25 Bugs that STILL need to be fixed in Minecraft 1.14

Howdy guys! Today, I’m showing you 25 bugs that still exist in Minecraft 1.14 as of the prereleases. These things still need to be fixed. Number one: Minecarts exiting slow water onto rails has extra momentum. The speed of the cart in water doesn’t match the speed it has on rails. You’re gonna see this minecart go through three different shifts in momentum. One, right off the powered rail, moves fairly quickly, it will hit the water, slow down extremely slowly, and will make its way through our little water obstacle course, where you’ll see it touch the rail, on which the moment it touches the rails, it picks up a little bit of extra momentum, and then slows to a halt near the end of the rails here. As you can see, it’s moving along at a speed, and then all of a sudden, it gets a very slight push forward speed-wise. It does stop, but it is a bug. Number two: Minecarts change direction on and off rails. As you can see here, we’ve got a sticky piston pushing and pulling a rail from up and underneath this minecart. And when it does that, what you’ll notice here is that the minecart will change direction. It’s been a bug that’s been in the game for a while, but it’s still not been fixed as of 1.14. Number three: When thrown, the line and rod on the fishing rod do not collect. Connect, I mean. See, if you look up in the sky here, you can see that the line from the fishing rod is not actually touching the fishing rod itself. It’s slightly above it. If you look at it in F5 mode, it appears to be fine, but in F1, they’re not connected. Or collected. Number four: End streams of lava and water don’t make cobblestone. Normally, when you’ve got water and lava touching on one of their adjacent edges, cobblestone will form. Even placing a source block right next to the edge of this lava produces some extremely interesting results, yet none of them yield cobblestone. Stand in the middle of them, though, and listen to some awesome sound effects. [strange sizzling noise] Oh yeah. Sizzle, baby! Number five: Minecarts glitch into blocks at the end of slopes. See ya later, buddy. Nice and glitched, right through the other side. Experience greatness! [giggle] That’s me. Live in Los Angeles. This weekend, I wanna see you in person at Minefaire, the biggest and best Minecraft convention… in the world! Seriously. And because I wanna see you so bad, we’ve even got a special discount code you can use to get an even better deal on your tickets. It’s “logdotzip20”. That’s right. Click the first link in the description in today’s video and enter the promotional code “logdotzip20” to get 20% off of any gold and diamond tickets for Minefaire. And whether you’re coming on Saturday or on Sunday, I’ll be there. So hang out with me and some of your other favorite Youtube creators at the Los Angeles convention center for Minefaire this weekend by clicking the link in the description below, first link, and using that coupon code, you are one step closer to hanging out with me in person. We’ll see you there. Number six: Levers on pistons can break on retraction. You can put a piston on the backside of a lever. And vice versa. But, if you try and mess with it on the way back, well, you’ll see that the lever will, in fact, break off of the piston. Now, I’m not entirely sure if this is every direction, it would appear as though it’s only when placed on the backside. And only, oddly enough, when retracting. What if we started out as retracted, and then- yep! Every time the piston head comes back in, your lever will break. Number seven: Particles don’t render in front of transparent things like water and see through blocks, making them look weird. Got some smoke right here, it’s beautiful, it won’t be nearly once we sit in front of these blocks. As you can see, the rendering looks a little bit odd with the slime blocks. Portions of the slime block and portions of the transparent blocks are actually appearing in front of the smoke, even though the smoke is way out in front of all these things. Same with the water. Very interesting. This is a glitch that’s been around for a very long time, with clouds and other transparent blocks. I wonder if it’ll ever get fixed. Number eight: you can trade with a dead villager. See this guy right here? We’ve trapped him for our own, nefarious purposes. He has shepherd trades and this and that new trading system, right. But so long as we step on this and trade him before it kills our poor villager friend, listen: [villager death] He’s dead. We still have this trading interface open. Let’s try doing the trades with the dead villager as well. So, he’s now… dead. Can we still get trades in? We can! We can level up the dead villager and we can get more trades and everything. Fantastic! Good trad- uh, oh. Number nine: If a block is in your off hand slot, you can’t place it on fences. Allow me to explain: Obsidian. Right now, you can very much place on top of this fence. On the off hand, you can not place. Also, ice bucket challenge. Number ten: Cocoa beans have different numbers of pixels on their sides than on their tops and bottoms. [indistinguishable] We see one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight pixels on that side, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight pixels on that side, if we were to step on top here, what we would see instead is one, two, three, four, five, six, seven pixels on top. And, if we were to look below, we would see one, two, three, four, five, six, seven pixels on the bottom. You can even make out, right there, where the pixels aren’t aligned. Yo, my OCD’s going crazy! Number eleven: Gravel dropped on torches can never give flint. Normally, when you break gravel with your hand, there’s an 8% chance you’ll get flint; that rises in value if you have a fortune shovel. But, see here, you will never get not one single piece of flint by letting it break on torches. So, keep that in mind if you’re ever trying to get yourself some flint. If you are trying to get some, I have a whole bunch of gravel to sell you. Number twelve: The compass and clock in the crafting book are functional, meaning crafting them is useless. This is also true in a crafting table. As you can see right here, when we have a crafting table up and we click on the guidebook, you can see this compass right here on the top left is pointing home! And when we use the search feature to search for the clock, we will get an accurate reading of the time just based on the image there. It’s a nice feature, but I assume it’s broken, so it sounds like a bug. Why else would that work, right? Number thirteen: Enchanted tridents don’t appear to be in creative mode, [stuttering] Oh. Right. This is the confusing one. I was told about this one. So, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, and sixteen all involve trident glitches. Namely, enchanted tridents don’t appear to be enchanted. As you can see here, this trident is enchanted with Riptide III, yet no glow attached to it. Number fourteen: In creative mode, you can’t break blocks with a trident, even though you can with a bow. This is a little odd. It works similar to the sword. You can’t break blocks with the trident, just like you can’t break them in creative mode with a sword, however you could break them with an axe, and you can break them with a bow. Number fifteen: Using a riptide trident while holding an item in your offhand slot creates a visual glitch with the offhand item. We got some grass here. And look what happens the moment we riptide upwards. The grass block covers, like, half the screen. That’ll work for any item across the board. You can even grab a sign here, with that in our offhand, let’s see what that looks like. It’s very interesting glitch. Number sixteen: Tridents cannot use riptide when standing in a full cauldron, even though the player is technically in water. We’re in our cauldron, no riptide use. Number seventeen: Torches can’t be placed on iron bars or on panes. Normally, you would be able to place torches on top of these things. Currently, you cannot. Number eighteen: Thrown items can break turtle eggs. We’ve got a few to test here, and eggs break turtle eggs, it appears. so can snowballs break turtle eggs? No. Can a trident break turtle eggs? Mmm, it would appear as though not just yet. How about a bow. Okay, none of these. Alright, how about a splash potion? Interesting. Wait, do I actually just throw it? Do I actually just throw items on top? Is that- Oh, gosh! The snowball- Oh, the eggs! Well, we learned a valuable lesson here today. Eggshells can survive direct throws from tridents, but cannot survive snowballs going on top of them. Or, apparently, Logdotzip going on top of them either. Sorry about that. If you’re enjoying today’s video, my friends, make sure you drop a like on it, and hey, thanks for subscribe. Number nineteen: The lecturn item extends out of the slot border. Look at this. You can see, if you zoom in real close there, the magic of editing, you can see that the top of the lecturn is actually above the slot bar item, er, border… whatever you call it. One of the few that does not fit within. Very interesting. You can see it even better on the hotbar down here. If we zoom in on the hotbar, you’ll note that it is covering part of the border. Number twenty: Plantables can’t be eaten when looking at blocks. Interesting. Here’s me, eating a potato without looking at any block. Here’s me trying to while looking at a cactus. It doesn’t work. However, if we were to hold right click and then look away, then we start eating instantly. Number twenty-one: You can place blocks on an empty cauldron without sneaking, but not a full cauldron. So, we’re not sneaking right now, and I’m gonna place sand right on top of this, and it works instantly. Trying to do it on this guy does not work. You must sneak in order to place it. Number twenty-two, probably my favorite: Villagers shoot up floating water- flowing water, really, really fast. Which is special. Woah! You sure do, don’t you? Oh my goodness. Oh wow, I’m gonna have so much fun with this right now, can we just stop with this? Number twenty-three: You can’t exit while spectating a Shulker. So check this out: We summoned a new Shulker, we’re gonna become him, and now, I cannot actually leave him. I’m trying to escape from him, it does not work. What we could probably do is kill @e, so we type this in, okay, we were able to escape. Number twenty-four: This specific setup will momentarily duplicate the rail involved, but the rail is a ghost block. So, as you can see, we have ourselves a little contraption here, that I kinda messed up, see, you have to do this very quickly, look: Oh! It’s a little finicky with the timing. A little finicky, but we’re gonna get this right. Just did it a second ago, so y’all just- see, there we go, ghost block! Hangin’ out! Interesting. The moment you attempt to break it in Survival mode, though, you’ll realize it is a fake. However, we did end up duplicating rail- rails, so- this is also a glitch for that reason. Our final glitch takes place in the End. Hopefully we can make it over to the start before the dragon gets us. Oh, he appears to be vanquished. Well, here is the final glitch, regardless. Ender Dragon is able to break endstone bricks. Endstone bricks are made of endstone so they shouldn’t be able to be broken by the Ender Dragon. As you can see, we get a glimpse of that right now. Oh, he’s having fun! What the heck is he doing? He’s, like, break dancing or something. Come here, buddy! Oh, the circle’s getting wider and wider. Is that what we’re watching right here? He is just- woah! Hello! So that’s all 25, my friend. Let me know in the comments section below if you want to see us cover even more Minecraft glitches! And like and subscribe.

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  1. Logdotzip

    Hurry on over to Minefaire LA Today and tomorrow! Get your tickets here http://bit.ly/GoToMinefaire and use code Logdotzip20 for 20% off your tickets!

  2. Kirainian Gaming

    You can’t break blocks with a sword or trident because they are melee weapons. They’re not meant to break any blocks, and the last thing I want while messing around in creative mode is to ravage my builds trying to kill a wandering zombie.

  3. Rabia Afzal

    number 13 the bug of not showing the enchantment of the trident it works in pocket edition so you can see the enchantment glow in pe

  4. Jaydin Sharma

    The reason you can't break blocks with a trident is because it is both a hand combat weapon and a ranged weapon, therefore it is like a sword.

    The "glitch" when the off hand item appears on the top of the screen really isn't because when you use riptide your arms go foward, this can be seen in third person view.

  5. GamingWithMilo

    11 is not a bug. It’s just how the game works.

    Edit: 14 as well. Just game mechanics.

    Edit: I’m not sure if 21 is a bug. Again, might just be game mechanics but I’m not sure

    Edit: 25 NOT A BUG the developers just didn’t think of that, or they messed up

  6. Real_RUBB3R

    Number 9 is not a bug. It's the same deal with signs, it's trying to attach a lead to the fence because your hand is open for something like that
    15 also isn't a bug. That's intended
    Same with 16. That was literally programmed in

  7. 1310938

    Some of these aren’t hugs though. Like the lever. In general redstone components break when placed on moving pistons. The gravel thing is a bit misplaced too. It always made perfect sense to me that dropping gravel on a torch would drop the gravel as an item. The compass and clock thing is doesn’t feel like a bug either you would need to craft compasses for maps though the clock is strange. Also also, it makes enough sense that the trident acts like a sword when breaking blocks because it’s technically just a throwable melee weapon. An axe is just a tool that does major damage so it’s fair game for block breaking.

  8. Ayimany 456

    In my opinion, not being able to break blocks with a trident makes sense, because many people use the trident as a "sword" as well, now, you can break blocks with a bow because… Why would you be hitting mobs with a bow?

  9. Tyler Horton

    You cant break blocks because like a sword it has added damage by punching with a trident, so it's an attack, but bows dont add damage to punches, so why block breaking?

  10. KamikazePlayz ROBLOX

    Turtle eggs being broken by items is intentional, they even had a sound effect coded in and in real life you can't throw an egg at a turtle eggs without both breaking.
    But who was dropping stuff on turtle eggs anyways?

  11. KamikazePlayz ROBLOX

    Glitch that needs to be fixed as of now:
    On bedrock edition, the end portal will be open when you get there, meaning the dragon will disappear, and you will be super confused like me, spawn in some more for them to disappear, then realize you now have 3 ender dragons in the overworld.

  12. Hunter Mitchell

    Leave the gravel for me because I always tweak going to the Endo portal because it’s fun we get to do exactly the Wawa but phone and tell me in the next video if you cannot create a Minecraft anymore when you beat it and don’t think you were at the end with the dragon Daniel and drying think so tell me if you can never play Minecraft again or you could too

  13. Kärt Evi Auksimäe

    Umm my Minecraft is fixed already but do you understand Estonia? If you don't so i can't write much. Sest kui sa seda loed siis võibolla sa saad aru aga võibolla mitte. Say if you understand this Estonia head aega! Goodbye if you don't understand

  14. Kärt Evi Auksimäe

    But my iPad from lenovo is broken the glass is broken but it still works perfectly and it is LENOVO IPAD PRO DAB 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  15. Ronita Ta Of the day

    7:12 Rhymed XD it felt like you tryd to do a poem: Just like you can't break them in creative mode with a sword, however you could break them with an axe and you could break them with a bow

  16. Apoapsis Periapsis

    The 1.bug
    Since the minecart is an entity,
    A animals, mobs, etc, would have the same effect,
    Its just the minecart has a rail to distribute the effect.

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