21 differences in book& series 13 reasons why

HEY TRIPPSTERS 13 reasons why 21 differences between the book 13 reasons why and the series 13 reasons why ok, if you have not read the book then you don’t know all the differences so i’m gonna go over a list of 21 reasons that the books is different than the series and here we go number 1 is the method that the girl uses ok, it is completley different in the book than it is in the series now why they felt the need to change that, i have no idea but that’s different number 2 Clay, is the main character where Clay is, on that list is completely different from where he is on the list, in the book number 3 the friendship between Clay and Hannah in the book, that doesn’t exhists yes they know each other, because they go to the same school, and because they both worked at the theator but they are not friends the order, Number 4 the order of the people on the list the order is messed up it’s different in the series than it is in the book number 5 there is no lawsuit from the parents in the book number 6 at the start of the book Clay is at the post office in the book he is at the post office, mailing out the tapes number 7 CLay listens in the book to all the tapes in one night he listens to all of them in one night number 8 Clay does not ride a bike everywhere in the book he walks everywhere he goes oh, side note however, in the book, Hannah does actually ride a bike everywhere number 9 CLay did not get a confession from Brycee never happens number 10 Alex does not shoot himslef number 11 the guy in the accident that takes place because the stop sign is knocked down that guy in the series is a pretty good friend of Clay’s not in the book Clay doesn’t even really know him in the book he’s just a guy that happens to go to the same school he does and he’s a Senior where as Clay is a Junior so Clay doesn’t actually know him, he’s not friends with him number 12 Hannah’s parents run a show store, not a drug store i don’t know why they felt the need to change that yeh, number 13 Hannah and Courtney, do not make out in the book they do in the series, but not in the book number 14 Tyler is actually jacking off outside the window when the girls catch him number 15 the big dance doesn’t happen in the book number 16 Jenny ok, if you’ve only seen the series, you have no clue who Jenny is that’s because in the series, Jenny her name in Sherri why they changed the characters name, i have no idea but, in the book, Jenny, is Sherri in the tv series number 17 Hannah gets her cut at a different time i know that’s not a big deal but, for some reason in the book, she gets her hair cut right after Marcus does what he does to her number 18 Hannah did not lose a bag of money, given to her by her parents. That does not happen in the book number 19 Tony did not give a copy of those tapes, to Hannahs parents THat never happend Number 20 Bryce did not actually brace yourselves he did not actually rape Hannah and 21 is basically an explanation of why he did not rape her yes, he did do something to her but no it was not rape because she actually goes into this thing in the book knowing what he’s going to do and telling herself i know he’s gonna do it i should go here but i’m going to anyway and i’m going to LET HIM now i’m paraphrasing, that’s not actually what she said but basically that’s pretty much it i actually wrote down some of the stuff she actually says to herself i shouldn’t but i will anyway i don’t trust him i was done fighting i was just through fighting when he slides his hand under her bra and down in her underwear she doesn’t stop him, she doesn’t tell him no she basically just says it And just like that, i let go my shoulders went limp my legs fell apart and i knew exactly what i was doing and i’m quoting her, giys, ok you were touching me, but i was using you i needed you so i could let go of me, completely and for everyone listening let me be clear tub i did not say no or push his hand away all i did was turn my head clinch my teeth and fight back tears when you were done Bryce i got out of the hot tub walked 2 houses away and the night was over i was DONE so basically she tells you, in the book that she knew what she was getting herself into and that she was fully FULLY gonna let it happen just as a reason to give up ok, that kinda pisses me off but that’s a whole other video but, yeh, those are just some of the differences i’m sure i missed a few here and there you guys can point those out but that’s just 21 of the biggest differences between the book and the tv series and that’s gonna do it for now this is ICEPETS QUEEN and i am TRIPPIN OUT

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  1. Jan Olav Teigen

    For me it sounds that the series is alot better and more meaningful then the book. If it had been like the book it whould have been just a movie than a series. I think you focus to much on the difference on the book and series than the reason why the series was made to tell. But still I liked to hear the differences 😛
    Sometimes thay change names to honour or memories some other people, don't know this was the case or it just feels more right to the character or who playing it. And I liked it better it was a drug store than shoe store. And Jeff and Clay wasn't friends in the series, thats what it seemed to me, maybe more than in the book.
    But how long did it take him to listen to the tapes in the series? 1 tape a day or longer? Felt like weeks…

  2. Stephanie Paragas

    I was kinda of annoyed when the series came out because it didn't follow the book and i feel like the people who just watched the series don't understand the differences between the two which pisses me off. i appreciate this video so much.

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