4D Settings: Jungle Shrine Review – WizKids Prepainted Miniatures

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The Deck of Many and humblewood.net Welcome back to the Gallant Goblin! I’m Theo and today we’re here to look at another
new line from WizKids of prepainted miniatures. This is the 4D Settings line. Now this is terrain that is system agnostic so you
can use it for any tabletop role playing game or your tactical war games or even
some of your board games, possibly. This one, the first one in the line, is the Jungle
Shrine which is pretty good for your D&D games. What makes the 4D Settings line a little
different than what’s come in the past is that this, for one thing, has
some LED light-up modules and it also has some pieces that
you can rearrange or take apart. We’ll take it out and show it to you in a second. But also they’re trying to focus this on
being a little bit more story-oriented rather than just being settings to liven up a battle map. So there’s a couple of aspects of this that you
can use to create puzzles in your games or just add some story beats. But let’s just take it out and take a look and we’ll
give you a better idea of what that looks like. This set includes one rune-covered gateway, three standing pillars with runes, an altar box, a stone sarcophagus, a fairy mushroom circle, one regular and one broken statue, one hut, and a bonfire with a stone fire pit. The fire pit and two of the pillars have built-in LEDs. They’re controlled with a button
on the bottom of the minis and are powered by a replaceable
CR1616 3V coin battery. You’ll need a small Phillips-head (cross) screwdriver or a
Knock spell to gain access to the battery compartment. The LEDs have three settings. The first time you click the button,
the LED turns on in a steady mode. Click it again and it slowly pulses. Click it a third time and it pulses more rapidly. And click it a fourth time to turn it off. Several of the pieces can be rearranged a bit. The fire can be removed from the stone circle. The lid of the sarcophagus and the altar are removable, as is the roof of the hut. Note that the bottom half of the sarcophagus and
the altar are identical—only the lid is different. The broken piece of the statue cannot be
reattached unless you want to glue it. The fairy circle is just large enough
to hold one medium-sized figure. The hut can hold about three medium-sized minis. The stone archway can also
hold one medium-sized mini. And if you separate it out, the stone circle
can also hold one medium-sized mini. This set provides some opportunity
for puzzles or stories. The gate may lead to the next important
location on the adventurers’ quest, but how do they open it? Perhaps they have to find the broken piece of
the statue that’s been stolen by a nearby hag. Maybe they have to align the pillars in a particular way. Perhaps they have to place something
of value in the fairy circle. Maybe they have to bargain with whoever
lives in the shrine keeper’s hut. Or maybe the key lies inside the sarcophagus
or whatever is inside is guarding it. With a Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price
(MSRP) of $69.99, this is an expensive set. I appreciate that WizKids is looking
beyond just livening up your battle map and is instead providing these
puzzles and story opportunities. Also, every piece in this set is
usable in a variety of settings. The pillars, the fire pit, the sarcophagus, all of it
could be find in a jungle, in a dungeon, in a cavern or in an underground lair beneath the city streets. These pieces individually could hit the table pretty often. So the jungle shrine is perfect if you want to have
something that you can take right out of the box and put it directly down onto your gaming table
ready to go—no painting, no gluing things together, just ready for your battle maps. They’ve also already announced the
next three sets in the 4D Settings line. In September you’re going to
have the Castle Barracks set which includes a fully stocked facility
ready for six soldiers to sleep and train, and it comes complete with chamber pots. In October you have a Gas Station. Probably less for your D&D games unless
there’s some time travel involved and more for your tactical war games. And in November is the biggest
set that they’ve announced so far, it’s going to be about $100
Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price, but it is a large medieval farm
with, like, thirty something pieces including cottage and animals and fences and tools. So it should be a pretty big setup. So we’ll see if we can take a look at
those when they get released later on. We’d like to thank our sponsor,
The Deck of Many and humblewood.net Humblewood is a new campaign setting releasing
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visit HUMBLEWOOD.NET So thank you for visiting our channel today. I hope you enjoyed the video. If you did, kindly “Like” the video, subscribe, and click the
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see you next time at the Gallant Goblin!

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  1. Joseph Pettit

    The set is neat. Not worth 60 dollars though. Most of these things are easy to make at home( the arch, chest, hut). Keep up the videos guys. 😁

  2. Commander BB Shockwave

    Great review, and really nice set indeed. I did not know the columns had LEDs too! Unfortunately 65-70$ is a really high price for this though.

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