40 Beautiful Backyard Garden Ponds Ideas

Giving life to your backyard can be
achieved by doing a lot of things such as planting a lot of trees and plants
and arranging it to look as natural as possible. But there’s one thing that will
most definitely give life to your backyard both in terms of looks and
sound. And that, of course, is upon or a nice fountain. The water from the
fountain or pond will bring your backyard or garden to life by adding a
really natural and fresh look to it, as well as the sound that it will produce
from the water falling down the rocks from your fountain. For that reason we have made this
collection of 40 beautiful backyard garden ponds ideas. We hope you will enjoy this gallery
filled with awesome backyard ponds and that you’ll be inspired to replicate
some of them in your own backyard. 1. A small two-section pond with a waterfall
between the two. Both sections have small umbrella fountains the entire pond is
edged by stacked stones that help the black liner. Petunias, hostas, and lilies
are planted around the outside of the pond, with a few water lilies on the
surface. 2. A large, shallow pond with a stone three-tier waterfall flowing down
from retaining pond further up. Boulders and small reads sit in the shallow,
clear water. Evergreens and daffodils line the sides, just beyond the rock
edging. 3. A somewhat deeper, small pond with
a single fountain creating ripples from the center of the water. Round stones are
piled around the edges creating a bank. Grassy plants and hardy
daisy flowers are integrated into the landscaping around the pond. 4. A tranquil backyard pond with a few small ornamental fish, lily pads, reeds and water lettuce. The pond is edged by both large, square
boulders and smaller round stones. 5. A large water garden with stacked stones
around the edges and thick tufts of plants growing in patches around the
outside, wherever they can get a foothold This pond is quite a bit larger and
deeper than other ponds in this collection. 6 A stream-like pond with a
small waterfall, edged by small stones and larger boulders. Small mushroom-shaped lights add unique
ambience at night. Small leafy plants, ground cover, and
taller bushes surround the water feature. 7. A beautiful tropical pond with a
tall waterfall tumbling into the pond surrounded by moss-covered slabs of
stone. Just under the surface we can see koi fish. 8. A small, shallow pond created by stacking stones. This pond is integrated
into the enormous yard by a few ornamental trees, bushes, and a bed of
wood chips around it. 9. A garden pond surrounded by large
reddish boulders that tapers off into a shallow stream blocked by stones to keep
the tiny ornamental fish in. A small crocodile toy is perched on one of the
boulders. 10. An enormous water feature in a Japanese garden filled with bold
Japanese maple trees, flowering bushes, and thick grasses. A stone lantern and a
stone statue of in egret can be seen in the background. The pond itself is populated by many
large koi fish. 11. A large backyard pond edged in flagstone that connects to the
patio. A curving landscape connects to the dip in the pond. 12. A narrow fish pond with water lilies and lots of little red ornamental fish. A purple
Japanese maple hangs over the edge. Fish can be wonderful pets! With any
garden, it’s important to keep your pets safe by
planting safe plants. 13. A simple pond edged with stone bricks. At the head of the pond is a small
waterfall. Daylilies and other leafy plants surround part of the pond. A metal heron
statutes stands in the shallows. 14. A shallow pond fed by a cascading
fountain tucked into the stone edging. A narrow stone footbridge connects the two sides of the pathway. 15. A simple pond with a few small ornamental fish and
lilypads. Multiple small cascades run along this water feature. 16. A large bond in a Japanese garden with thick plants growing right up to the water’s edge. The bond is populated by huge koi fish. 17. Another view of the Japanese garden
with a stone lantern and heron from the pathway. The view changes as visitors
walk past the tranquil scene. 18. A circular garden pond in the center of
a manicured lawn. Planters is full of white daffodils are placed equal distances
apart around the perimeter of the pond. 19. A more natural-looking garden pond with a flagstone path leading up to the water’s edge. A wide waterfall cascades
into the main pool. 20. A small, shallow blue pool of water at the bottom of a cascade of stones. Water trickles down through the stones,
creating the crystal clear ball at the bottom. 21. This water feature focuses on the
large waterfall coming into a small, shallow pool at the bottom. The entire
structure is encased by large stones and surrounded by grasses. 22. A beautiful backyard pond on a secluded lot.
A large waterfall tumbles into the pond,
which has a greenish-cast from the moss on the rocks covering the bottom. A
branch across the top of the waterfall adds another natural element to this
pond. 23. A well-liked garden pond with a small fountain that pours into the
deeper well of water. Thick grasses draped over the stone edges. the garden is filled with stone statues
and other accents. 24. And awe-inspiring stone waterfall
pouring into a shallow basin at the bottom. Small figures of ducks sit on either
side of the largest cascade. 25. A unique bond with two tiers. The top tier has a
small rock waterfall. Fields of tulips and other plants surround the rock
enclosure. 26. A green garden pond with small maples growing along the widest side. A small stream connects to the pond can be crossed by a small
wooden footbridge. 27. An enormous crystal-clear gold-tinted
pond with large reeds and bamboo growing on either side of the wide
cascade. A bronzed figure of a fairy lays on one of the rocks. 28. A view from further back of the above
pond, showing the drop-off in the center of the bottom pond. 29. A deep pond at
the bottom of a hill covered and see the wood chips. A stone waterfall cascades
down the hill into the pool. Stone steps lead up to the right. 30. A shallow garden pool with a few
ornamental rocks and grasses along the pebble edging. A small terracotta
Japanese Lantern sits on one edge. 31. A more cosmopolitan pool stretching out
into the yard from the patio and ending in a white bench and angle statue. Evergreens and other large trees and
bushes line either side of the yard. 32. A simple garden pond with the center
fountain. The simple liner is held down solidly by
large stones. The pond is surrounded by thick, lush
grasses and bushes. 33. A koi pond edged by hedges and maples.
This view is from a curving walkway through an expansive Japanese garden. 34. A small garden or with a stream emptying
into the pond. A short wall of stone blocks overlooks the pond. 35. A beautiful garden pond surrounded by
porous stones and moss. A high stone ledge above the pond is
cascading water, creating wonderful ambiance. 36. A simple bright blue garden pond with
the tall center fountain. Small enough to fit nicely in a small
section of the larger garden, and as a feature piece in smaller gardens. 37. A small garden pond covered with small
river rocks along the edge. 38. A nice small wooden bridge on top of the pond. 39. An old piano also can be used to make a
beautiful waterfall. 40. A small garden pond surrounded with
wooden foot path.

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