25 Things Only REALLY Old Minecraft Players Will Remember

Hey! What’s going on guys? LogDotZip here! I see you want to take a trip down memory lane, huh? Well, don’t worry about it! We got your fix. I present 25 things only really old Minecraft players will remember. That’s right, is that you? (Laughs) Hahaha If it’s not, be prepared to learn because between God_Pagwon_Reborn, Logdotzip, And Jragon014. You’re about to get schooled baby. Subscribe If you want to find out more information you can check out the Reddit link that this world was based off of in the description of this video. This is a compilation of 25 things that truly only the oldest Minecraft players will remember about the alpha experience of Minecraft. So.. Strap in baby it’s going to be a great time and if you want to see another video on things that only old Minecraft players remember, then please do drop a like rating on this one right now if we break 3000 likes we will get another one for you alright, so with that, step one NO! SPRINTING! Quite simple, there was no sprinting allowed. You couldn’t sprint you couldn’t go any faster than this when you were walking around. Now normally you see we’ve got you can even with sprinting today you can clear 4 block jumps with ease, and with relative ease you can clear 3 block jumps while sprinting like no problem at all. But in the alpha days the only thing you could do was 2 block jumps. This was the hardest jump you’d have to do. It would actually be impossible to do a 3 block jump in the alpha days. Before sprinting, you couldn’t do it so there’s pretty much no such thing as parkour. Terrible. Now, number 2, sounds and music. If you didn’t notice when walking around, things sound just a little bit different huh and not only that but get a load of this music Ready for this oh Oh my gosh Talk about bringing me back 6 years This song.. Wow, it’s been a while. let’s just let this play huh Number 3 the original chests first of all look at this thing it is a full size block more on that in a little bit but more importantly when you right clicked it nothing happened. there wasn’t an opening sound. the chest itself didn’t open you see its not moving this is how the original chest used to look and feel you believe it? (laughs) now I kind of like how the new chests look. but this is what it used to look like So. onto the next. step 4 yes everything was so green! look at these leaves all over the place the grass everywhere this lovely just solid green you couldn’t get anything better than that And speaking of, Creepers used to blend in as a result so number 5. was that these guys were up to no good at all times Creepers were honestly the worst things in the world and as you can see When light levels were all the same these things at a glance ooh! (laughs) Those Creepers at a glance, you wouldn’t even notice them! Now number six it kinda hard to replacate But it was the original “noclip” and the way it worked was that you would stack sand above you. Until you you basically buried yourself in sand. Now these days blocks will push you out of the way. So you can’t really do that reliably anymore. You would slowly place yourself right in between both the sand and the air. And you would see all the cave systems underground easiest way to find caves back in the alpha days! Number seven on the list ooh! I remember this, this took forever to fix in all my houses! It’s ladder spacing. Originally you could place ladders one spot in between each other! And you would be able to climb up them. We’ve done our best to use levitation effect to actually replicate how that might look like. But this is originally how you would go down and up your ladders! Now this kind of came back when you had the trapdoors in 1.9 start to act as ladders. So now you can space out your ladders but only with trapdoors. Which brings us to our next change! Look at this! BOOSTER RAILS! Now tell me ya’ll remember these! If you a real OG! Before powered rails we had booster rails! Which were essentially minecarts you would place every so often along your main minecart track! That would push the one you were riding in along. Basically the collision box of the entity, when you went past this booster rail it would cause them all to speed up, and that one would stay in a nice circle pushing your minecart foward. Now this is gone now that there’s powered rails. But this is a true testament to an alpha player! This next one’s kinda finicky don’t worry about it, i’ll make it up to you later. Number nine is no cool downs on weapons. We’ve got a zombie coming up right here, and this is the perfect time to show you. There was absolutely no cool down on your weapon You could use them instantly. Most weapons today you’ve got a little cool down it appears either in your hotbar or it appears right underneath here. In alpha, and actually anytime before 1.9 honestly, you didn’t have the cool down. But sorry Mr. Cow it’s for the better. A real throw back, original food! We got ourselves pretty much the main sources of food in the alpha days. Apples, porkchops, cooked porkchops. Now the coolest part about food in my opinion in Minecraft was the simple fact that it did not stack! And you could eat it all in one gulp, when you ate food in alpha days it would heal you instantly! Look at that, did you see my hearts? Lets go ahead and grab another one. Get a load of this, we’ve got three four hearts down right now. BOOM! Eat it! Oh yeah! Now look at this! Your probably wondering what’s going on with the lighting? It seems like the day and night have been a bit faster. Well, it is our recreation at how the lighting system used to work in Minecraft. Let’s go ahead and switch it back to regular old daytime right now. When it was time for sunset you would start to see lighting change all over the map chunk at a time! But get a load of all the different shadows and lighting. No smooth lighting at all! And to top it all off look how dark everything is! There was no brightness option, everything was on moody pretty much at all times. This is how dark Minecraft used to be. Let’s check out this cave system over here so we can show you number twelve! There were no special stones. No Granit! No Andesite! No Diorite! All there was, was plain old stone. I mean there was gravel and dirt and ores and such. But it terms of stone blocks, it was literally just stone! Well, that and some dungeons here and there. Well, that and some dungeons here and there- oh! We’ll get in that in a second. Number thirteen on our list was leaves would not decay! Every once in a while you’d get an update that would break Minecraft in some way or another! And one of it was the fact that leaves (after one update) would not decay anymore! They would never disappear! Even if you got rid of all the wood that was part of a tree this thing would stay for good. It was so annoying having to clear out all the fields around you to get rid of these leaves! (laughs) You’d have too! It was the only thing you could do about it! Now. Step number fourteen was kinda hard to show this but basically. There were no beds, you couldn’t skip night! Not with the press of the button like that! Not by getting in your bed and hopping in. Going night night, dreaming sweet dreams! None of that! And… because there were no beds there was no way to reset your spawn! If you died you appeared where ever you did oh! (laughs) ignore that! But yeah if you died, you appeared where ever you originally spawned in your world It sucked! (laughs) So, next step on our list is number fifteen! Farmland! (groans) Terrible! This was basically walking on egg shells at all times! If you tried to plant any seeds around you you could almost be guaranteed that even walking on them you would ruin all of your crops, tell me! Tell me some of you guys remember this! It was honestly just the worst. And if you snuck on them you’d be good to go. Now… we don’t want to mess with that, we wanna let these things grow because were gonna have to revisit some of our crops a little bit later. So! On to the next step right here. Like I said before the only thing that spawned in caves was stone. But every once in a while you might find a monster dungeon! Mmmmm that mossy cobble… now you can make mossy cobblestone by combining slime blocks- or vines I think with regular old cobblestone. You couldn’t use to do that, the only place to get it was going to be in your cave systems! around wherever these mossy cobbles were! Every single time you ran into these things you gathered every single piece of mossy cobble you possibly could! Because there was no guarantee you’d find another one. Anytime soon! And because of textures being so bland and boring way back in the day you wanted to get as many interesting ones you could. Speaking of! Our next on the list. Is the old textures. Get a load of these things, the original sponge. Brick! Gravel! Diamond and iron as well as our gold blocks! That had this very interesting sheer, sheen? I don’t know if that’s the right word but this is how they looked. Birch trees had a slightly different change to them as well. And furnaces and dispensers had these really ugly tops to them. They didn’t have their own custom tops, it literally looks just like stone from above, you could not tell that that is a dispenser! Or that, that is a furnace if you were right on top of it. Now look at this old lava, baby. Look at the animation Oh man, it looked like melted cheese! It just made me want to jump into it everytime! Gravel was the worst tho, I hated how Gravel looked! So much! So! So! Much! And of course the chest as we’ve already discussed So! Let’s go ahea- huh? Don’t forget eighteen? (gasp) YES! Oh man! Who remembers these things? The OP bows! You could just shoot arrows willy nilly baby! (laughs) Now again, we are kinda makeshifting, jerry-riggin’ the bows to work like this and this is 1 point Man! Okay well those were supposed to not decay, don’t worry about it! I’m a just fire bows at it. (laughs) This is how bows used to work! You did not hold them to charge them up. You right clicked once and you shot an arrow! YOU COULD SPAM CLICK IT! It was the best thing in the world, I absolutely loved it. I understand why they had to change them, that’s not how actual bows work. I actually kinda wish I kept some more of those arrows cause we’re gonna need them in a second not just yet because first up we got number 19 Fences were awful! They literally sucked, they were the worst! They used to be treated as a full block so you could not walk right up next to a fence this was as far as you could get to your fence post it was the worst and not only that but because it was treated as a full block any grass blocks underneath it would not grow grass they would just stay as dirt it was the most infuriating thin in the world Terrible and not only that but fences were also even worse than THAT! check out what we gotta deal with right here let’s go ahead and just put a couple a these things away if you tried to place a lot of fences next to each other First of all you could not place a fence on top of another fence at all I know there’s a barrier block right here but the idea here is you could not place one fence on top of the other if you had already placed a fence down you’d have to go through this ridiculous ohhhhhhhhh The building process was the worst if you wanted to place fences on top of each other you had to place a block underneath it. because you could only place fences on top of solid a ACTUAL blocks not other fences SO! if I wanted to place a nice fence structure This was the only way I could do it I had to slowly build downwards like this I think I already messed it up somehow We had to build down another one and then place one there and then boom place another one there and then bre- break this guy you see it was the worst. I hated it so much. But this was the only way that you could make it happen was to break all of these step at a time otherwise you would not be able to place the fences on top of each other ahh SUCKED! Alright let’s go ahead and move on to the next step here Zombies drop feathers Yes that’s right they used to drop feathers because chickens well I guess chickens also drop feathers but there wasn’t any zombie flesh you could get either feathers from chickens or from zombies. I’m not entirely why that was the case but the other cool thing about our zombie friends is that they did not drop any experience. There were no experience or levels in the alpha days of minecraft. You didn’t have to worry about enchanting things cause there weren’t any enchantments either and this is how the monster spawners used to look really interes… eehhhhhhhh that things gross Now we’re gonna head down into the mining zone to show the next step on our list. It is one of my favorites. The best TNT EVER! one punch TNT when you used to place TNT down you could obviously activate it with redstone, you could activate with pressin’ a button or activating a lever but you could also just punch it and it would start to activate just from a punch that’s all it took and I don’t ighhhhh not only that but there wasn’t nearly as many explosion particles going on and the explosion sound effects were just top notch eh hah get it alright anyways let’s go ahead and head down this list up to the next one almost there fine I get it, I get it wait for it oh man this thing goes forever! huh? what is this thing you’re doing great. oh c’mon as we approach the top here I can tell you the next thing on our list max build height. Number 23 we’re currently at Y=128 right now you can see it right here this was as high as you used to be able to build in minecraft can you believe this? even higher than the mountains out there in the distance that is how high you can currently build 256 not how it used to be in the alpha days this is was basically cloud level as well you’ll see that we’re right pretty much where clouds are. clouds sit at Y equals 127 so you could uh-oh uh-oh oh we good water wait a second why’d I die oh that’s because water wasn’t as safe back in alpha days number 24 it worked differently depending on how deep the water was you might be able to get saved from damage or in this case death but it was a lot deeper back then. you couldn’t just rely on 2 or 3 blocks of water to save you from super tall jumps like that wrappin’ up over here we got step number 25. Sheep never regrow wool in fact the only way you used to be able to get them was to punch them we’re gonna go ahead and pretend we’re punching right now but that was the only way it would work before you would have to punch your sheep in order to get the wool to pop off their body and not only that but you can not get any more wool on these sheep sheep were as good as useless once you got rid of the shears now spawning worked differently back in alpha days as well so you could kill sheep and not usually worry about it. you’ll get some more the next day but once their wool is gone they are pointless you suck! I know that was step 25 but I also know that the attack cool down over there that was kind of a lame one so we’ve got one final change that only the old people will remember and that was instant BONEMEAL! bonemeal was the ultimate OP ya’ll don’t even realize, yo get a load of this we’re gonna grab some saplings we’re gonna grab some bonemeal and check this out most of this is already grown already so we’re gonna go ahead and just try this again but you used to only need one bonemeal to grow all your crops instantly look at this it is ahhhhh oh man! you didn’t need any bonemeal at all and also worked with trees get a load of this are you kidding me?! all it would take was one single bone to get yourself 3 bonemeal and you could have 3 instant trees or you could have an instant field of crops one bone equaled one instant bread at any time and with that my friends we conclude our list of things that only really old Minecraft players will remember if your one of those then leave a comment about something else you remember from the alpha days and if we get 5,000 likes on this video then I will make sure we get another video going off with your suggestions make sure you subscribe so you could see that video right as it comes out I thank you all so much for watching have a great day my OG players and we will see you later

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Reader Comments

  1. No Touchy

    Mannn. I remember grinding this game at 7 yrs old. I played for 3 years but then I stopped. I only just returned to it yesterday, and I didn’t recognize anything, but it was still nostalgic as hell.

  2. Thunderking 202k

    The farm thing still makes me skared to walk on my farm also this video takess me back to the anoing days but sum of it is awsome

  3. Rayne Goodman

    Does anyone else remember Nether Reactor Cores? I remember when I was younger and that was still a thing, I made a whole house out of the “Nether” lol… they should bring them back as like an easier way to “go to” the nether… honestly I would love to see them again… so many memories!!! 😭💔

  4. Reet My Yeet

    Wait…. that's what the OLD sponge looked like? Wtf does the new one look like? Same of the gravel-


  5. Eaaz09 #


    Like i said in my last comment, i have an old version of minecraft. I made a castle out of that stuff. Lol i still have that world

  6. Olivia Is here

    Ok if there’s any reaaalllly old Minecraft players, tell me if I remember this right.

    I have very vivid memories of some sort of gold and diamond block (it had other things, those are just the two resources in it that I remember) and when placed you were in this weird spawner with Zombie Pigman and it gave you random stuff. After 30 seconds(ish) an obsidian tower would spawn around you.

    This was before mods or anything and I was way too young to figure out anything other than what was meant to be in the game. I’m thinking this was a beta edition or smth but I can’t find any record of it… (we also had to make stone-cutting blocks to make stone blocks/stairs and stuff, so pretty old I guess)

    But I know I wasn’t imagining it

  7. Crafting Dragon

    I've been playing minecraft since I was 2 or 3 yrs old and I'm now ten- and I remember the bonemeal- no beads- the ladders- the old textures- AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH it kinda sucked

  8. Mustafa Bağcı

    I'm not an old player because I was just 2 years old when minecraft was released and I downloaded it as bedrock edition on my tablet in 2015.

  9. Shay Cray

    Hi this comment is random but…
    I had a survival world with my friend and we put our horses in there… In order to get out you needed to do parkour… The horses did the parkour… … …

  10. Queen Shadow Star

    I remember everything, my fav from back like 10 years ago, was quivers, TNT and bone meal were awesome, I hated water back then 😂 and fences were Soo hard to stack, food was mean as well, as you couldn't have stacks. Most of the Alpha days were Soo awful, but some stuff were great. It was so classic and peacefully good, but there were some struggles… But I remember everything…. Ahh the good times…

  11. j i m

    Ohmygod I just clicked on this video not knowing who it was by, just hearing the intro made me have flashbacks edit: God I remember being so mad when I died in survival because you would only have a certain amount of time before your stuff would despawn

  12. Celeste Ruiz

    I am a REALLY OG Minecraft pocket edition player I have a secret world with old blocks that have been removed from the game

    Oh and also who remembers that the only skin was Steve no Alex no nothin

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