25 Things Only REALLY Old Minecraft Players Will Remember

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  1. No Touchy

    Mannn. I remember grinding this game at 7 yrs old. I played for 3 years but then I stopped. I only just returned to it yesterday, and I didn’t recognize anything, but it was still nostalgic as hell.

  2. Thunderking 202k

    The farm thing still makes me skared to walk on my farm also this video takess me back to the anoing days but sum of it is awsome

  3. Rayne Goodman

    Does anyone else remember Nether Reactor Cores? I remember when I was younger and that was still a thing, I made a whole house out of the “Nether” lol… they should bring them back as like an easier way to “go to” the nether… honestly I would love to see them again… so many memories!!! 😭💔

  4. Reet My Yeet

    Wait…. that's what the OLD sponge looked like? Wtf does the new one look like? Same of the gravel-


  5. Eaaz09 #


    Like i said in my last comment, i have an old version of minecraft. I made a castle out of that stuff. Lol i still have that world

  6. Olivia Is here

    Ok if there’s any reaaalllly old Minecraft players, tell me if I remember this right.

    I have very vivid memories of some sort of gold and diamond block (it had other things, those are just the two resources in it that I remember) and when placed you were in this weird spawner with Zombie Pigman and it gave you random stuff. After 30 seconds(ish) an obsidian tower would spawn around you.

    This was before mods or anything and I was way too young to figure out anything other than what was meant to be in the game. I’m thinking this was a beta edition or smth but I can’t find any record of it… (we also had to make stone-cutting blocks to make stone blocks/stairs and stuff, so pretty old I guess)

    But I know I wasn’t imagining it

  7. Crafting Dragon

    I've been playing minecraft since I was 2 or 3 yrs old and I'm now ten- and I remember the bonemeal- no beads- the ladders- the old textures- AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH it kinda sucked

  8. Mustafa Bağcı

    I'm not an old player because I was just 2 years old when minecraft was released and I downloaded it as bedrock edition on my tablet in 2015.

  9. Shay Cray

    Hi this comment is random but…
    I had a survival world with my friend and we put our horses in there… In order to get out you needed to do parkour… The horses did the parkour… … …

  10. Queen Shadow Star

    I remember everything, my fav from back like 10 years ago, was quivers, TNT and bone meal were awesome, I hated water back then 😂 and fences were Soo hard to stack, food was mean as well, as you couldn't have stacks. Most of the Alpha days were Soo awful, but some stuff were great. It was so classic and peacefully good, but there were some struggles… But I remember everything…. Ahh the good times…

  11. j i m

    Ohmygod I just clicked on this video not knowing who it was by, just hearing the intro made me have flashbacks edit: God I remember being so mad when I died in survival because you would only have a certain amount of time before your stuff would despawn

  12. Celeste Ruiz

    I am a REALLY OG Minecraft pocket edition player I have a secret world with old blocks that have been removed from the game

    Oh and also who remembers that the only skin was Steve no Alex no nothin

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