#3 The Special Birthdayparty ! But Where Is The Cake…? | Stop Motion Movie | Sylvanian Families

this is the best birthday ever
with so much delicious food to eat I’m delighted that you’re having fun a very
happy birthday to you Laura the whole restaurant is booked out for us to
celebrate your birthday huh really that’s right and we also have this
special birthday cake prepared for you Wow it’s like a dream come true I’ve
never seen anything like this thanks dad I’m so happy I have such a sweet cheese
I can’t wait to take a bite huh there’s one more surprise we have planned but
that wasn’t it get ready everyone oh I can’t see
anything hello one two three this this is my favorite song
how did you know of course we know your favorite song
you’re our dearest friend thank you I’m sure I’m the happiest person in the
world right now that was a wonderful performance
I’m so happy you’re happy now time for some cake
hmm what where did it go where did it go I’m so sorry it just looked so delicious
while the music was playing I hate everything I’m glad you enjoyed it so
much hey Dad could you bake another cake yes
of course great we can all have a piece then Featured Product –
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