decay…
and all the windows were broken. I couldn’t remember exactly what this area
looked like last time I was here, but I was fairly certain it was at least a little bit
more put together than this. After what seemed like forever, we finally
made it into the hotel. This when things really got weird. Normally, the hotel lobby is made to look
like it was abandoned in the 30s. Which it still was. Only this time, the room was filled with 15-20
Disney employees, all wearing the same Hollywood Tower Hotel bellhop uniform. They were standing straight up like soldiers
around all the major set pieces in the room, and every single one of them was just staring
at us. It was almost as if they were guarding something,
but none of them said one word the entire time. Matt even tried asking one of the employees
how much longer it would be until we reached the front of the line… to which… the guy
made eye contact with him and just stared into his soul with a completely straight face. I’ll never forget the look of those blue
eyes with the dark bags underneath piercing at us from his pale, almost greyish skin. At this point, I was thinking that this all
must be part of the park’s special going away present to the fans of this ride and
they were really going all out to make the last night as creepy as possible. I let myself think that they were really outdoing
themselves, and I was really enjoying the show. I also noticed that the iconic owl statue
in the center of the lobby had it’s wings broken off and was now inside of a cage. At some point a couple men in construction
helmets came in and started to remove the cage and some of the other furniture. This was the first time I saw one of the bellhops
react and speak up. He grabbed the construction worker’s hand
and said, “sir, please. The hour is not yet upon us.” I assumed that this was also part of the show… I mean, they wouldn’t really be clearing
the place out minutes after the closure, right? At this point, riders are taken in groups
to the Hotel Library for a briefing video. Matt and Joey walked ahead into the library,
but when I tried to pass through, the bellhop stopped me and told me to wait for the next
group. I tried to explain that I was with those two
guys, but the bellhop wouldn’t let me pass. Matt and Joey didn’t seem to notice I was
gone, but I figured I would catch up with them before they boarded the elevator. When it was my turn to go see the briefing
video, there were only a couple of a people left in line behind me, so the three of us
went in. We get into the orientation room and the lights
go out. We sit there in the dark for what seems like
ages. That’s when I hear someone shuffle around
behind me… I could SWEAR, it was just me and those two
other guests who had come into the library. I was positive they were the only ones behind
me in line. I had to to think that whoever was behind
me was just one of the employees, but then, seemingly just to disprove that theory, they
guy moves closer to me, and starts breathing down my neck. I was getting very uncomfortable, but then
just as I was about to say something… *Bzzt!* The orientation video starts, so I just take
a step forward, away from that creep behind me. “You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it, is another dimension. A dimension of sound. A dimension of sight. A dimension of mind.” I wasn’t sure if there was something weird
going on with Rod Serling’s voice, almost like it was off pitch or something… “You’re moving into a land of both shadow
and substance, of things and ideas you just crossed over into… The Twilight Zone.” The rest of the introduction video went on
as it normally does… That is, until it got to the part where Rod
addresses the audience. “Tonight’s story of the Twilight Zone
will be your last.” Ok… Now that was definitely not normal. They must have changed up the intro video
for the final night or something. “This, as you may recognize, is a maintenance
service elevator. Still in operation, but not for long. At midnight tonight, normal operation of this
machine will cease and at that moment the Stars… Will come out to play. When this happens, you, will have to fend
for yourself and your safety is not guaranteed. You are about to embark on a ride through
history, and your destination? The Twilight Zone.” All right! This is exactly why we wanted to come on the
last day! I was so excited. I couldn’t wait to find Joey and Matt and
get on this ride. The doors opened and we continued onto the
boiler room, the last part of the hotel before we get into the elevator. The creep who was standing behind me didn’t
join us however. I looked back and saw him just standing there
in the dark. I couldn’t see him that well, he was basically
just a silhouette in this lighting, I was about to see what I think was an outline of
a bellhop uniform… Whatever. I scanned the boiler room for my friends,
but didn’t see them anywhere. I hoped they hadn’t gotten on the ride without
me. The more I searched around for them, the more
I realized that the entire room felt kind of empty, at least considering how many people
had just been ahead of us. It was also freezing cold down here. I was getting goosebumps. I know it was January, but we were inside
and it was Southern California after all. It doesn’t usually get this cold. The two other guys from the library and I
were directed past the usual boarding stations to a creaky stairway leading up. This was completely new to me… I mean, I remembered seeing these stairs before
but I always thought they were just a decoration to make the hotel feel more fleshed out than
it really is. Or maybe one of those secret entrances for
the cast members to access their changing rooms and whatnot. Apparently, I was wrong, and there are more
elevator entrances up above, as well as more pipes, machinery and theming. The only thing that wasn’t wasn’t up there
was people. I tried to text my friends to see where they
were at, but my phone was dead from a long day at the park. One of the employees led us to a station that
was completely empty. We didn’t have to wait long for the car
to arrive. The elevator shaft doors parted, and we entered
the ride. I chose a seat towards the middle, and the
other two guys filled in on either side of me. The Tower of Terror starts by traveling up
to the first floor, where the doors open and the guests see a mirror. The narrator then asks them to wave goodbye
to the real world. When the doors opened for our ride I saw a
man sitting directly behind me with what appeared to be a hunting rifle! This REALLY startled me! Thinking it might have been some kind of effect,
like the hitchhiking ghosts in the Haunted Mansion, I turned back to see that there really
was someone there! It was the creepy bellhop guy again! At this point I started to freak out. Not only was this the second time this guy
inexplicably appeared behind me, but he was carrying a weapon?! I know Disney can have a dark side at times,
but this is still Disney we’re talking about here. A family company. I was truly getting scared that something
was very wrong here… but what could I do? I was strapped into the seat. So I start to scream and panic, I don’t
really remember exactly what I said, but I do remember the ride violently jolting up
to the next floor. The next scene is the hallway full of guest
rooms where riders are shown the ghosts of the five hotel guests who disappeared years
ago. Only this time, the holograms look shockingly
realistic and they don’t seem to notice us. They are just standing in the hotel talking. The audio isn’t that loud, but they seem
to be arguing with the employee about something and the woman is sobbing. Again, it was difficult to hear over the rain
and thunder, but she said something along the lines of, “don’t make us go”. She’s crying, begging and pleading, and
the employee is just standing there with a disgusted look on his face. Before I can gather any more information,
a huge flash of lightning fills the room, and I hear the boom of thunder, accompanied
by broken glass and horrific screaming. This may have been a special effect, but I
distinctly remember feeling the heat of this lightning strike. What I saw then the smoke cleared, completely
devastated me! I saw all five of the the bodies sprawled
out on the floor, in a disturbingly realistic death scene. The man seemed to have vomited blood all over
himself, and the little girl’s hair was standing up on end. But the creepiest part, had to have been her
eyes, which had rolled to the back of her head. Her eyelids seemed to be sparked open and
it was almost as if her blank stare was pointed right at me. I was completely at a loss for words, sounds…
anything, when the ride jerked upward again to the top level. The ride stopped at the top, like it always
does. It was dark, there were only a few main lights
left on in the park. I guess the other major attractions were already
shut down for the night. Instead of the usual audio, the narrator was
just laughing like a madman. After a while, it went quiet and nothing happened. I was beginning to think the ride was stuck,
and to be honest it was almost a relief after everything I had seen. The moment of solace however, was short lived,
when I felt the man behind me, who I guess I had temporarily forgotten about in all the
chaos, grab onto my shoulder. At this point, I knew that there was nobody
who could help me, but internally I was freaking out, and I didn’t dare turn around or acknowledge
what he was doing. I know people are going to call me out and
say that I made up this story for attention. And I know people are going to try to prove
that most of these occurrences are absolutely impossible, and I really can’t blame them
for that. But what I saw next… even if it was just
for a fraction of a second, has stuck in my mind perfectly since that night, and I am
100% sure of what I saw. As the ride started to drop and the man behind
me increased pressure on my shoulder, the on ride photo camera flashed, and for a split
second I saw three construction workers hanging by the neck from the top pole upon which the
camera is mounted. These were not holograms, and even though
I only saw them for a split second, I’m quite sure that they were not props. After that first drop the elevator continued
to bounce up and down at nauseating speeds. Between the G-Force and the pressure of the
man grabbing my shoulder, I felt like I was about to pass out. I actually started to black out and closed
my eyes when I felt the ride come to a screeching halt. I was ready for this horrific nightmare to
be over, but apparently, the ride had other plans. Once I opened my eyes and regained my composure
I found myself back on the second floor, the one with all the guest rooms. The dead bodies were still there, but now
they had the ghosts standing over them, motioning for us to come closer. This was actually probably the most normal
thing I had seen since getting on the ride, as it resembled the scene that usually takes
place on this floor during normal operation of the ride. Then, to my surprise our harnesses came off. I was essentially frozen in complete shock. What the hell was going on? The creepo behind me continued to hold my
shoulder, while the other two riders got out of their seats and casually walked through
the door to the right, which to this point I wasn’t even aware was a real door, I had
always just thought it was a facade, much like the stairs in the boiler room earlier. After I’m not sure exactly how long, I snapped
out of my daze and realized this was my chance to get out. I wriggled myself free of the man’s grasp
and made a b-line for the right side door. It was locked. I banged myself against it but it wouldn’t
budge, so I darted across to the left side door, glancing at the elevator car in passing. The man in the bellhop uniform was just sitting
there, giving me this creepy, sadistic grin. To my surprise, the door on the left worked
and I slammed it shut behind me. I stumbled down a seedy, narrow staircase
at the end of which was another door. I bursted through, hoping to make it into
the lobby or something, but instead found myself in an abandoned swimming pool. What in the world? I mean, how could this possibly exist here? I know for a fact that the pool has never
been part of the ride, the queue, or any of of the theming surrounding it. I vaguely remember a sign pointing to a pool
in the beginning of the line, but come on, it was just a sign. Did I just stumble upon one of those crazy
Disney secrets? Like Walt Disney’s New Orleans square apartment,
or the fabled basketball court under the peak of the Matterhorn? Perhaps this pool was at one time an employee
lounge area of some kind? All the tiles were cracked and the pool was
filled with rust and who knows what else. There were a couple of dark objects at the
bottom of the pool. I had to force myself not to look and assume
that they were pool chairs or something, but I had a bad feeling in my gut about what they
may actually be. Whatever it was, it looked disgusting and
I wanted to get the hell out of there. I looked around for another exit, but the
first thing I noticed, was a lump across the pool. My first thought was that it was a dead body…
until I saw the guy stand up and start wobbling around like a drunk. He was wearing a hoodie, and tattered jeans. My initial impression was that it was a homeless
guy, who had somehow snuck in and was living in here. When he saw me, he started screaming at me. He kept saying, “you can’t take my home,
and cursing at me.” He was clearly intoxicated. As soon as I figured out where the door was,
I made a mad dash for the exit, which may have in fact been an entrance, because it
led me into a dimly lit locker room. I guess if that was at one time a pool for
the employees, this must be the corresponding locker room. The lockers were pretty small, and all of
them were open, and empty. The only sound I could hear was that of running
water on the far side of the locker room, in the dark. After all I had experienced, I thought it
might be best to approach the door on the other side of the room more stealthily. I was also feeling very sick, and needed to
catch my breath. I still felt like I was going to pass out. I walk over to the source of the water, keeping
my footsteps as quiet as possible. There are a few shower stalls up ahead. I poke my head into the first, and it is empty. I proceed, continuing on to check the second,
third and fourth stalls. But what I see in the fourth stall stops me
dead in my track. In the corner of the shower, an old man stands
in the water’s stream. He is naked, senile and borderline deformed
and he has his head buried in the corner. Luckily he doesn’t seem to notice me, so
I decide to tip-toe past him to get to the door. I make it across safely, but as I grip the
door handle, I hear a terrifying cry out from behind me. “I see you. You’ll never get me out of here. You’re the one who has to go!” I hear wet footsteps charging out of the shower
stall behind me and waste no time yanking the door open and fumbling my way through
the next room in the dark. This leads me back to the the level one mirror
room. The elevator car from the ride is now there,
seemingly just waiting for me. The creepy bellhop guy is in the same seat,
continuing to stare me down! I don’t even bother to stop running across
the mirror room and through the door on the other side. Now I’m in another hotel corridor, but different
from the one upstairs. At the end of the hall, I see a woman, and
yet another bellhop character, this one wearing a red pair of Mickey Mouse ears with an Iron
Man logo on it. The two are having a dispute. She is screaming and grabbing onto the sides
of the doorframe as he violently tries to pull her out of the room. She is screaming, “please, don’t make
me go.” and he would just methodically respond by telling her that her stay is up and she
is welcome to check into one of their other hotels. He then yanked her hard enough for her to
lose her grip on the door and she flew across the hallway, crashing her head against the
wall hard enough to draw to blood. She collapsed on the floor in front of him. That’s when he looked up and noticed me,
with the same intense stare that the bellhops down in the lobby had given us. My vision was starting to get blurry, so I
decided to try to go into one of the rooms if I could to buy myself some time. I assumed that all the doors were fakes, but
was pleasantly surprised when one of them actually opened, leading to yet another corridor. I was too tired to try to comprehend how this
was possible, given the layout of this ride and given the fact that these secret rooms
have no reason to exist in the first place. Just then, the room went dark, and the walls,
floor and ceiling became projection mapped with the starry night sky, the same effect
used in the 2nd floor of the actual version of the ride. At the end, was a single door. I took this as the metaphorical exit to the
Twilight Zone, so I ran to it as fast as I could. As I was running I heard the narrator’s
booming voice one last time. “Next time you try to mess with history,
make sure you know just what kind of vacancy you’re filling, or you may find a few nasty
surprises coming your way. You may or may not have made it through tonight,
but to close this door is to forever live on in your head in… The Twilight Zone.” And just like that, it was over. The sound of the 30s soundtrack played in
my ears and I was making my way down the exit stairs, trying to think about if Joey and
Matt had a similar experience to what I had. And what happened to those two strangers? What if I was the only one to make it out? Who would believe me? A light caught my eye. THE RIDE PHOTO. At the top of the drop, that guy was grabbing
onto my shoulder. Not to mention the hanging bodies would also
probably be in frame. I ran up to the preview screen. If I needed proof, this would be it!! But when I looked at the photo, it was just
me and the other two guys. No creepy bellhop. No bodies. Just a regular ride photo… The gift shop was completely devoid of any
gifts or people so, feeling defeated I passed through and met up with my friends. As I had feared, they made no mention of anything
abnormal and asked if I was OK. A regular Disney employee in a yellow button
down shirt informs us the park is closing and to make our way to the exits. We walk out of the park. I turn back and see the lights coming down
on The Tower of Terror one last time.There are already cranes in place, ready to start
ripping off pieces of the structure. Other than that though, it looks completely
normal from the outside. No hanging bodies at the top. Nothing out of the ordinary. Before turning back, I see a window open on
one of the floors near the top. I stop walking. Joey asks what’s gotten into me as I stare
back at the ride for the the final time. A light shines out of the window, and the
silhouette of a bellhop sticks his head out and waves at me. I don’t plan on going back to ride the new
Guardians of the Galaxy ride when it opens. I believe in ghosts. Thanks for listening, to all of Al Dente Creepypasta. Your total today comes out to $249,172.84
, but if you like this video right now, I’ll waive that fee and give you everything you
just listened to, absolutely free. If you made it this far, my question for you
is this: if I were to make a movie out of one of these stories, which one would you
like to see adapted the most? Let me know when you stop by the comment section. And congratulations on making it to the end
of Season 1. This season I tried to push the boundaries
of what could be done with with an audio horror story. I brought you all new and original scripts,
some of the best narrators in the game, cinematic sound design and a completely original score. Next season, I’m taking it even further and
doing some things that have never been done before. I’ve already got a ton of cool episodes planned
for Season 2 and I’m hoping to once again change the game of audio based horror and
continue to collaborate with some of your favorite narrators. If that’s something you’d like to see, make
sure you’re subscribed to CZsWorld for new horrors, every week, ring that deathbell for
notifications and I’ll see you in the next season. Assuming we both survive.

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    If you happen to create a movie, I’d recommend you to make it out of the 9th episode “Clueless tourists” cause I think the plot is worth a movie! Idk just think about it 👀👌🏻

  2. Nicholas Alvarado

    Definitely make the tower of terror last ride into a movie, the potential for amazing jump scares, practical effects, and visuals is incredible. Although there may be the whole copyright infringement issue with Disney, but there are ways around that.

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