#4 Which Gelato Do You Want ? Freya Chocolate Chose… | Stop Motion Movie | Sylvanian Families

this is creamy gelato shop
Sylvanian town’s popular ice cream shop known for its many delicious flavors
I wonder which flavors Freya and Stella chocolate will choose mmm which one
should I eat they all look so delicious yes they look amazing
Oh Freya there’s a big queue behind us now because we’re taking so long to
decide we should make our minds up so we don’t keep them waiting huh
you’re right after you Madame oh yeah yes we can’t decide because they all
look so good you’re right they all look delicious I think I’ll go
for the chocolate yes of course I know which one should I pick Oh after you really are you sure yes I
need more time to decide on what to order actually everyone after you huh
everyone yeah now we don’t have to rush which
flavour should I choose vanilla is so yummy because it isn’t too sweet
chocolate has a really rich flavor too actually
I think how hi there have you made up your mind yes I’ll take everything
what everything that’s right if we get all four flavors we don’t need to choose
and everyone here can have a taste Oh Freya but I guess you’re right let’s
share with everyone miss maple please give us one of everything sure thing
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